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What to do with the blog?

This blog has been hanging out here in space for quite a while now. I can’t quite bring myself to delete it but I can honestly say I’m not going to ever be doing the kind of blogging I was … Continue reading

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Dr. McCoy says “She’s dead Jim”, I say not!

One might think I fell into an extended swoon after sewing curtains and painting the house but, in fact,  I didn’t.  I recently saw most of my siblings at a family wedding and was soundly chastised for my lackadaisical approach … Continue reading

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Stymied, buggered and fed up…but the end is near!

Well, I’m about sick of this home decorating topic…you? I couldn’t get more of the striped fabric to add to my curtains and couldn’t find a plain gold to match the background so ended up buying a more yellow gold … Continue reading

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So, the bedding is pretty much done. I’ve been thinking of making curtains along this line (I’ve just hucked raw fabric over the existing rods that why it looks weird). Anyway, I think that’s kind of an overwhelming amount of … Continue reading

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Progress report and a bit of a weather report too.

We’re having one of our delightful cold snaps. Monday, I kept the kids home from school but yesterday we ventured out. I’ve never seen the temperature indicator on my Explorer get this low: The poor thing gets confused apparently at … Continue reading

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Next Project

See this mess? I’m going to try to improve it. Here are the raw materials, a big bucket of paint, and about 20 meters of fabric and a white dog. I’ll keep you posted. Casper wants to help. Actually, Casper … Continue reading

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A couple of clicks to help the animals please!

I got a message from my girlfriend Nancy yesterday pointing me to a website that raises money to feed rescue animals. Please go click the purple button…it only takes a second, then you can come back. (This is the note … Continue reading

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