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Can’t keep up to the kids or the flowers!

This posting once a week is for the birds. I’ve already missed out on telling you the late breaking news about the kids. Grant graduated from kindergarten last week. The kids were so cute. Most rushed up to get their … Continue reading

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Wha-a-a-t-t??? Eight years?

June 27, 1998 – June 27, 2006 How did that happen? This scruffy couple: became this cleaned up couple: (ok, well only for one day), and tied the knot. I could blither on for ages about marriage and relationships but … Continue reading

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Father’s Day and more

Happy Father’s day to all the dad’s out there. 🙂 Things are quiet here as our resident father is sleeping then heading off to work again tonight. *~*~*~* Thank you very much to those of you who offered your insights … Continue reading

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The Road is Hard

Before I begin this post, I wanted to mention a couple of ‘admin’ type items. One is my new guestmap over there —–> I know where a lot of my blog buddies hail from but if you’d care to stick … Continue reading

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For the Record – according to Casper

Hi everyone, its me, Casper.  Am I not the most sad and pathetic looking Pootie that you’ve ever seen?  This was me, last night, languishing on the couch while Mom went to a meeting, Dad and the kids made sandwiches … Continue reading

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A couple of things…

I have no idea why the picture below was in our photo album. I think Ron was trying to capture the fork lightening in that black sky. Anyway, yesterday I saw it and we were having a sunshower again so … Continue reading

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Play date! **Updated

  This weekend, Ron went fishing in Saskatchewan with his friend Darren and Darren’s eldest son, who is 12. Today, the kids and I went for a play date with Sonia, Darren’s wife, and Dallas, their younger son.  That’s Sonia … Continue reading

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