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Now, this is really good news!!

On the way home from work today I heard some good news from the University of Alberta. They have a really active Diabetes research program here and have recently announced a major breakthrough. They successfully cured diabetes in monkeys by … Continue reading

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Go Look it up!

When I was a  kid, I was pretty much just another busy, noisy body, milling around in a house swarming with busy noisy bodies.  Now kids have questions, they always do, and I’m sure my parents had lots of answers, … Continue reading

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Ok, Come on over!!!

I even made a post today at the new pad.   see ya there! (I promise, promise, promise not to move ever again)

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Hi, Here we go again!!!

Just settling in here. Nothing to see yet:-) I’m never moving the Hen House again. I promise!    all my posts are at the other hen house ::   I’ll move them as soon as I’m able 🙂

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In Hockey news.

I haven’t mentioned it since forever but Nicole and Grant started initiation level hockey in the fall, mostly so they could learn to skate.  They are doing great and are both still playing twice a week. In the last three … Continue reading

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More dog and cat humour….

I’m sorry, I can’t resist. In previous years when I taught puppy classes at the local dog club, I came across so many of these breeds and just snicker at the following interpretation of their various approaches to the old … Continue reading

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Drama (or not)

Some people have really exciting lives.  I don’t, except for the odd moments of extreme fear, anger, happiness, mixed in with the day to day goings on.  For example,  a  few weeks ago I was going to Extra Foods with … Continue reading

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