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Thanks for dropping by the new roost. Looks who’s here to welcome you!! Advertisements

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Can you see my crack?

One of the perks of my ‘mommy’ job is that I get to chauffeur my little bosses around and quietly listen while they chat in the back seat.   One day, Grant was fiddling with his window, trying to adjust it … Continue reading

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Blog Vacation, coming right up!

Mother Hen is taking a vacation from blogging for a month or so. In the meantime, my two favorite guys are going to celebrate their birthdays before I get back here. Ron will turn 40 on July 16th and Grant … Continue reading

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3 bags full….

Spent the better part of this today washing, drying and shaving one hot poodle! I always think of that nursery rhyme about the sheep and bags of wool… It would make a nice warm sweater I bet! Yesterday I took … Continue reading

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Can’t keep up to the kids or the flowers!

This posting once a week is for the birds. I’ve already missed out on telling you the late breaking news about the kids. Grant graduated from kindergarten last week. The kids were so cute. Most rushed up to get their … Continue reading

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Father’s Day and more

Happy Father’s day to all the dad’s out there. 🙂 Things are quiet here as our resident father is sleeping then heading off to work again tonight. *~*~*~* Thank you very much to those of you who offered your insights … Continue reading

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The Road is Hard

Before I begin this post, I wanted to mention a couple of ‘admin’ type items. One is my new guestmap over there —–> I know where a lot of my blog buddies hail from but if you’d care to stick … Continue reading

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