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Friday Ragout again?

I can’t believe its Friday already, again. I think I lost a couple of days while sitting around with frozen peas on my face! Ok, a few things: 1) There is a bright side to everything. My colleagues from work … Continue reading

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Equestrienne? Not Hardly

One of the great fringe benefits to having kids is you get to re-live a bit of your childhood and fill in a few gaps if you want. I’ve always been crazy about horses, ever since I was little. However, … Continue reading

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I like Joan, I think I’ll keep her!

Today is my sister Joan’s birthday. She is 5 years older than me. What is special about Joan? I’ll tell you! She was always sweet and loving to me when I was a little kid, even though we were very … Continue reading

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Surgery update

Hi, a few of you wanted to know how it went. Here is summary: Starving all day Monday, surgery at 2. Hammering*, snipping, stretching, crunch, crunch, crunch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch. “more sedative please”, crunching, more snipping, pack, pack, pack. Done. … Continue reading

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All Hail Google-Godess of Knowledge!

Look what I found! An exact description of my Ford problem and links to directions how to fix with pictures and everything!  I just love the Internet. 🙂    ************  My Air conditioner works great when it is on A/C … Continue reading

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Friday Ragoût

Today is just a mixture of things, some meaty bits, some veggies, a nice gravy: Friday Ragout! ********** I’m a country bumpkin. Do you know how I measure my bumpkin-ness? By how I feel when I drive in Edmonton. I … Continue reading

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Do you consider yourself a typical Aries?

This question was posed to me in the comments on my birthday post by one of my perfumista pals, SuburbanSue. Well,I honestly didn’t know what a typical Aries is supposed to be so did a bit of research. Before I … Continue reading

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