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Still struggling with Book OCD

This is cute. I swiped it from Ames. Go on….check it out  at the link just below the bar graph 🙂     What Kind of Reader Are You? Your Result: Dedicated Reader  You are always trying to find … Continue reading

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To all my American United States friends….

Happy Thanksgiving   I know the images associated with Thanksgiving are usually the turkey and the horn of plenty but I want to just give you all a big hug!     I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet so … Continue reading

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Can you see my crack?

One of the perks of my ‘mommy’ job is that I get to chauffeur my little bosses around and quietly listen while they chat in the back seat.   One day, Grant was fiddling with his window, trying to adjust it … Continue reading

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Highway Robbery

Today I got to do one of the really enjoyable parts of my job, for the last time. That is, I went to the annual meeting at the advisory committee I belong to (on behalf of my employer) for the … Continue reading

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Pissy Mean Deranged Distressed

I know, I know, I’m not holding up my end on this blogging thing. This last week has been pretty busy with Halloween, my Mom still visiting, and a bout of the flu, but my main obstacle had been climbing … Continue reading

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