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Ok, tell me if the photo up top should stay:

I’ve put this photo from home in the masthead. Do you prefer it or the original? The thing I like about the original is all the sky. Gives it a light feeling. The thing I like about the fields is … Continue reading

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Don’t fret about the Décor!

I’m just playing around with different templates. Its so much easier to redecorate here than at home. I need to get it out of my system :-)  Let me know if something is not working right ok?

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Gotta love cats!

A friend sent me this link and I thought it was hilarious. Hope you enjoy these kitties.   🙂

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Updated: Geek alert!

Update: If I was a sociologist I’d be pretty amazed at how much interest people take in handbags and their contents. We humans are fascinating. 🙂 A couple of commenters wanted the see the contents of the bag. Well, I … Continue reading

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The work stuff…..

I shouldn’t leave the topic of my trip down south without mentioning something about the three days and evenings I actually spent working down there. In so many ways it was an excellent work trip. The main thing being that … Continue reading

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Mother Hen’s Final Resting place?

UPDATE:  I forgot to mention that, since Friday is my day to post at Cyberpols, there is another discussion related to this, ongoing over there. 🙂 So Marsha and I went to the National Museum of Funeral History on Monday … Continue reading

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If this is Monday it must be Houston.

Well, the fun, purely social part of my trip down South was the day I spent in Houston.  My friend Marsha picked me up, we went to the Museum, went to get my car, then met Michelle at the restaurant for lunch.  … Continue reading

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