Thanks for dropping by the new roost.

Looks who’s here to welcome you!!


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Happy Holidays

This morning I went to school with Grant and we built a candy castle. As I don’t have an artistic bone in my body it was mostly up to him. He did great!

Life is a matter of perspective….how about if we look at the castle from another angle:

Dear old Casper. He is such a good dog. Such a good dog, waiting for an opportunity! Study the body language… he’s feigning disinterest yet the back end is poised for a quick lunge….hoping fervently that I suddenly am incapacitated by a lightning strike or some other act of God! No such luck.

To my family and friends and many dear blogging buddies around the world, I wish you the very best of the holiday season. Peace and joy are a lot to ask for…but that is what I wish for each of you!

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Preparing for re-entry

My blogspace at http://www.kyahgirl.com is up for renewal in February. I”m thinking that I’ll probably give it up and come back here to a free blog.  So, this is just preparing for the future.

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Oh of course….there’s still hockey!

Its been awhile since you’ve seen the fine hockey players in my house…here they are:


Everyone is always asking me what I do with my time. Well, when I’m not painting, decorating, running the kids here and there or reading a book, I’m driving to every dinky little town in Central Alberta for hockey games. We’ve got a lot of little communities with a whole lot of pride. In fact, a ridiculous number of towns claim a wide variety of the “World’s biggest” items. Here are three towns that are in the league we play with.

There’s Andrew, which boasts the world’s biggest Mallard duck:


Mundare, with the world’s biggest sausage ring:


Smoky Lake, home of the world’s biggest pumpkins!


Luckily we’re not driving out to see the worlds biggest Pysanka….yet. Its just a matter of time. 🙂


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Myopic moose!

Oh dear, this young bull moose was apparently quite hot to trot but couldn’t determine if that was a live female let alone if it was the same species or not! (For those who never watched a wild west film, that’s a statue of a Bison!)

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Becky Homecky

“Becky Homecky”. The first time I heard that name it elicited a snicker. While out walking our dogs, my girlfriend Nancy had just been describing how she had spent her day doing baking. As neither one of us is particularly domesticated or talented in the domestic arts, we both thought this was hilarious.

Sure, I took Home Ec in high school. Learned how to burn a few things in the kitchen and make a simple garment. That’s about it. I am saddled with my Mother’s ‘kitchen antipathy’ gene so the cooking never appealed to me but I do recall the real pleasure I took in sewing up a simple shift.

Becky Homecky comes to mind when I contemplate what the heck to talk about on my blog. I know, I know, I haven’t even gotten around to describing all the fun and interesting things I did this past summer but that will have to wait.

No, I haven’t suddenly taken up an interest in cooking but I have been inspired to redecorate our somewhat shabby and undecorated house! Shabby is not really the right word because it really is a nice house, a simple bungalow, built 14 years ago by my husband and his father. The interior was painted off-white, throughout and in 14 years it has never been painted again. Needless to say, its looking a bit wan and pockmarked. When we were both working full time, it was impossible to get around to this type of project and we didn’t feel the urgency when there were little kids running around banging toys in to the walls (to say nothing of trying to run off with or ingest whatever tools and equipment you had with you!)

I recently painted the hallway and the main bathroom. The painting of each was only a one day job. Preparing the walls was a big, big job. I don’t know if you can see it on this picture of the corner in the hallway, but I used about a gallon of polyfilla and sanded and buffed that thing about 10 times. The gouges and dings in this wall were major. Days worth of repairs.hallcornerbefore

Anyway, here is how it looks after. I haven’t done the trim yet


So, last week I painted Grant’s bedroom, it was pretty bad before too. The drywall screws on the window wall all seemed to pop out and needed to be fixed. Also, there was a lot of damage to the drywall when we removed some stickers that were way too sticky!!

I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture of his room but here it after I’ve fixed the drywall and started cutting in. The colour looks really dark compared to the off-white but now that its done, it doesn’t seem so dark.


So Grant’s room is light green with dark green trim and a selection of Transformer art which hasn’t been put up yet.


I haven’t got his room back together yet but will soon. I ran into a snag putting up the curtains and need to do some fiddling with that.

Nicole loved his room colour so much that she convinced me to do hers the same. My decorating challenge is to get a completely different look with the same colour of walls.

I picked up fabric yesterday and she is absolutely determined (she got he mulish gene from me) to have this cream and burgundy wall border that she loves. Should be fun. I’ll let you know how I do.


Fabric and a roll of black-out lining for Nicole’s curtains.

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What do you see?

 This was a really interesting cloud above our house earlier this summer. Danged if we didn’t spend at least 20 minutes discussing it. You know….what does it look like to you. I was stuck on the vision of intestines. The kids had all sorts of creative animal ideas. Mushrooms was a choice we could all get behind.

Anyway, I’m cleaning Grants carpet today. Chocolate milk and vomit make a hell of a stain. Welcome back to school. Welcome back to fluville!!

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