Stress and Strain


Its been a long time since I’ve been at a meeting where people are actually yelling at each other let alone to go to two meetings in two days where there is that level of angst. I wasn’t doing the yelling but was mostly doing some questioning that made someone mad at me. Ok, I did raise my voice once. This obnoxious control freak on the phone would never let anyone finish a sentence and was talking over top of everyone. Oddly enough, I kind of enjoyed all the upheaval. (Man oh man, I’m getting weirder by the minute!) I used to love working in the plant where people would get mad, yell and holler, get over it and move on. For too long I’ve been working in a stifling political atmosphere where rumours, digs, and passive agressive violence is the way to deal with discord. Yuck. Give me a good honest fight any day!

I think quite a few people are feeling a lot of stress and strain at work these days. Of course, there are the two plants that are shutting down. One of them also has to be converted to a terminal so we can bring product in from elsewhere in the company then fulfill our contractual obligations here. I remember years ago when I first moved from an R&D lab job into one of the businesses labs. I used to be amazed at how many ineffective interactions happened and how much time and money was wasted just because people didn’t talk to each other. Yup, it IS a big company and we ARE all over the world but we have all the tools. We have phones, computers that are all on the same network, and the freedom to act. But an amazing number of people sit inside their box and do what works for them, without ever looking outside the door. That was almost 15 years ago and these last two days have really demonstrated that we haven’t come very far in the area of communication.

In the case of this work issue, its apparent that someone as far away from here as Texas figured they could do this project without ever talking to the people that manage the railcars, the tanktrucks, the sampling and analyzing. The yelling was mostly caused by that person coming into the meeting (via netmeeting and phone) with the attitude that ‘I know what I want so just shut up and do what I say’. That didn’t go over too well.
Anyway, we got it all hashed out eventually and got it back on the rails. Success is at hand.

Where am I going with this? Hmmm. I had fun today at work *shakes head*. I really am hard up for excitement eh?

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26 Responses to Stress and Strain

  1. weirsdo says:

    I know what you mean. It seems to me there is a real premium on niceyness down here. Before I moved here a Yankee friend who was living in Atlanta warned me that if a Southern woman ever said, “Ah just LOVE yore dress, honey,” I should go home right away and throw out the dress. Perhaps this was an unfair stereotype, but similar relations obtain in the (extremely dysfunctional) “Auburn family” (the university).

  2. Doug says:

    Raised your voice? Who are you and what have you done with Kyahgirl?

  3. Kyahgirl says:

    weirsdo-I’ve always worried about that southern niceness. you can hide a lot behind a false smile that’s been well practised. (although to be fair, I’ve met some really nice people from the south too).

    Doug-LOL-If I see the real Kyahgirl I’ll send her right back. I hate to see you become disillusioned.

  4. Barb says:

    Wow a day from hell, just what everyone needs now and then to make you appreciate the quiet times. I know what you mean about working in an office where people don’t actually come right out and say what they mean, they just make snide comments and gossip amoung select groups thereby causing a huge amount of tension that never actually goes away. I agree with you a huge fight usually does clear the air for awhile anyway. I worked in setting like that for 13 years and would never go back to a situation like that again. It was like being in prison without doing a crime… ha ha

    Sorry for the rant but your post just zoomed my mind right back into that situation and made me appreciate being out of it so much. Thanks….

  5. karma says:

    there’s a fight? where? let me at ’em!

    how you doing, honey? :))

  6. actonbell says:

    I know exactly what you mean by “rumours, digs, and passive agressive violence.” This is suck! And it happens in the lowliest warehouse over here, where there isn’t even anything to fight about.

    And I know, excitement is hard to come by, ya gotta take it where you can get it, really! hehe

  7. Beth says:

    I hope you took a nice long bath and had a glass or two of wine. There is just no call for yelling in meetings, the twits.

  8. SID says:

    Yell for all your worth, but in the right place,context etc..

    The cure for me is to scream profanties in the car all the way home.

    and relax.

  9. Fred says:

    Thanks for the reminder of why I lef the coorporate world.

    It’s not weird, really, I sometimes used to notch up the stress level of another person a bit to get my way. I was good at it.

  10. M says:

    Hang in there Kayagirl! You remind me of everything that I DON’T MISS about work.

    Hope you are able to take some time off to enjoy the time with your mom, that wonderful Laundry Fairy. Open a bottle of a nice red wine and forget about all the stress of the job.

    Thinking of you.


  11. g says:

    You’re right – isn’t it better to just deal with it and move on? Dopey corporate executives – they’re ruining companies. Somehow I’m with you on getting a twisted bit of enjoyment out of that scenario.

  12. Kyahgirl says:

    Barb-I didn’t know you had that in your history. Glad I could help you be happy about being out of it!

    Karma-you missed the fight but thanks for being in my corner. I’m so glad to see you again. Yay!!

    Actonbell-all I need is a forklift and I’d be having some real exitement!

    Beth-well, I couldn’t really take your remedy because there was hockey practice to go to and homework and dinner and on and on but someday I’ll be able to do baths and wine again for relaxation 🙂 Thanks for coming by, I’ve missed you.

    SID-I do the profanities in the car thing too sometimes, if you can actually believe that I swear 🙂

    Fred-I remember you talking about your previous ‘life’. I can just bet you were good at stirring the pot!

    M-I was thinking of you while writing this and wondering if it would make you nostagic!

    g- yeah, you and me, we’re birds of a feather 🙂

  13. Mailyn says:

    I missed answering you on the last post but not only do I hate the heat, the sun, and Miami. I hate the beach! Deal with that for a moment. LMAO.

    P.S. Oh my gawd, we need a good fight at my job. I am soooo dying to tell some people off. Well, most everyone. OK, everyone but my two friends.

    I am not a people person. Is it too obvious? LOL. 🙂

  14. Miz BoheMia says:

    Sorry but this had me laughing mostly because if anyone raises their voice at me or is outta line, Loverboy braces himself for the storm that is to come… yeah, famous temper and that!

    Hope things are better today my friend, and that if not, may they be better soon!!!

  15. Kyahgirl says:

    Mailyn-you are a very surprising Floridan! And People person? Yeah, we’re people persons but bloggers just like to ‘do people’ in their own time and space, not ‘in person’. I get that 🙂

    Miz B-I look forward to the day when I can see that famous Miz B temper unchained. I have such a vision in my head already!

  16. tanlucypez says:

    Thanks for reminding me how wonderful my life is now that I’m retired. Working with jerks is the pits.

  17. Tickersoid says:

    You have to let off steam in real time or it’s too late. Abuse best done over tanoy or if you want management to hear it, or you’re yelling at management, the radio.

  18. Terry says:

    My late husband worked for an edible oils co. here in the bay area as traffic manager, dealing with the rails, tankers etc. everyday. You have just described a day in the life which I used to hear about when he came home from work… He was so good at dealing with people, but when everybody else stepped in, including the boss to grab the decision-making stick, everything went to pot. Why can’t we just all get along? 🙂 Office politics do suck.

  19. Trina says:

    LOL! Spoken/written like a true INTJ! I do not envy you your work situation.


  20. logoâ„¢ says:

    You go, sister!
    These days a big stick will just get you into a law suit so you have to holler.
    Interpersonal communication as a spectator sport, we really ARE alike! 😉

  21. It almost sounded like you were at a school board meeting or some such event… They can get pretty harry…

  22. Kyahgirl says:

    TLP-I hear ya! Well, I can put up with it for another couple of months.

    Tickers-you probably have less stress eh?

    Terry-I think you understand so well. I didn’t know that about your husband, thanks for sharing.

    Trina-every time you drop by I feel that a little bit more whole! You really get me. 🙂

    Logo-I love that ‘interpersonal communication as a spectator sport’. 🙂

    MHN-you’re right there Michelle. Things get pretty tense at the school don’t they?

  23. neva says:

    considering the circumstances, it’s no wonder tempers are flaring up more than usual–seems like a nice healthy exchange to me. and, i might add, long over due!! oh, and it doesn’t surprise me in the least to learn you confronted that jerk. based on your wealth of knowledge and, more to the point, his *lack* of the same, i’d say he had it coming! i’m proud of you for standing up to him and FOR yourself!! *applauds*

    and, yes… your life is going to take a new, interesting, and, i believe, infinitely more *sastifying* turn the very second you leave all the BS — along with that a**hole — behind!! you are Kyahgirl, hear you ROAR! you go girl. xoxo

  24. Kyahgirl says:

    neva-always so glad to have you in my court! xoxo

  25. Monika says:

    I hate arguments. I have a quick tongue though and get quickly into them, through no fault of my own-ok sometimes. What bothers me most, is that you can´t help but take the issue home, re-live it again and again and realize you might have been able to handle it better, if the other side weren´t so completely daft!
    I feel bad for soem time after when I realize I caused tension!!!

  26. Antonym says:

    Is that guy blowing off through his ears?

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