Stymied, buggered and fed up…but the end is near!

Well, I’m about sick of this home decorating topic…you?

I couldn’t get more of the striped fabric to add to my curtains and couldn’t find a plain gold to match the background so ended up buying a more yellow gold to augment the curtains and play down all that pattern. Oh yeah, and I thought dingly balls would be a nice touch (don’t worry, you’ll see).


So….the lighting in the fabric store was quite different from the lighting at home and it turns out it was a lot more yellow than I thought. So…..the paint I had (Peach Veil) was now in conflict with the fabric.

So….by now I was getting kind of fed up and went ahead and bought a different paint…’Bisque’. Which, really, when you get down to it was just a brownish olive colour that goes with all the fabric. I painted the ensuite bathroom last week and this week have tried to get the walls done in such a fashion that that I could hang the curtains right away so my nightwalking shiftworking husband could sleep. (Better than having a nightstalking shiftless husband eh?).

Last night I finished the last two walls.

bedroom-after-painting.jpgThe only thing left to do is make some kind of wooden support to put the curtains tie-backs on. Sure enough, if we mount them on drywall they’ll pull out in now time. Those suckers are heavy what with the fabric, the black out lining and the decorative lining. But, no light will dare to come through them so that is good!

The valance for the bathroom window matches the bed skirt and I finally have a colour coordinated wall to hang the picture of a Greek street scene that friends brought me from the Islands about 15 years ago. See, there is a silver lining in there somewhere!

In the meantime, Ron has started working on the basement…he wired, framed, drywalled, mudded, and taped a new storage room. I painted it ( the beautiful Peach Veil), and he installed a suspended ceiling. Once the crap treasure is all stacked in there we can start working on other rooms. I think the bathroom will be next because that requires smashing up part of the floor and putting plumbing in. You know how we like to make big messes!

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20 Responses to Stymied, buggered and fed up…but the end is near!

  1. ariel says:

    I am very, very proud of you! Can you please post a picture of the brownish olive coloured wall, it sounds so good but cannot be seen very well in the second photo.

    And just when I think you cannot impress me any more, you announce that the valance for the bathroom window matches the bed skirt. Woman, you never does things by halves.

  2. IDV says:

    Oh, it all looks so lovely!

    Surely you’re not too “stymied, buggered and fed up” to take a ‘holiday’ in England and come and sort my rooms out, too, are you?

  3. Barbara says:

    What an amazing job you did of decorating your glorious bedroom. WOW! WOW!

  4. kyahgirl says:

    ariel-thanks …I do try 🙂

    IDV-I would love to come to England. I’ll fix up your rooms if you keep the hobgoblins from bothering me.

    Barbara-so nice to see you …glad you like it. Anytime you want to drop in for a first hand view…let me know.

  5. margaret says:


  6. margaret says:

    i will try again.Beautiful!
    i only make clothing no major decorating and painting for to you Mgt.

  7. weirsdo says:

    It looks beautiful, and I’m glad I have your new (?) address.

  8. sauer kraut says:

    Looks nice. Bisque is what this house came with. We repainted it to Antique Wheat. Not much different but it’s a selection we made instead of what the builder stuffed on us.

    You painted a basement storage area? I’d best hide this post before Herself sees it and gives me yet another project.

  9. kyahgirl says:

    Doug-it only looks like a hotel until all the crap gets spread around again 🙂

    margaret-typos are allowed here. I do it all the time. thanks for dropping by.

    weirsdo-thanks. I’m glad you got my new address too but at the rate I move I’m pretty sure you’d catch up to me eventually!

    Sauer kraut-thanks for visiting…its nice to see new faces. Yes, I did paint the storage room. strange, I know. You should see the shelves my husband is building. I thought we get a couple of planks hung up but these are beautiful! 🙂

  10. Meow says:

    Wow, it all looks lovely … wish my bedroom was as big as yours … mine is small and dingy !! I need to redecorate the whole house … it is well overdue for a repaint !!
    Hope you are well.
    Take care, Meow

  11. Terry says:

    Not only do you have great talent, but your ambition is amazing! I’m a clutz with sewing things – at best I can hem my own pants 😀 Your home decorating looks so beautiful!

  12. Fred says:

    Well, it took me a few twists and turns to find your new blog (well, new to me, anyway) and I’m glad you’re still out there.

    Let me know when you’re ready to help out here at our house. I’m sure The Missus would love to have your advice!

  13. logo™ says:

    Wow, sis, it looks great!

  14. M says:

    I miss you too! What are you up to?

  15. G says:

    Just droping by to say Rabbit, rabbit! Thanks for the visit and hope you and the family are all well. I’m stymied at just buying and haning curtains, never mind making them!

  16. kyahgirl says:

    wow, I’ve forgotten about my blog for a long time..I’m a bad girl.
    Been busy and will try to get back for a post soon. Meow, Terry, Fred, Logo, IDV, M and G….thanks for coming. Glad I’m not forgotten 🙂

  17. Terry says:

    Hey Missy – gone perhaps but I know where to find you 😀

    Hope all is well at your top end of the world. And the same to your great big poodle pup.

  18. weirsdo says:

    Happy Holidays, Kyah!

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