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Practical Perfume Procurement Pointers

Earlier this week, blogging buddy Weirsdo, asked me a question about perfume, specifically, how do you clear your nose when you’re trying perfumes. Well, I sent her an answer with some other useful tidbits on purchasing perfume. I don’t usually … Continue reading

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Okay, here’s something to ‘chew’ on :-)

I first saw this poem by Michael Ondaatje on the Fragrance board. Maybe because I’m scent obsessed it appeals…but really, its so evocative and sensual, I don’t know how a person could NOT like it. Surprisingly, if you google this … Continue reading

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Perfume and Beauty, Top 10 of 2005

Quite a few of our perfumista pals are listing their top 10 of 2005 on their blogs. Links are at the bottom of this post. Many of my favorite beauty and fragrance products from this year are not new, I … Continue reading

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