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Short Break

I have to catch up on a few things! Back in a week or so. Advertisements

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Things discovered in the car wash:

While waiting in line at the car wash with my muddy vehicle last night, I had the brilliant idea to clean out my purse. Yikes, when did I become such a pack rat? 3 pairs of black gloves cell phone … Continue reading

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A deviation to politics for a moment….

I just want to say I’m disappointed that the Conservative party won the election, but very pleased that they have a minority government. I don’t like Bush and his party and, unfortunately, Harper will be an easy mark for them. … Continue reading

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How about those Tonsils eh?

Today was supposed to be the day of Nicole’s tonsillectomy. But we had to cancel because she got a cold this weekend. We weren’t sure if it would develop into a chest cold or not but didn’t want to risk … Continue reading

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Meet Casper

I had put a picture of Casper on my previous blog, which was shortlived, so forgot that he hasn’t met many of you. There seem to be a few, soft hearted ladies out there who fear that I shaved to … Continue reading

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May I direct you somewhere interesting?

I really enjoy visiting the blogs on my blogroll (see the sidebar on the right). They all offer something different. Some humour, some education, some perfume and mostly just the cameraderie of the blogosphere. There are a lot of great … Continue reading

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Okay, here’s something to ‘chew’ on :-)

I first saw this poem by Michael Ondaatje on the Fragrance board. Maybe because I’m scent obsessed it appeals…but really, its so evocative and sensual, I don’t know how a person could NOT like it. Surprisingly, if you google this … Continue reading

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