Dog Tales: 1993 – 2002; Kyah’s Story

Dog Tales – Part 3

Kyah’s Story


May 1, 1993 “ October 1, 2002

 Her Roots:

Kyah was from Susan Quesnel’s kennel (Atim.) in Vernon B.C. Her folks were show dogs but not the snooty kind. She was born on May 1, 1993. Hers was the perfume litter and I called her Atim’s Spellbound.

Kyah’s mom as a juvenile-9 months old: Ch. Madeira d’Atim, October 1991

Atim's Madeira

(Kyah’s mom was from the first breeding of Belique and Muku, the perfume litter; Torin was from the second breeding, the ‘doubles’ litter. )

Kyah’s Dad: Am/Can Ch. Atim’s St. Denis CD HIC July 1992

Lazy Days of Puppy hood..

Kyah came to Alberta on June 25, 1993 on the plane from Kelowna. She was a brave girl and made it, shaken and a bit poopy, but raring to go.

She liked to sleep on her back, that day, and forever after!

Here at 8 weeks she catches a few Zs

Here at 3 months she does her impression of a sleeping Meerkat!

Here, grown up, she still finds a way to sleep on her back!

Kyah Growing up

When Kyah came to live with Laura, she wasn’t the only Belgian. Torin was there, her 18-month-old relative. She liked to chew and she liked to chew with company.

Having a chew:

Chewing with Torin:

Guarding her Kong:

Playing tough with the big guy:

Helping with the dishes:

Kyah’s hobbies:

As a puppy, Kyah liked to watch for gophers, and, of course, dig for gophers:

As she matured, her hobbies turned to fetching games. Here she is, (at the age of one) waiting for the Frisbee toss:

Another thing Kyah loved to do outdoors was spend time with her friends. Here she is with Laura and Torin, and at the same time, Nancy, Mickey and Ty were joining us, down at the pits.

We don’t have a picture of Cato and Brick, but Kyah spent lots of time with Sarah and B, pictured below with Micky, Ty, and Kyah.

Outdoor Pursuits:

Like any busy Belgian, Kyah loved to walk, run and play outside. She was most free and joyous, when out fishing/camping with Laura and Ron. We have many happy memories of Kyah wading in the river, playing fetch in the river, stealing kindling for a chew, and falling asleep, happy and exhausted, on the rocks.

Old Man River  at the McLeod

Helping Ron to fish at Crescent Falls.

Kyah always enjoyed her friends, human and canine, and was always courteous and loving:

Ron, Mickey and Ty. Kyah waits her turn.

Kyah and Grandma, chatting and cuddling.


Christmas 1995, more lovely than any other Christmas finery.

And then came babies..

Life changed forever when Nicole and Grant arrived. Kyah adapted but never did fully accept being ‘dog’ again. But she was always patient and sweet with the new interlopers!

Ailing Health

In September 2000, Kyah had her right stifle surgically repaired.

She never did get full enjoyment of her back legs again. However, we enjoyed many hours of quiet peace, wandering around our yard and stopping to smell the roses. Kyah enjoyed just being with her family and we did lots of that in the last couple of years. In the picture below, in 2002, you can see the head tilt that she had, this was part of what we later learned was cancer in her brain.

After having a seizure, her vision and coordination were damaged.

In July 2002, we took the new trailer and went to Slave Lake. On several occasions, Ron carried Kyah down the long stairs to the lake so she could enjoy wading in the water. In September 2002, we all got out for one last camping trip to Lac La Biche, and later in September Kyah had a joyous reunion and walk by the river with all her old friends.

Kyah passed away, October 1, 2002 gently assisted by her vet, Tara.

Kyah rests with Torin, under the willows in our back yard but she is fondly remembered still. That is why her name is my on-line user ID and her picture for her avatar.


10 Responses to Dog Tales: 1993 – 2002; Kyah’s Story

  1. Barb says:

    What a beautiful dog Kyah was and I can imagine the hole she left behind. Funny how they do that, good to have the happy memories.

  2. kyahgirl says:

    Thanks Barb! 🙂

  3. IDV says:

    Kyah surely was – and still is, I imagine – a wonderful part of your family.

    Thank you for sharing her with us 🙂

  4. weirsdo says:

    I love shepherds, though I’m less familiar with the Belgian variety. She is a lovely, intelligent and loving looking dog. That’s a beautiful tribute.

  5. neva says:

    i wept while reading through this beautiful tribute. i’ve always loved and admired this breed of which, Kyah was, clearly, a lovely, noble member. i know you loved her dearly, and rightfully so. i’m glad you carry her in your heart… *and* on your avatar!

    thank you for sharing such a personal and important part of your life, Laura. God bless Kyah!

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  7. Claudette says:

    This is very different, thought I would drop you a line to let you know I ws here.

    Your Cousin

  8. ariel says:

    I love it how brave and cheery they are, and generous too as if it was the most natural thing of the world.

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