The case for my long lost twin Logophile

You know, the funny and wonderful thing about the blogosphere is you meet all kinds of people. Like minded, different minded, amusing, thought provoking, odd, and even totally alien.
If you’re really lucky, you meet people you can connect with. I’ve met several, and you all are a source of great joy to me!
Some time ago, I met another blogger who seemed kind of interesting. I think our very first point of intersection was dogs.
I have a curly, non shedding water dog who hates to bathe
She has a curly non shedding water dog who hates to bathe
ariellaoct 12 007.1.jpg
♥ ♥ ♥
That was the beginning. Then one day I posted a story about my issue with ‘Book OCD”. I just can’t stop collecting them. I love, love, love books! I showed a picture of my ‘books in waiting’ pile. On that very same post, my twin, made the following comment:
logophile said,
January 8, 2006
Ahhh yes,
I am jealous, one of the early bargains for peace in my marriage was that I would only buy books reference books, or books like that. My enormous appetite for fiction, etc. was to met primarily at the library. My list of books to be requested from the library, my request list, and my list of checked out books is usually bordering on the ridiculous.
My husband continues to eye with suspicion bags from book stores knowing a lack of vigilance will result in the book collection forcing the people out of living space.
It stands to reason that someone who is so enamored of the written word would have the username ‘logophile’ and she has recently changed her avatar to this:


♥ ♥ ♥

Then one day, a couple of months ago, my twin did a meme where she listed 100 things about herself. I was amazed to see that we have a lot of them in common . These are the ones of her list that apply to me:

4 My mom was a registered nurse
5 I have an older sister
30 I also drink coffee
31 I am an information junkie
32 I love learning new things
33 I do alot of reading
46 I am a fan of Dave Sedaris
50 I already have the next book I am going to read
54 I spend alot of time on line, probably too much, but we are not opening a poll on that question
55 I don’t watch very much TV
56 I fix our computer issues, do the appliance programming and occasionally get called on to assist others but refuse to regard myself as a techie, or geek or whatever.
57 This is mostly because I know some actual techheads and I am nowhere near their level of expertise…or geekiness
58 I have voted in every election since I turned 18
60 I am left handed

79 I am ever so slightly clumsy (you might have already concluded that)
82 I don’t have a poker face
83 I love playing trivia games
85 I love being married, and I love him
91 I get a lil crazy if I don’t get to spend enough time by myself
92 I tend to forget birthdays, anniversaries and appointments
94 I find zoos depressing
95 I can’t knit, crochet, or sew. I don’t cook and I hate shopping
96 I do enjoy decorating though
97 I know how to change tires, oil, oil filters, air filters, and how to clean and gap spark plugs or replace them
98 I would rather have someone else do it
99 I don’t have a visble birthmark

♥ ♥ ♥
See? See? Is it all coming together for you?
♥ ♥ ♥

We have quite a few other similarities, here is a photo journal of them.

I have wheels


She has wheels


I like thongs


She likes thongs


I have a curly pony


She has a curly pony


I had short curly hair and wore red and white in the 90’s


She had short curly hair and wore red and white in the 90’s


I have a collarbone that got broken in an accident


She has a collarbone that broken in an accident

HNT collarbone.0.jpg

♥ ♥ ♥

Now last, and most interesting is I have photographic evidence that I was in her neck of the woods, right around the time she was born. Here is a picture of me, my brother, sister, my uncle and a few cousins, taken from the top of the Space Needle in Seattle. Can you pick me out? Not the girl in front in pink. I’m the girl in pink right behind her.


Now, I can’t really explain this. How could I have a twin who is, in fact, about 10 years younger than me? This must be due to some strange flaw in the space/time continuum. Or maybe, a Wrinkle in Time. But, we know a couple of really smart guys, The Village Idiot and Doug, who are always wrestling for the helicopter beanie cap. I’m pretty sure they can figure it out using statistics and a bit of obfuscation.
So there you have it folks. Meet Logophile, my little twin!! It could only happen here in cyberspace. 🙂
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33 Responses to The case for my long lost twin Logophile

  1. Joan says:

    wow logo you really are my sister thank you Laura for finding her for us when is the next family reunion you can never have too much family of the heart you know Joan logo do you hate cilantro too?

  2. justine says:

    i’m convinced!

  3. Doug says:

    How can you ask me to solve this problem and then ask me to add 8 to 3?

    See, it’s like this, you grew down from 20 while she was growing up from birth and you were both conceived simultaneously at age 10.

    Obvious, really.

    The helicopter beanie is MINE!

  4. AP3 says:

    Wow, I didn’t know there would be MATH involved in blogging! This is so stressful…

    We have a foot fetish happening in our blogosphere these past couple of days!

    I know what you mean… I have a couple of non-blood-kin twins out there, too.

  5. Clever! Small world, isn’t it? But, I wouldn’t want to paint it. 🙂

  6. Kyahgirl says:

    How come all the comment are coming out centered? That is weird!

    Joan-thank you as always, you are a great ‘big sis’. ♥ ♥

    Justine-good, my work is done then.

    Doug-thank you, I knew you’d figure it out. Oh man, the VI is going to be so mad when he sees you with the Beanie again!

    AP3- yeah, we;re all doing footsies these days. And on the math, just take a deep breath and let the answer come to you 🙂

    Hi again Mike-yes, it is a small world.

  7. logophile says:

    Yay, fun post, sis!
    I am so glad Doug was able to prove through creative accounting exactly how that worked, good job Doug!

    Joan, it is lovely to have you all as well, never too much family. I actually do like cilantro as long as it is not TOO heavy. I’ll be happy to take care of eating the salsa and such, because I am a giver.

    Aaaw, Kyahgirl, sister mine, I am sooo glad we found each other!

  8. Cowgirl says:

    Amazing. Twins are a lot of fun…I have one. But there are very few things we have in common…like singing, artistic capabilities, and intelligence. Other than that, we are dissimilar. We don’t even look the same.

    If he starts wearing thongs, I am going to be scared.

  9. Lael says:

    Hee,that’s pretty darn cool!

  10. neva says:

    remember what the Dalai Bobo said yesterday? “…everything is in relation to everything else.” apparently that’s more true that we first believed!

    actually, Laura, i think you’ve made a very compelling case in support of your contention that you & Logophile are long-lost twins. and, when coupled with Doug’s brilliant simultaneous age-decrease/increase birthing hypothesis, it seems doubtful anyone with half a brain could and/or would reach any other conclusion. (by the way, Doug looks fabulous in that beanie…) i know i’m convinced! not to mention… impressed! : D

  11. neva says:

    by the way… not only are your comments coming out centered… they’re all in italics, as well! what’s up with that?? : P

  12. Jamie Dawn says:

    You definitely made the case!
    That is so neat how you have so much in common!
    The thongs are hilarious!!!

  13. Kyahgirl says:

    Logo- big hugs to my sis!! 🙂

    Cowgirl-you had me going there, I didn’t realize your twin was of the male persuasion!

    Lael-yes, it is eh?

    Neva-you are wise, as is the Dalai Bobo.
    And yes, my comments are strange. I got the centering thing corrected but I’m not going to worry about the italics. I don’t have the beanie cap.

    JD-Interesting huh? I thought the thongs were funny too. I asked for permission to use that one! 🙂

  14. Monika says:

    I don´t believe it…I send two comments on this blogpost and none of them has appeared. Have you blocked me *looks shocked*

  15. kyahgirl says:

    Hi Monika-my dearest, belovedest, frozenest Icelandic friend! I would never block you. I don’t know what is happening but maybe the new spam catcher I put in had to take a minute to check you out 🙂

  16. g says:

    Okay – you alluded to “a wrinkle in time”. Well, a wrinkle in time saves nine, now that’s only one year difference. Allrighty, don’t be so smug Doug!

    Is that really Logo’s sassy ass? You go girl. Oh, and cute toes Kyah!

    That was a fun post – it was like two for the price of one. Nice to learn more about both of you ladies.

  17. Monika says:

    well…maybe my comments were so bad that the verifier diagnozed them as spam?

  18. H.A. Page says:

    Well, I’m not left handed and not sure if I really like to decorate (sometimes yes, sometimes no) and one of my brothers was a poodle but other than that, those things on the list would be me, too.

    My daughter was here last week and I took her to a restaurant where one can go alone and sit at a big table. She loved the restaurant and asked if I came there often. Yes, as I don’t have a lot of friends here since I’m new and all. She got a sad look on her face but I told her not to worry… I have my blog friends now and my flickr friends. Praise be the new social web.


  19. Kyahgirl says:

    Hi g! Yes, that is really her a$$ 🙂 and my foot. As you can see, she is my slightly wilder sister!

    Monika-I’m worried now that they are lost. I mailed you.

    H.A. Page-your brother was a poodle? Oh dear 🙂 Blog friends rock. I love the new social web too. In fact, I think I better add you to my blogroll so I don’t forget “Motherpie”.

  20. Wow! That’s amazing!!

    Now, let’s see if I can get past the math portion of this test…

  21. Oh wait, you took it off didn’t you. 🙂

  22. Kyahgirl says:

    Hi M! nice to see you here 🙂

  23. Whinger says:

    Ah yes…SO many twins on the Internet. I love it so.

  24. zydeco fish says:

    I like David Sedaris and thongs too!

  25. Kyahgirl says:

    Hi Whinger-yes, we do see it all over eh? 🙂

    ZF-you like to wear foot thongs? underwear thongs? or maybe look at people in thongs? please clarify 🙂

  26. fun fun fun…let me spin up the propeller and see if I can explain the 10 year difference…

    I see Doug already took the beanie!!!!!!

  27. THE BEANIE HAS SPUN UP TO MAX RPMs so be warned

    There are several documented case studies in time travel

    1) The Slingshot effect — however you need a warp drive powered spacecraft to reach escape velocity

    2) The Delorean Effect — The down side, an out of production car is needed, along with one jigawatt of electricial power

    3) The Phonebooth Effect — Wherein you simply get in, and pick up the phone, put it down and, you have travelled back in time

    So the answer is quite simple, you mistakenly used the wrong phonebooth in front of your circle K, travelled back in time and accidently bumped into your parents 10 years ago, while they were just about to return home and conveive you. Taking pity on this poor lost child, the placed you in an orphanage, you happened to escape from said orphanage and return to your phone booth , unfortunately you never made it and were phased out, stuck between time. Until ten years later your parents conceived you at the same time Logo was conceived.

    Case closed!

  28. Kyahgirl says:

    VI-thanks so much for bringing your giant intellect into this difficult puzzle. Gosh, I don’t know who deserves the beanie more. You two are classics!

  29. Terry says:

    What fun! I love the pictures of you and your “twin”. Very very cool, and the bike is awesome! Is it a sportster? Mine is silver.

  30. Doug says:

    VI, the beanie is yours. I can no longer pretend.

  31. Kyahgirl says:

    Terry- I’m not sure what model her bike is, I’ll have to ask.

    Doug-you are ever the gentleman. You and VI are quite evenly matched. I still think you’re brilliant and worthy of the beanie. If its any consolation, a Beagle is far too dignified to do the the propeller thing anyway.

  32. Glad to have been seen. I’ve been uber busy as of late, so no blogging around, just a post here and there. After this wedding that I am singing for, I hope to have more time for fun! 🙂 Not that the wedding isn’t fun, it’s just a lot of time committed.

  33. weirsdo says:

    That is uncanny. The 90s photos convinced me.
    Interestingly, I actually did discover a true half brother I had never known a few years ago. Let’s see, he’s a Republican fundamentalist Christian; I’m a Liberal atheist. He’s in business; I’m in arts. But we actually do have some things in common, like valuing education, having a good sense of humor, being competitive and family oriented.

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