Play date! **Updated



This weekend, Ron went fishing in Saskatchewan with his friend Darren and Darren’s eldest son, who is 12. Today, the kids and I went for a play date with Sonia, Darren’s wife, and Dallas, their younger son.  That’s Sonia and  the three kids by the tire swing.

A good time was had by all, in the little pool and at the park.


Yesterday, I had to visit the hairdresser and, because Ron is away and our neighbors who sometime babysit were away, I had to take the kids with me. This was a significant milestone. We brought a DVD for them to watch and they behaved like perfect angels for one and a half hours. It probably seems trivial but to me, its huge. It means a bit more freedom. I don’t always have to juggle the schedule with Ron’s so he can take the kids and I can do something I need to do. Yay!


Another really special thing that happened yesterday was the kids chaperoned their Mom as she began to learn how to in-line skate. I was pretty proud of the way they encouraged me and stayed by me, telling me ‘you’re doing great Mom, I’ll stay beside you’. The sweetest moment was when Grant told me ‘don’t give up Mom, its normal to feel really uncomfortable when you’re learning something new’ These were almost the exact words I said to him last winter when he threw himself down on the ice in despair and wanted to give up learning to skate. This little sojourn really made up for all the times I feel like a crap parent. I yell too much, I’m too demanding, etc, etc. It just showed they’ve learned some really positive stuff from Ron and I. Oh, and the in-line skating was just awful at first. I felt like I couldn’t move without my legs wanting to fly out every which way. (For the safety nazis, I was wearing a helmet and protection on all my joints). But, with my little helpers beside me, I persevered and got the hang of it. It took 10 minutes to get to the next neighbours driveway (about 70 feet) but after that I found my legs. We went about half a kilometer and then I figured we’d better turn around because I knew my calf muscles were going to start complaining. Its a whole different set of muscles you use.

Next time-we learn to stop (good plan eh?)

The in-line skating is a good option for me right now. I need to be able to go faster so I can keep up to the kids on their bikes, but I don’t care for biking myself. I also want to be able to walk/run Casper and this looks promising. I got up some pretty good speed at the end of my lesson.


**UPDATE:  If you would like to ‘hear’ me telling another exercise story from years ago, please mosey on over to Doug Drones on.  There is some kind of debate about my Canadian ‘accent’ but I don’t have one.

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49 Responses to Play date! **Updated

  1. Squaregirl says:

    Adorable photos! Kids can be the best teachers sometimes!

  2. logo says:

    I was just thinking about getting some in lines the other day!
    The kids on their bikes are hard to keep up with but i am such a clutz…I dunno.
    Hmmmm… may have to rethink.
    Good luck on that and how nice to have good behavior for the hair app.

  3. Doug says:

    A lovely story and now I can imagine it in your voice.

  4. Romerican says:

    Like motorcycles, inline skates are actually far more stable at higher speeds. The biggest “mistake” new people make is to go too slow, out of understandable fear. Go a lil faster and everything’s a lot easier.

    Once you get the hang of it for a month or two, the next thing you’ll learn is that 90% of the bearings that come with the skates you buy are terrible (assuming you bought them like most people, not customized from a specialist). That’s easily fixed however. Go to your nearest pro shop and let them rant about bearing quality for a few minutes. Pick the expensive ones and put them on your skates. You’ll thank me when night turns to day.

  5. stacy says:

    Stopping is VERY important! 😉

    Sounds like you had a great time! 🙂

  6. frankengirl says:

    “The sweetest moment was when Grant told me ‘don’t give up Mom, its normal to feel really uncomfortable when you’re learning something new’

    Ah, isn’t it wonderful when kids remind us what we need to know. Life is learning and then relearning – 🙂

    So sweet!

  7. Cherry says:

    You are a good mum! I wish mine had in-line skated. I will let her off as they weren’t invented when I was little.

  8. Tom & Icy says:

    You have a wholesome blog and very enjoyable reading. You did an excellent job on the audio at Doug’s.

  9. Brian says:

    Morning all,

    Before I forget, Go Oilers. I can’t root for the Huricane because they ran out on Hartford.

    You have such nice kids. You know I just realized I’ve never written a poem for you. Are you interested? is my e-mail let me know.

    Have a great day.

  10. Christine says:

    From here it seems like you’re a great mom!

    And how cute is Grant’s comment? Way too cute.

  11. Kyahgirl says:

    Squaregirl-you’re right! I enjoy those kid stories over at your place too.

    logo-I see a lot of speed potential. Give it a try but be careful!! Let the Things be your props.

    Doug-I’m glad you can ‘hear’ me now 🙂

    Romer!can- excellent advice.I did notice it felt way better once I got going and the arms were swinging. Thanks for the hardware tips. That’s useful to know.

    Stacy-yeah, stopping is good! I have a huge scar on one knee to remind me of that lesson (when I learned to ride a bike a went down a steep hill before I knew how to stop)

    Frankengirl-yeah, I like learning new things and the kids are a great help.

    Cherry-thanks! Do you skate?

    Tom & Icy – Welcome to the Hen house. 🙂
    Thanks for your kind words.

    Brian-Yay OIlers! First game of the finals tonight. How can I refuse a poem? I’d be crazy.

    Christne-thanks! And yeah, that Grant is way too cute. Since he’s only 5 his words are even sweeter to my ears.

  12. neva says:

    freedom is everything! so the fact that you’ve just discovered a way to do what you need to do with or without a baby-sitter is HUGE! (besides, it’s always nice when our kids surprise us by doing what we want ’em to do when we want ’em to do it, right?) hee hee!

    and, how fun are YOU?! i love that you strapped on a pair of in-line skates AND got advice from your son! (what happened to pictures of this?)… bet your kids did, too! sounds like a great exercise option for ya, too (what, no video?!) tho’, i’m one for walking/running and/or cycling… i might have to give skates a try one of these days!

    you’re a great mom, and it does sound like a “good time was had by all” yesterday! (seriously, this sounds like sooooo much more fun than, say, playing video games, which is what my kids wanted me to do with them all the time, when they got older!) : D

  13. shiftclick says:

    Wow, sounds like you had a great time!

    I want to write that I am envious of you for your ability to in-line skate, but I am not truly envious – I can’t do it, and the last time I did it (and only time) I ended up with a knot on my nogging. I’ll stick to my bike or walking …

  14. Herding dogs with enough exercise. That is why we never got a border collie! And, I love your voice and you don’t sound like a east coast Canadian at all…you sound like you are from out west


  15. Whinger says:

    I support all anti-bicycle activities, and in-line skating looks so FUN.

    Hmmm…maybe I’ll try it, too.

  16. Brian says:

    A poem eh? Let’s see, a limerick, a sonnett, a ditty? Well, all of the above as I just finished writing. One problem, no e-mail at work, so I’ll send it from home, which should be around 4pm your time. Hope you like it.

  17. Cowgirl says:

    As a proud Australian Shepherd mommy, I think that is excercise enough some days. 😉

    Precious lil ones! Thanks for sharing.

    Can’t wait to have some of my own.

  18. Barngoddess says:

    Brave woman! I have never tried inline skates, someday maybe, I can downhill ski and ice skate very well so? maybe some day…..your giving me a reason to try it soon. Thats great your son giving you encouragement and words of wisdom, I know just how you felt when you had the revelation that you are a good parent and your kids are turning out to be great human beings. Such a good feeling! Nice pics of the kids outside, it looks very nice up there!

  19. neva says:

    the story you posted/recorded on “doug drones” is lovely… but, i hate to break it to ya, kid, there is an oh-so-gentle canadian accent… subtle, yes, but definitely there!

    now that that’s settled, i *still* think you should get ootside and find someone to take pictures of your sweet canadian ass in those in-line skates! hee hee!

  20. FirstNations says:

    the thing about hte kids being able to amuse themselves and let you have a life is HUGE. yay!!!!!
    my daughter was always my cheerleader. not to say that there weren’t times we wanted each other to take a long walk off a short pier…ah, puberty; ah, hormones…but she would have encouraged me to stay afloat once i was in the water.
    if you see what i mean.

  21. Logoâ„¢ says:

    Heya sis, I did an audiopost!
    It is a story I get teased about, thought I would share with you.

  22. Qenny says:

    Yay for Grant! I got all dewy-eyed. That was so sweet!

  23. Meow says:

    Good on you for having a go. I haven’t tried in-line skating yet, but i loove roller skating and ice skating … is it much different ???
    Kids can be the best teachers.
    Have a great week.
    Take care, Meow

  24. cube says:

    Sounds like you had a fun, albeit slightly shakey, time!

  25. Sar says:

    I heard your story this morning and it was great to hear you! 🙂

    And 90 minutes at the hairdresser? Serious pampering, woman. Good for you!

  26. kyahgirl says:

    Neva-Yeah, I’m more fun than a barrel of monkeys 🙂 And the incremental increase in freedom is huge!

    Shiftclick-you have to try again but with a helmet and helpers!

    Village Idiot-yeah, a Border Collie would be hard to live with too. I’m glad you liked hearing my voice. Its fun to hear your friends. And yes, I’m from the west, just north of Colville.

    whinger-please do try and we can compare notes.

    brian- thank you so much, I’ll share it later in the week.

    FN-as always, you make me laugh out loud!

    logo-I loved your story, Its hilarious. poor mr.logo!

    qenny-aw,thanks. I’m glad you came for a visit.

    Meow-I’m qualified to answer that yet. I think its similar to ice skating.

    cube – yes, it was a shakey good time!

    Sar-thanks. Its a treat to hear our friends. and 90 minutes? well, I have a lot of hair and not one grey one is allowed to remain 🙂 I’ll never surrender to grey!

    cowgirl-I didn’t realize you had an Aussie. And just wait, someday you’ll have your own children. You’ve got years yet!

    barngoddess-thanks 🙂 If you can downhill ski I’m sure you can do this. try it!

    neva-I respectfully submit that you are mistaken about the accent. And, there will be no pictures of me skating until I’m flying down the road with grace and elegance 🙂

  27. Tickersoid says:

    I had no Idea. I’ll have to read this in the morning when I’m sober.

  28. g says:

    Oh, I love this story. Is there anything better than when your kids give you back that encouragement? Believe me, will they remember that much more than any yelling when they grow up.
    I think Romerican (my husband was born in Romania), hit it on the bearings. Now I need to go buy new in-lines. The pair that I had were the equivalent of those airless tire bikes when I was little. You know the kind that never got a flat? Am I dating myself? So I sold them in a garage sale.
    Anyway, fun hearing you and loved your story. Oooh, can I relate.

  29. g says:

    Oops, most importantly – thanks for sharing the kids – they are some cute ones!

  30. Jenna Howard says:

    Cute story! I keep contemplating inline skating but then I worry about the stopping what with the stop pad at the back. Knowing me I’d go to stop at the front and have a total “Toe Pick” moment like the ones in Cutting Edge.

    No Accent At All!

  31. Katie says:

    Drat, we still haven’t hooked up speakers to the computer just yet (it’s kind of one of those last on the list items for unpacking.) I am afraid I’ll have to take everyone else’s word for it on the accent. But don’t worry, I mean, I won’t judge – I have this awful American accent, and I seem to get along, so I’m sure your Canadian one won’t hold you back either ;P

    That looks like a fun day, and your kids are cool. Must have inherited it from mom and dad!

  32. Tickersoid says:

    You’ve inspired me, I was wondering how to celebrate my mid life crisis. Inline skates, there’s no better way to embarrase my kids.

  33. Brian says:

    glad you liked the poem, not a good start for the Oilers, ouch.

  34. kyahgirl says:

    Tickers-yes, come back 🙂

    g-thanks. maybe you will do a story too so I can hear you? yes? 🙂 And sharing our kids is one of the perks to blogging. I like meeting yours too.

    Jenna-yeah, the stopping feels tricky, I am worried about it too!

    Katei-thanks. Oh, and get those speakers fixed!

    Tickers-welcome back. I think you should do everything in your power to embarrass your kids for sure!

    Brian-hi, and thanks again for the poem. Yes, the hockey game, that was a painful ending. Did you know the Hurricane’s goalie is from Sherwood Park, about 10 minutes from where I live? And a guy from the Fort is on your team too (also near where I live). I don’t know who to cheer for!

  35. karma says:

    i wish i had a pair of skates so i could get around faster. but first i’ll have to learn to skate.

    great going, you’re a great mom!

  36. Fred says:

    A video of you skating would be priceless. I love the pictures – they look very relaxing for everyone involved.

  37. Adpoted Grandparents says:

    Roller blading – I think I can, I think I can, I think I can – with a little help from the kids – I knew I could, I knew I could!:-) Enjoy it as they grow up way toooo fast.
    You know our house or a phone call for assistance is always an option for you. We know the kids won’t object.

  38. Jac says:

    Here I am again 🙂 third try. Your email made me get up the gumption to go ahead and go for it…

    The kids are too cute. And I love how sensitive they are with you. My mom used to say the real test of how well you brought your kids up was how well they get along together; I imagine that extends to the mom, too. 🙂

  39. H.A. Page says:

    I gave up and went back to old fashioned skates. There are lots of things I’ll try and learn but that one — like riding a unicycle — just couldn’t come easily and I was tired of trying.
    Unbalanced Cheers.

  40. Miz BoheMia says:

    Lucky you! Enjoy! I am there with Lil’ BoheMia but Lil’ Mischief being only 3 there is no way I can get anything done with him around sans a heart attack! I cannot wait for him to be at least 5! Oh the dreams we mothers have! *sigh*

    As for your story and your voice… YOU ROCK my friend! Fo sho!!!

  41. Jenna Howard says:

    So will I get to go “Toooooe piiiiick”? I know that’ll happen to me when I finally suck it up and strap on the blades.

  42. actonbell says:

    Inline skating–yikes! I spent so much time as a kid on the old-fashioned kind that I can’t even think of this!

    Kids are wonderful, aren’t they? Yay for Grant:)

  43. In-line skating!!!! Woo-hoo. ^5!!!!

  44. phlegmfatale says:

    Cute pictures – sweet kids. Isn’t it great when they play well together and let you take care of important business (hairdresser, for example!)?

  45. g says:

    My nasal flat NJ accent comes across better in print:)

  46. kyahgirl says:


    Fred-see my note to Neva! No pictures until I’m perfect at it 🙂

    Adopted Grandparents 🙂 you guys are so cute. Thanks for the offer. I don’t want to overburden you but you know I’ll call on you. I appreciate your support and know the kids love hanging out with you!

    Hi H! – sorry about the bad skating experience. I don’t see much point in a rink but this skating on the road seems good.

    Mike-thanks 🙂

    g- I am imagining you, joisey goil!

  47. Kyahgirl says:

    Gosh, a bunch of comments got caught in the spam pile so now I’m way out of order in my replies:

    Jac- welcome back. I’m so glad you came.

    Miz B- Just a couple of more years. Its hard…hang in buddy.

    Jenna-you should try this, we live in the perfect, flat country for it.

    actonbell-thanks! and yes, yay for Grant.

    phlemfatale-thanks, and yes, its important when they give their Mom a break!

  48. weirsdo says:

    Congratulations on learning new tricks. You are a better woman than I.
    Those pictures brought back memories, but I have to go now so Mall Diva can do her morning e-mailing and MySpacing. They grow up fast.

  49. Kyahgirl says:

    wierdso-thanks 🙂 Yeah, it won’t be long now before I’m fighting for computer time with the children!

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