For the Record – according to Casper

Hi everyone, its me, Casper. 

Am I not the most sad and pathetic looking Pootie that you’ve ever seen? 

This was me, last night, languishing on the couch while Mom went to a meeting, Dad and the kids made sandwiches for some kind of school party , and then, still, ignored and abandoned while they watched hockey. Woe is me. *sigh*


Anyway, while I was laying, alone and forgotten, *sigh*, I overheard quite a few things. For the record, I have to say Mom is quite annoyed at the childish behaviour of her hockey club with this weird ‘throwing of the beef’ ritual.  What is that about? Do you know that for some reason, when the Oilers are playing out of town during the play offs, its tradition to throw a piece of Alberta beef on the ice.  I’m not sure but I think I heard Dad tell her that it was some kind of strange thing started years ago when the Red Wings would throw a dead squid or octopus or something on the ice during their away games.  What is it with puerile sport behaviour?   I hope its not a boy thing because I’m a boy and I don’t do stuff like that.

Mom is a member of the Alberta SPCA, an organization devoted to seeing that ALL animals in the province are humanely treated. That includes farm animals (of which we have quite a few).  It somehow seems disrespectful and arrogant to be hucking raw meat around.  Anyway, this is something I overheard her saying.


In happy news, I heard Dad tell Mom when she came home that the Carolina fans were singing the Canadian anthem at the beginning of the game. This is cool.  I know that during the Anaheim away games up here, our fans cheered all the way through the American anthem.  That was nice to see too.   I know she griped about the bad sportsmanship witnessed a few weeks ago but that must have been a momentary slip up in the sportmanship department.  All this hockey stuff isn’t about country against country but just  a game. Duh.  Even I know THAT!  Did you know the Carolina goalie is from Sherwood Park? Just down the road from us.  One of the Mighty Ducks, Fedoruk, has a niece in Nicole’s grade one class.  Its a small world according to my Mom.  She’s kinda smart so I’m not going to dispute it.   (Sucking around for brownie points here Mom).

 Something else Mom is  kind of worked up about is this issue of homegrown Muslim extremists in Ontario, plotting acts of terror against Canada.   What the hell is that about?  How can you be born and raised in this country and be so filled with hate against the western culture that you would want to do grevious harm to the people and the country?  I think she’s practically foaming at the mouth about this stuff and will probably blog about it next week.  She’s says she’s busy. And she’s going to be offline until Monday so it will have to just stew away in her brain. That’s normal though.  I suspect her brain is quite a scary place, bubbling away with thoughts and idea, blog posts, and a ‘rich mental life’, whatever the heck that is! 


Yeah, she says she’s busy but she still has time to give me a pedicure.  Dang, I hate having my feet shaved.




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40 Responses to For the Record – according to Casper

  1. Brian says:

    Somebodsies needs a belly rub and a good game of fetch. I am sure, you would do a much better job of stopping that mean old puck from going in the wrong net. Have a good weekend.

  2. Casper says:

    Brian, thanks, I would love a belly rub. Woof!

  3. shayna says:

    LOL… Oh Casper… nice to meet you!

    Would you like a scratch behind the ears?

  4. FirstNations says:

    poooooooooor woofie! my bogs hate having their feets messed with too. you are a model of patience and fortitude.
    beef throwing is right about up there with all the other dumbass stuff that gets done in the name of sport. humans are strange animals.
    down here in the lower 48 we side with your mom in wondering why in the world someone who obviously saw fit to leave their nation of origin would bite the hand which presently feeds it? maybe you, as the dog of the analogy, would care to explain this.
    love and chew toys,

  5. weirsdo says:

    Pleased to make your acquaintance, Casper. Do you know this lady and dogs? She’s not around a lot at present, but your mom and she and you and her dogs seem to have a lot in common. She blogged a lot about the plight of pets abandoned during Katrina.

  6. sophietoes says:

    Casper! i’m so proud of you for climbing into your mommy’s chair and tap-tap-tappin’ away on those keys! you are soooooo gorgeous, young man, i can’t imagine your people ignoring you for very long!

    as for that link weirsdo gave you? it’s to one of our *best* blogging friends! she’s so lovely… as are her two “boys”, baily and baxter (she’s in the process of moving, and getting a 3rd puppy, a chocolate standard poodle, but i’m sure she’ll be back in blogging mode soon!) trust me, you’ll enjoy getting to know her when ya get the chance!

    sorry i can’t comment on all the hockey hoopla, my people aren’t too hockey oriented (daddy’s a big-time baseball fan (dodgers) and likes basketball & football, too. mommy watches with daddy when she has to can.

    anyway, i just wanted to say “hi”! we already *adore* your mommy, but i do hope we get to see more of you in the future! : D

  7. Whinger says:

    It is HARD to be the dog. AND to have feet shaved.

    Yikes on the sleeper terrorist thing.

  8. Christine says:

    Glad to hear that you and your mom appreciate good sportsmanship. And you’re right it is after all just a game. (That is, unless you are there on the ice watching…then it might be everything.)

    But that still doesn’t excuse the throwing and blatant wasting of meat. That’s just awful.

    And might I say, Casper, you are one very attractive fellow.

  9. shiftclick says:

    Casper, always good to see you (holding out hand for paw shake). I love your editorials and words of wisdom. Hope to hear from you again soon!

  10. sophietoes says:

    just back to whine with you and your mommy again… (stupid blogger… keepin’ us from gettin’ all clever with our bloggy pals!)

    by the way… tho’, as whinger says, “it’s hard to be the dog”, it’s good to be the puppy! (just sayin’!) on the other hand, the feet shaving thing? not so good. yuck! : D

  11. Casper says:

    Shayna-hi, yes, I like to be scratched behind my ears. Thank you very much.

    First Nations-I’m glad we’re on the same page and thanks for the chew toys.

    weirdso-I didn’t know Baxter and Bailey before but have gone to visit them since you gave me the link. Thanks.

    Sophietoes-you are the sweetest girl. I’m pretty wild about Ariella but, if you don’t mind sharing, you could be my girlfriend too. My Mom is crazy about you guys in ‘puppyland’ too.

    whinger-I knew you’d understand.

    Christine- aw, *blush*. thanks 🙂

    Shiftclick- *shakes paw* its nice to see you too. You don’t have to be so formal you know, Can I sniff your butt?

    Sophietoes-thanks for coming back again. Yeah, I’ve overheard some pretty nasty things about Blogger around here. We miss our Blogger buddies.

  12. Tom & Icy says:

    I have a hard time understanding terrorism, especially in a place like Canada. What would be the point? Canada has never bothered anyone. I went to the chat rooms on Yahoo the other day because I hadn’t been to one in years and just wanted to see what they were like now. It was scary. Every room was full of Arabic people with Arabic script and they kept sending me IM’s asking me if I was Arabic. It gives the feeling like they are uniting for some purpose.

  13. sophietoes says:

    Casper: tell your mommy it is done. (i’ll email the details — then you can come in a “fix” up the joint!)

  14. Casper says:

    Tom&Icy-that would be scary. I’ve only ever gone to a perfume chatroom on yahoo so can’t say as I’ve experienced that. However, hate and intolerance seems to be all around these days. Very disturbing.

    sophietoes-you’re da bomb!

  15. sophietoes says:

    i left you a note… and got that “new” post of yours up on our shiny new blog! are we just bein’ silly? nerdy? out of our minds for lack of leaving comments on other sites? all of the above? (yes) talk to you soooon! : D

  16. sophietoes says:

    hi casper…i left ya yet, *another* note on “snark”… lemme know what you think! : D

  17. Mom says:

    Hi Casper nice to see you still King of the couch the foot shaving could be worse she could just let them grow and then how would you get around Love granma

  18. Miz BoheMia says:

    Ooooh! I have spoken to many a cat in my day, in the real world that is, but speaking to a dog, now this is a first! Hola! Nice to meet you!

    I must say, bohemians everywhere find you oh-so-handsome fo’ sho’! I say rise up in protest against the pedicure… a little uprising never hurt anyone!

    Tell your momma this bohemian misses her and not to think too much! And I guess I shall be hearing about telling you to protest! *sigh* ‘Tis what bohemians do best I am afraid!

  19. MJ says:

    Casper wants his own blog.

  20. IDV says:

    Hello again Casper.

    Sorry to hear you’ve been abandoned and ignored. Next time it happens, give me a woof and I’ll phase over to play with you. Your Mum’s a busy, mental lady! You’d better get her to check out her foaming mouth – you don’t want to catch rabies or anything 😉

  21. Barngoddess says:

    lovely pooch! beautiful infact : ) my little dog hates his nails messed with too, must be a doggie thing. Those terrorists so close to home is scary! I hope all the borders are more secure for both Canada and the US’s safety.

  22. Hey Casper! You look just like Baxter! Thanks for finding us!

    Very pretty doggy! Baxter doesn’t like his feet being trimmed either. He just got a professional haircut last week. Usually I do the haircuts and I’m not very good at it.

    I’ll come back and visit again soon.

  23. Casper says:

    Sophietoes-are we good to go?

    Grandma-thanks for stopping by. You’re right, I should stop whining but its what I do best.

    Miz B- I love you too. I think you’re going to have a faithful dog following you around drooling if you keep that up!

    MJ-I’m ok with this one. One blog in the family is enough. 🙂

    IDV-thanks, I’d love to play with you anytime!

    Barngoddes-thanks. And yes, the terrorists ARE scary!

    Schnoodlepooh!! Welcome 🙂 Oh, boy, more poodles in my life! Yay.

  24. Gracie says:

    Casper! Nice to meet ya! I’m Gracie, Cowgirl’s Aussie. *wags lil bobbed tail*

    My mom says that your mom rocks, so of course you have to be one cool poodle yourself. My other Aussie pal, Doogan, says hello.

    Around here, mom is a little crazy when it comes to grooming…she grinds our nails and does all our grooming herself. Doogan and I both know it is because she is a control freak and a perfectionist…but shhh…don’t tell our mom.

  25. Doug says:

    People become terrorists when they can’t have dogs.

  26. Monika says:

    I can´t find my comment anywhere, yet you relpied to it. That is it…I am seriously considereing another blogging provider! *enraged*

  27. logoâ„¢ and Ariella says:

    I am trying to type while Ariella drools over the glory of poodline masculinity that is Casper, whadda guy!
    Good sports are hard to find sometimes, always nice to see them.
    Toe trimming, ACK!

  28. Casper says:

    Gracie!! hi 🙂 and Doogan, I’m so glad you visited. My tail is stubby too but not so much as yours. Lets play!

    Doug-you are wise. Willie and Walela are oh so lucky to have you as their human 🙂

    Monika-I’m not sure which comment. I’ll look in the spam bucket. No, that doesn’t make sense either. hmmm.

    Logo and Ariella-welcome to my Mom’s twin and the most bodalicious Porty I’ve ever seen. *wags*

  29. Terry says:

    Awe – what a mug! A face for all to love – even down to the toenails 🙂

    Sheesh – I am really starting to feel like an ignorant American…this world cup thing is all I have heard about today 😀 I’m not much into sports.

  30. Hey, Casper …. at least, you got the good chair! 😉

  31. karma says:

    Rowf, Casper! you are one stylish dude

  32. H.A. Page says:

    Well, Arabella above wrote what I was going to so I’ll just say ruff ruff — great pedicure.

    Poodles are pretty smart…

  33. Casper says:

    Terry-thanks, if I did’t have so much hair you’d see me blushing! woof!

    Mig-thanks for the new nickname 🙂

    Mike-yeah, you’re right. I never used to allowed on the couch so I guess I’m making progress. Of course the price I pay is even more baths. *sigh*

    Karma-RRRowf! You know, speaking of feet, my Mom likes all the feet pictures you show on your blog 🙂

    Arabella-arf! You speak dog? cool!

    Motherpie-you speadk dog too? wow, I’m lucky. Yes, poodles are smart *preens* 🙂

  34. Fred says:

    Hi Casper…I can’t recall a post from you on this blog. But, since I’m old, my memory isn’t what it used to be.

    If you ever get lonely, I have a playful cocker spaniel that would love to play with you. Just send airfare.

  35. Jamie Dawn says:

    Casper looks neglicted. Poor fella. If I lived nearby, I’d send my turtle, RoP, to keep him company. Our dog, Simba, would not keep him company. Simba is old and wants to do nothing but lie around all day long.
    I hope your country deals with those homegrown terrorists severely. I think this shows that no country is safe, even countries who are not taking a big role in the fight against terror. I think France has thought it was safe, and Spain changed their leadership thinking that would make them safe. When it comes to terrorism, there is no safe place.
    I look forward to your post on the matter.
    Until then, show Casper some love. 🙂

  36. Kyahgirl says:

    Fred-Casper would love to play with your pooch!

    JD- I’ll do a post on the terrorist topic sometime in the next couple of weeks.
    I’m not going to tell Casper how sympathetic you feel towards him, it will make him unbearable!

  37. jan says:

    Mother hen

    You have a fascinating and well written blog. I enjoy your stories. Casper is also a very wise dog although a little wussy about his paws.

  38. jan says:

    Oops forgot …

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