A couple of things…

I have no idea why the picture below was in our photo album. I think Ron was trying to capture the fork lightening in that black sky. Anyway, yesterday I saw it and we were having a sunshower again so I took a picture to compare how the trees have grown in 8 years.
That silver cylinder with the red top is where our well comes up.

Looking Northeast from my dining room in late June of 1998:

Looking Northeast from my dining room yesterday:

It takes a long time here, but eventually the trees do grow. Our neighbors trees grew quite a bit too. (Miz B, that is the fence I told you about; good for keeping out foxes, coyotes, and other nasty two legged varmints.)

And another thing, unrelated but I want to include it here. I received the gift of a poem yesterday from our resident poet, Brian Hummingbunny. Here is the poem he wrote about me:

“What’s fuzzy and warm and lives up North?”

in the wilderness that is Alberta
a Mother Hen and her chicks reside
don’t like dogs she’s gonna hurt ya
give good belly rubs come on inside.

she lives where the wind always blows
and good service is so hard to find
long summer days when the wheat grows
and her children pay her no mind.

spent many dark days under duress
wondering just who she had become
no one told her the brain was a mess
that her chemistry made her feel numb.

today she is better and living strong
enjoying her life out of the blues
her blogger family romping along
Let’s all give Kyahgirl her dues.

looking forward to many fun times
with a good book or two by her side
I hope that these words of rhymes
made you laugh inside till you cried.

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33 Responses to A couple of things…

  1. Sar says:

    Congratulations Kyhagirl! With this post you’re my new Reigning WPW Inspirational Blogger!

    Come claim your crown and being your reign. 🙂

  2. Sar says:

    Oh and how cool is that for a first comment? Woohoo!

  3. Kyahgirl says:

    Sar-you’re kidding? wowee!!!! thanks buddy 🙂

  4. weirsdo says:

    I especially like this line, “Give good bellyrubs, come on inside.” The alliteration is great, and it seems to hearken back to days of more open hospitality.

  5. Mom says:

    the trees are amasing considering the drought of the last few years but the view from the front is even greater love mom

  6. Joan says:

    hi L just wanted to let you know there is no accent people are just wrong..love the story though . Glad you are enjoying?? the inline skateing. now I ‘m older I worry more about breaking something if I fall …almost as much as I worry about how I’ll get up if I fall! I really wanted to see a good lightening storm when we were up so I was a bit disappointed that you wouldn’t have one put on for us .oh well maybe next time

  7. Brian says:

    Good morning Kyahgirl,

    Wonderful view, thanks for the link, right back atcha 😉
    New post up, see you around.

  8. Stacy says:

    Wonderful pics! LOVE the rainbow! 🙂

    And what a sweet poem!

  9. Fred says:

    The yellow in the background of the first picture is especially bright. What is it?

  10. frangelita says:

    Mmmm, nice view. Like the poem, too.

  11. logoâ„¢ says:

    Wow, wide open spaces! Those trees really have grown!
    And I totally understand about the fences. We have talked about fencing our yard but the wild life we do get, deer and such would not come anymore, and since I don’t keep a garden or have anything for them to damage I LIKE when they come around.
    The community is considering a gated entry though, to keep out the two legged kind, especially the adolescent two legged kind that like to drag race on our private road.

  12. neva says:

    love the pictures! and i’m quite certain it’s reassuring to see how well and strong those trees have grown. aside from helping to keep out canadian critters, your trees offer a nice amount of privacy, as well, eh?

    lovelovelove the poem, too! congratulations, you inspirational girl, you! : D

  13. Kyahgirl says:

    Weirdso-yeah, his poem actually captures the open door, belly rubbing ambience of the Hen House fairly well!

    Mom-well, it sure is nice to see you here! Love you too ♥

    Joan-and another Shannon, gracing my blog! I’m sorry we didn’t give you a good electrical storm in May. We’ll have to try harder.

    Brian-good morning, thanks again for the poem.

    Stacy-hi! we geta lot of rainbows here but no pots of gold 🙂 (some leprachauns though)

    Fred-that’s Canola

    Frangelita-reminds you of home doesn’t it? when your Mom posts pictures it always strikes me how many similarities there are.

    Logo-hi sis. Well, we do have a lot of foxes around here but the best thing about the fence is it keeps the kids and dogs safe and has limited access for some unsavoury relatives. 😦 (not in your new adopted family-the other one)

    neva-thank you. You always say the nicest thing. Yes, I appreciate the privacy as the trees continue to grow. I’m kind of anti-social 🙂

  14. Christine says:

    Look at all that SPACE!

    I need to get me outside of a city more often.

    (Love the poem HB!)

  15. g says:

    Congrats on the Inspirational Blogger Award! You are an inspiration each time I drop by.

    I love trees, I find such peace looking at them. And the symbolism of growth, physical and spiritual just can’t be ignored. The poem is perfect for you – Brian is a real gem.

    Oooh, would I love to be running in that grass right now instead of sitting in my office looking out at a damp grey New York day.

  16. Barngoddess says:

    nice pics of your yard. planting trees is one of the best things-especially watching them grow, even if they grow slowly

  17. Whinger says:

    It must feel so freeing to look outside at all that room.

    *Stretching out in manner of a cat just looking at it.*

  18. pia says:

    Looks so beautiful. And G is right–it’s dreary and worse here

    The poem is beautiful also–and will link you now

  19. Brian says:

    Well Blogger has bit the big one, I know it is free, but sheesh, you think with all the money Goggle makes, they could run it better.

  20. Here’s yet another wow on the pics, post and poem! I love seeing pictures like this ….

  21. actonbell says:

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful poem. That’s a beautiful post! Those trees were worth the wait:)

  22. neva says:

    just thought i’d stop by and say “hi”… ‘cuz, you know, everyone in BLOGGER is “out of order”. (i’ve tried to leave some oh-so-very clever comments today…quite possibly the best i’ve yet to make, and to no-freaking-avail!) i’m guessin’ you’re having the same withdrawls i am, Laura, so i figured we could commiserate. or not. no. let’s do commiserate! stupid blogger. keeping us from commenting on our other friends’ blogs. (seriously, this is a common problem with blogger, right? i mean, it’s why joel and i finally switched… you too, i’m guessing. don’t we need a contingency plan for days like this??? or am i now totally out of my mind? is it time for me to click back over to my place? should i wait for your call? ….hello????)

    that’s it. just a “hi” and now, a “bye”! : D

  23. Monika says:

    That is such a beautifuk view out of your window. Wow, is the corn yellow in that first pic. We donæt grow corn here…very sad!

    So the tree growth is similar to Iceland then? 🙂

    Lovely poem by Brian as per usual. he sure knows how to throw words around that one!

    I am so excited that blogger is up again!

  24. kyahgirl says:

    christine-yup! its a lot of space 🙂

    g-thanks, I’m glad you like it here.

    barngoddes-I agree with you about growing trees

    whinger-you make a nice cat 🙂

    pia-sorry about the dreariness and thanks for the link!

    Brian-I know, blogger is frustrating

    Mike-keep coming back-I like to share pictures 🙂

    actonbell-thanks, I’ll be doing more yard pictures soon.

    neva-come back as often as you like, the hen house is always open to you 🙂

    monika-we actually don’t try to grow corn around here, the season is too short. That’s canola.
    Yeah, I think we have a long growth time for trees like you. I hope you feel better soon.

  25. Margaret says:

    Hi ,great post I really enjoy all pic. of kids and trees.They are all growing at a great rate.

    kitchen almost done it’s so beautiful.

    inline skating sounds like a good way to go if you don’tlike to bike,the kids sound like agreat cheering section with helpful advise too.

  26. cooper says:

    Nice pictures.
    I would die without trees.

    Great Poem as well.

  27. Brian says:

    Dum dum de dum, Oilers don’t look good. Must have been the heat. We have had record “lows” in Florida the last two mornings, down to the low 60’s. Parka time! Just over at Shayna’s place, she was back in the hospital.

  28. Joel says:

    Also sorry about the Oilers…but keep those flags flying…cause it ain’t over till the proverbial fat lady has her solo!

  29. Kyahgirl says:

    Margaret-nice to see you. glad you’re liking your new kitchen

    Cooper-I agree. I like the Prairie but trees are crucial.

    Brian-thanks for the condolences on the game and the update on Shayna, I’ll visit her.

    Joel-you’re right,it not over but they have a tough row to hoe!!

  30. Dug says:

    Gorgeous! Lucky you!

    We’ll see some kick-ass sunflowers in Italy next month. 🙂

  31. kyahgirl says:

    Dug-so nice to see you! Hope you guys have a great trip.

    *seething with jealousy*


  32. Romerican says:

    It’s unfair comparison! The second photo was taken in much closer proximity… and visually overestimates the growth. I call bullplop and demand a parliamentary inquiry…

  33. Kyahgirl says:

    Romerican, you think you can just sneak in here and start calling for inquiries? You rascal. come over here and make me!

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