Lazy and lame-Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving day in Canada. Its always the 2nd Monday in October. For the Americans, its the fourth Thursday in November. Why? I suppose it something to do with the harvest comes earlier due to the weather? Wikipedia tells us some interesting things about when the first one was and all that but I’m too lazy to even put a link in here. Just be thrilled to know that Frobisher Bay, way the heck up in the frozen north was named after the guy that initiated the first Thanksgiving celebration.

The big thing about Thanksgiving is that its a time to spare a few moments of gratitude for all the bounty of my life. I like that its not a religious holiday because I think that gratitude should be non-demominational. I try to be thankful every day for the amazing people in my life, my health, and the fact that I live in a beautiful, safe, and free country.

Ron has been on night shift all weekend so me and the kids have been out and about (its very hard to stay home and be really quiet with two little busy kids.

Yesterday we went for a long walk in the river valley and I was musing on how much I love the prairies and what beauty there is in that huge big sky and open spaces. Its funny because I hated it when I first moved here. My brother Neal, who had moved to Calgary years before kept telling me that I ‘d come to love it in a couple of years. I found that hard to believe after growing up in the mountains then spending the last 10 years on the West coast. It took me 6 years. Yesterday the lightbulb came on for me, walking down this leafy path with the kids:

Turner park

It was 6 years before I managed get myself unstuck from my first husband. I hated living here but I think really, I hated the awful prison I found myself in.

Anyway, one day I’ll tell the story of my first marriage but I don’t know when. Its very far behind me now.

On a completely different topic,


Here is something we finally got around to doing….we filled in the gigantic hole in our back yard. See the great big trucks? It took 56 loads of clay to fill the hole in our yard. How did we get a huge hole? Well, its kind of a strange reason. When Ron was building this house, the guy on the next lot was also building. His house was bit higher than ours and they also chose to build up their yard so that all the water from their property would drain into our yard. Ron’s Dad, who was helping him build the house, figured that in time, that water would create a lot of problems so they decided to build up around the foundation. The only source of dirt/clay for doing that was in the back yard. This is a bit ironic because the guy next door actually had a huge pile of excess dirt from digging out for his foundation. Ron asked if he could take it off his hands. He said no. After all was said and done, he ended up paying someone to haul it away! Anyway, what comes around goes around, eh? πŸ™‚

So, for 13 years, there has been this huge hole in our yard and we’ve debated whether or not to fill it in, landscape it, ignore it. As the kids came along and got more mobile it became clear that the hole was now a danger. Especially now that the kids are both interested in learning to ride dirt bikes, quads, and snowmobiles. So, a friend of a friend offered us free clay, but we’d have to pay for the trucking. Another part of this story is that we want to install our gate opener and that entails putting a trench for power down the length of the driveway and fixing up the driveway. We knew we didn’t want to be doing that job before the big trucks came and wrecked the driveway. Yes, they made a huge mess of our driveway and did a lot of damage to the back forty. But, now, its done anyway and we can buy some black dirt next year and seed it. Yay, more grass to cut! πŸ™‚

Well, this is a pretty darned boring post so I am going to go before I put myself to sleep. I have a turkey to get ready and a couple of pumpkins to sacrifice!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. Rest assured that I include you in my thoughts of gratitude. You are one of the many blessings in my life!

Γ’β„’Β₯ Γ’β„’Β₯ Γ’β„’Β₯

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39 Responses to Lazy and lame-Happy Thanksgiving

  1. IDV says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Watch out pumpkins! She’s got a knife!

  2. Kyahgirl says:

    Hi IDV-don’t warn them….you wouldn’t believe how fast pumpkins can run!!!

  3. a says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Is it a rough day for turkeys in Canada, too, or do you celebrate by killing and eating something completely different? (Only kidding; I’m a self-loathing carnivore myself.)

    I spent a couple of winter months in Calgary some years ago, working on a project for Alberta Government Telephone. I loved the place, and, especially, the people, who were very open and warm. They even bought me a toque to help me fit in. :-)It’s a little worn, but still wearable.

    Very nice post. Sounds like you have a whole lot to be thankful for. Congratulations for knowing that.

  4. Barngoddess says:

    Hi Kyahgirl!

    geesh, I missed 2 posts. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! I loved the pics, especially of your kids and beautiful dog πŸ™‚

    I am sad and glad to hear about your career changes, being a stay-at-home mom does have its perks tho πŸ™‚

  5. neva says:

    i cannot believe i forgot to say Happy Thanksgiving in that Snark post! rest assured the problem has been rectified (i SWEAR i had planned to do that when i started out, then i was having all kinds of trouble with WordPress and, well… long story short, i completely forgot!)

    i hope you’re having a beautiful day, befitting your beautiful self and your wonderful family, dear friend!! turkey? pumpkins? i was gonna ask, but it sounds as tho’ your traditions are not unlike ours. sounds pretty yummy!! i know you have many reasons to be gateful today, your pictures tell a nice part of story. i’m so glad, because you deserve a life that’s filled with love and joy, sweet Laura. Happy Thanksgiving!! xoxox

  6. Kyahgirl says:

    a-welcome to my blog eh? πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by. You don’t have toques where you live? (and yeah, our thanksgiving traditions are very similar).

    barngoddess-don’t be sad about my career change – I’m sure it s a good thing, I can feel it in the lightening of my heart!

    neva-thank you my dear sweet thoughtful friend!

  7. Mike says:

    Actually, it was an interesting post! I love the fall, too. It’s my favorite season by a long shot. I found myself saying, “What a jerk!” aloud when reading about your neighbor. :0) Your right, Laura – “What goes around comes around.”

  8. a says:

    We’ve got the hat in New York, Kyahgirl, but not the word:

    [From Wikipedia] “In Canada, ‘toque’ may also be a misspelling of tuque (IPA: [tuk]), a knit woollen winter hat, originally worn by French-Canadians but now a staple of the Canadian winter wardrobe. This ‘fashion’ originated when coureurs des bois [unlicensed fur traders on the lam] kept their woollen nightcaps on for warmth during cold winter days. The Canadian Oxford Dictionary regards the use of toque for this hat to be assimilated from the etymologically unrelated French word tuque.”

    Bottom line: a real toque can be had only in Canada. Another great reason to visit our friends up North! πŸ™‚

  9. g says:

    Hey I know about toques – from a Canadian guy that I used to work with.

    Happy Thanksgiving. I like the Holiday too for the nondenominational aspect as well. Just low key and thanks. Lovely pictures – I can see how you can grow to love the place. The kids – all three – look like they’re having a ball!

    Hope you had a nice Holiday. ~ G

  10. g says:

    I hope you don’t think me fresh if I asked if you gave thanks for your hole finally being filled?

  11. Meow says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kyahgirl … hope it was a good one.
    Take care, Meow

  12. Nancy says:

    Hope you had a good day with the kids and the great pumpkin! I went to Canmore with brother and family…….didn’t feel very grateful until I was home.:)

    Will call this week.
    Love, Nannabanana

  13. kyahgirl says:

    Mike-yup, they are kind of jerks but, all in all, not bad neighbors. The 5 foot high fence helps too πŸ™‚

    a-thanks for the education. I’m glad you have good reason to come visit us!

    g- yes, I think you’re fresh but that’s what I’ve come to expect from you naughty east coast girls. In fact, I haven’t really been yearning to have my hole filled up but always yearning to get the real dirt πŸ™‚

    Meow-thanks, it was pretty good. A few upheavals with the progency but all in all, a good day.

    Nan-Canmore eh? I have fond memories of our visit there last spring. I can totally understand why you’d be grateful to get out of the clutches of the brother and the children…it can be trying, no matter how much you love them! talk soon ♥

  14. Happy belated Thanksgiving…..I was rather sad to hear that you eat turkey on you Thanksgiving…..not sad for the turkey sad for you.
    I love the photo of your cute dog and your lovely children running in the lane πŸ™‚

  15. Mo'a says:

    That is me above……I just read you post before this one…..I am sure you made the right decision, it will be so great for you to be home with your children. Best of luck πŸ™‚

  16. pia says:

    Hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving

    Don’t think that it’s a religious holiday in either of country but here in the USA, many people in government, and some religious leaders are trying to make everything into a religious day

    Always thought religion was a private thing–have been wrong before

    About that hole…glad that you’re filling it

  17. jan says:

    I loved this post. Why would you think it boring?

  18. g says:

    You’re one funny pup πŸ˜‰

  19. actonbell says:

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving–and I agree, it’s really nice that it’s traditional, not religious. And that’s an absolutely gorgeous fall picture, and a great action shot, too.

  20. Arabella says:

    Nah – I don’t believe all that stuff about drainage and the big crater in your garden. I think you were visited by aliens. Why should Americans have all the fun?

  21. weirsdo says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. I like the picture of the kids and especially Casper enjoying their walk. I enjoy visiting the prairie in Nebraska where Dr. Weirsdo’s relatives live. It is beautiful, in its way.
    Great neighbor. Do you have ongoing problems with him?

  22. ames says:

    Happy belated Thanksgiving Kyahgirl! Beautiful picture of your kids and pup. πŸ˜›

  23. kyahgirl says:

    Mo’a-thanks πŸ™‚ I gotta ask, why are you sad that I’m eating turkey?

    Pia-Thanksgiving was good. I can’t believe you bought that nonsense about you being wrong, it couldn’t happen πŸ™‚

    Jan-I thought it was boring because I’m not really talking about anything I thought anyone would be interested in. Thanks for taking an interest in my thanksgiving, my family, and my trucks!

    g- *woof*

    actonbell-yup-non denominational kind of levels the playing field.

    arabella-I never considered that angle. Maybe you’re right about the aliens!

    Weirsdo-they have been pretty good neighbors all in all, they don’t make a lot of noise and they rarely talk to us. Once we got them sorted out on the bad habit of letting their obnoxious dogs bark for hours on end that is πŸ™‚

    ames-Hi! welcome πŸ™‚ and happy thanksgiving to you too.

  24. Miz BoheMia says:

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Hope all went well! I know it can get hectic to get preparations under way with two kids but may it have been a beautiful day for you and yours…

    It took you 6 years to like it? Man do you have patience! I have been here for 2 years, 9 months minus 4 days and have been growing more and more homesick with each passing minute! Dios mio! πŸ˜‰

    Oooh! A project! I sure love those! You should put up some pics once it’s all done so we can all get a peek!

  25. MotherPie says:

    THanksgiving day in October. Hmmmm. Always fun to learn something knew. I think you are right about the difference in the harvest times…

  26. Maidink says:

    Happy (uber late) Thanksgiving! Did you eat a lot of turkey? Did you get dosed out on tryptophan and fall asleep in a pile of leaves? Details!

    We silly Americans have T-day the fourth Thursday in November thanks to our 32nd President, Franklin Roosevelt. This move was due to the economy crisis of the 1930’s in the US. He figured, even though people had practically no money, they still spent their cash during the Christmas season. Since traditionally the shopping season didn’t start ’til after Thanksgiving (which at that time was the last Thursday in November), he declared in 1939 that Thanksgiving be on the NEXT TO LAST Thursday in November. More shopping time meant more revenue for the businesses. More revenue, less layoffs. Less layoffs menat possibly more hiring. It was one of a bunch of things he did in his 13 years as President. We Americans even nicknamed Thanksgiving “Franksgiving” because of his decision (no one uses that term now, of course). Not all states observed this because it was just a “suggestion” on FDR’s part. It didn’t become an “official” national act (some states did the move and some did not), until 1941. That’s when it became the 4th Thurday in November.

    And there is your boring US History lesson for today.

  27. kyahgirl says:

    Miz B-Hi buddy. Yeah, I’m patient, sometimes to my own detriment. Can’t wait til your back on this continent though πŸ™‚

    Motherpie-Yeah, our harvest is usually complete sometime in September here. πŸ™‚

    Maidink-Thanks! I wish you would come by more often. I found that very interesting.

  28. Adopted Grandparents says:

    Nice to see that the hole is filled and no longer a danger to anyone. We’re sure that Grant enjoyed the big trucks but that he was also disappointed. Knowing his nature, he just saw his favourite bike riding, boot testing mudhole disappear and if he didn’t think of it yet, he would as soon as he started riding the quad – how big a ramp would he have to build to perform the evil knevil jump over the cliff. We know the hole was tooooo big to jump over but just riding/jumping off the edge would be fine for him. He enjoyed going over the big holes and puddles with the ATV’s when he was at the cabin. Nicole on the other hand enjoyed a slow sightseeing ride.

  29. Urban Chick says:

    a very belated thanksgiving!

    and it tickles me to hear you call that your ‘yard’ – it looks as big as a football pitch to me! (you should see our new garden – we think it’s a pretty good size but really it’s a postage stamp!)


  30. Mama says:

    You are more than invited. I wanted to acknowledge your dog – we have poodles in common- right now we have a toy, Ruby – before Ruby, I only had Standards and was madly in love with their love, intelligence, sass and humor to only mention a few attributes. Ruby fortunately was raised by (and madly in live with Zenith) before Zeen-the-Been passed on. Never in our lives were we privileged to such a spiritual scenario as sweet Z (who had lung cancer) after resting at her usual watch dog station on the middle landing, took herself down to the bottom vestibule, made two luxurious ‘perambulations’ and snuggled soundlessly down into her last earthly sleep.Happy everything to thank! MamaE

  31. Kyahgirl says:

    adopted grandparents-I’m sure there will lots of ‘safer’ quadding going on in the near future. Grant is already proving to be a pretty good driver, while Nicole is pretty good at driving the tractor. πŸ™‚

    UC-yeah, my ‘yard’ is pretty big compared to a typical English or Scottish garden but its about right for Alberta!

    mama e-thanks for coming by and I loved hearing about Ruby and Zenith. Dogs are so very special!

  32. Margaret says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! I am late but that’s ok ,everyday is a day for giving thanks for all our blessings,good food ,good living and the peace and pleny we share,family and friends.
    Lovely pictures.
    I forgot Mom was going out to see you and woke Joan up this Morning she had stayed up till 4am.Night owl that she is.
    love you all Margaret

  33. Fred says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kyah! Hope you had a great one.

  34. Doug says:

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Prairie is fine with me, although I do understand you kind of want to see a mountain now and again.

    If you fill a hole have you emptied it?

  35. Happy thanksgiving to you!

    That fall photo of your kids and Casper is fantastic. That’s a wonderful picture.

  36. kyahgirl says:

    Margaret-thanks for stopping by. Poor Joan, I bet she thought she’d get away with her funny sleep habits without Mom there nagging her πŸ™‚ Γ’β„’Β₯


    Doug-You don’t always make another hole when you fill a hole. If you fill a hole from the side of a hill, you just make a smaller hill!

    On the touchy-feely side of things, one lesson I have learned is that if you fill a hole in a person with love, you don’t make a hole in the giver, somehow you magically fill up both people. Kind of miraculous actually!

    Snoodlepooh-thanks, I know you only have eyes for Casper πŸ™‚ Nothing like a pooty in motion is there?

  37. Buffy says:

    The photo looks far too pituresque to be real. I’d love to be in the middle of it all. Asphalt jungles are just, well, too asphalty, in the Fall. I want leaves. And trees. And quilted jackets.

  38. Kyahgirl says:

    Buffy-Welcome πŸ™‚ Its real. Honest. The river valley here is very picturesque. Thanks for visiting.

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