Letter Meme – All about B

Here is a fun meme. I was tagged with the letter B by Patriotic Cowgirl. I will write ten words that start with B and what they mean to me. If you would like a letter, please let me know in your comment!

Minka, the Ice Queen has done the letter Q quite nicely

Logo, Ariella’s mom has done the letter O

My pal Cowgirl did the letter M,

and Barngoddess did the letter C


1. Blossom


The yellow flowering currant bushes in our yard are full of blossoms. The amazing thing about this hardy, indiginous bush is that its flowers have an incredible fragrance of clove and cinnamon mixed with a bit of lily. At this time of year, when you walk out of the garage into the back yard, this beautiful scent fills the air.

Another Blossom who I love dearly is Nancy’s little Papillon Blossom. She is a black and white whirling dervish, with a ton of attitude, a sweet temperment and the heart of a lion!


2. Belgian


I’ve told you a bit about my Belgian Tervuren, Kyah. This picture is Torin. He was my first Belgian.

In Canada, all four varieties are in the Belgian Shepherd Dog ‘breed’. In the USA. the Belgian Sheepdog is actually the black variety of the breed, known as the Gronendal. There is also the Malinois, a short haired dog with the same colouring as the Tervs, and the Laeken, a rough coated variety.

3. Beer

I like beer, a lot. I’ve tried many, many kinds. My favorite a few years ago was from Belgium. Trappiste beer.

4. Big

When I watched the hockey game last night between the Oilers and the Sharks, I thought it was big of the Canadian fans to cheer throughout the American anthem. I had been very saddened to hear the American fans booing during the Canadian anthem a couple of days previous to that. I think people need to be bigger than that. Also, if you realize how incestuous the hockey league is you’ll realize that half the players on any one team are from the other country anyway! Oh well, the whole thing gave me a big opening to talk to the kids about sportsmanship.

5. Blue

I like the colour blue and we have a lot of big blue sky here. For some reason I never buy blue clothes. At some time in the past someone told me people with blue eyes shouldn’t wear blue clothes. Anyway, I was completely unaware that my dear demented friend Nancy was driven insane by my tendency to always wear burgundy. She went blouse shopping wtih me and ripped all the burgundy clothes from my arms, threw them in the corner and threatened to bludgeon me to death if I didn’t buy something blue. She also threatened to sic Blossom on me. Blossom has killed a gopher. I was scared!

6. Barbara

One day I’ll do a whole post about Barbara. I have lots and lots of material!!

We met when we were 10, in grade 5, at Cook Avenue School. Her Mom had left her Dad and moved out to BC from Saskatchewan with her three little kids. Barbara and I have been fast friends since then. Last year when we went back to the interior, she happened to be there as she was caring for her terminally ill Mom. She has since move back to Vancouver.

This photo was taken last summer as we boiled in the 40C heat. Way too hot for this little snowflake.

Sometimes on this blog you will see a little comment slipped in here and there by the shy miss Barbara.


7. Blogging, Blogs and Bloggers

Blogging is a past time I thoroughly enjoy. I love reading blogs and meeting different bloggers, in cyberspace and real life. I think blogging and related technologies are going to have a profound impact on the world.

Through Blogging I keep in touch with family and friends, old and new.

8. Ball

When I was a kid I loved to play ball. We had a game of scrub going in the neighborhood most evenings. Tonight I took the kids to T-ball and was happy to see them really starting to enjoy it.

9. Broadband

I know, I know, you’re sick of this topic but I really am getting excited. Monday is installation day for our wireless broadband. Woo-Hoo!

10. Bumbalaygo (bum-ba-lay-go)
You know what? I just really like that word. Its a made up word that my now departed FIL used to use to describe the worthless, scum of the earth type people that DH’s brother kept bringing home. Since the FIL has departed the earth and taken his bile with him, we have a much nicer use for the word. We use it at our house to tease a person who appears to be lazy.

Example-Saturday morning, 6:30 AM. DH has already gone to work, kids are watching cartoons, kyahgirl is in bed, revelling in the fact that she doesn’t have to get up and may be able to read for a few minutes. DD comes in, wants to phone her Dad. I help her do that, she chats a bit to Dad, then I hear her telling him what everyone is doing. I say hello, then we all say good bye. DD leaves the room, throwing over her shoulder ‘Dad says you should get up. You are a bumbalaygo ‘

At 6:30 in the freakin’ morning on a Saturday!!

Kyahgirl goes ballistic, another good B word!

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49 Responses to Letter Meme – All about B

  1. Monika says:

    Now that is a nice list as well. This was one of the best meme´s I have enjoyed so far. Good job!
    We have a song in Germnay called Bombaleyo! Very similar I feel!

  2. Miz BoheMia says:

    You have been a blogging dynamo! Off I go to do some catching up and will post my comments to all the entries I missed here as my computer is taking ages to load up and so… forgive my absence! I have barely been home these days and it is so nice to finally check in with you! Ok, off I go!

    Kudos to you for the bloggin’ fundraiser! Glad it went so well and we could all learn a lesson or two from this wise Mama Hen!

    Glad you got your time away! Agree with you about BS Hallmark holidays… As for waxing… wooohoooo! My cup o’ tea! I practically wax myself whole! Who does it and what they use is of utmost importance… For example, in SF the yellow wax that is removed with strips was used and you might as well have shot me… I never did it again. Here, they use what is known as a “chocolate” wax and never has my skin been smoother, everywhere, no irritation pimples, nothing…. satin smooth I tell you! And the best time to go is right after your period… I have experimented and the pain is excruciating at other times… that is like the waxing basic people know here and alas, no, I tend to not be shy when it comes to such matters, much to Loverboy’s chagrin! 😉

    Such BEAUTIFUL fun! I loved learning more about you! And yay! A pic of you! Give us more of the beautiful Laura!

    Boho kisses coming your way!

  3. Brian says:

    Good morning y’all. I posted today with the letters J and R, from cowgirl and barngoddess. I like your B list, but I’ve always thought of you as an A list blogger.

    Anyway, Kyah can get a belly rub from me any day.

  4. Manchego says:

    Bodacious job! I just did “H.” Also, there is some info. re: pecans waiting for you in the comments of my pie recipe post. Bye bye.

  5. Mo'a says:

    This is a great meme. So much fun to get to know so many good things about you…..well done 🙂 Minka gave me an “A”
    Broadband rocks…..you will love it.

  6. Arabella says:

    Thank goodness for B. Wouldn’t be able to swear half as much as I do without it.
    There was something satisfying about this post: a feeling of having been on an interesting, intimate tour.
    Thanking you.

  7. Barngoddess says:

    great list with nice pics! your hubby must be cut from the same mold as my hubby. Sometimes I wish I were the drill sergeant…I had Chinese beer once, it came in little silver cans with chinese writing and was strong….pretty good stuff!

  8. SID says:

    A lovely post!

    Now which one is you?

  9. neva says:

    beautiful job with this fun/creative meme! ya blew me away with your impressive list… (tho’, i was a tad surprised you didn’t mention brazilian wax anywhere… hee hee!)

    brilliant bit o’ bloggery! : D

  10. FirstNations says:

    Beer rocks!
    Blue rocks too!
    your dog is BODACIOUS!
    Y’all go ahead and tag me with a wierd letter…Q, X, Y, or Z. your call.

    (and p**s on my fellow Americans for booing the Canadian Anthem. Grow some class, people! Canada is outstanding!)

  11. mmmm beer

    and as far as my taste goes…the darker the better!

  12. Whinger says:

    B is the best letter of ALL the letters.

  13. Cowgirl says:

    Beautiful job! How about a beer?

  14. claire says:

    That thing about the americans booing the canadian anthem is just repulsive. I can’t say that i’m surprised, but the competetive thing in this country is way too over done than the respect for other people thing.

    That really boiled my blood.

    Beautiful dog, by the way!

  15. karma says:

    good to see you got a Big Bang out of this

  16. Kyahgirl says:

    Minka-thanks for the new word! Bombaleyo.

    Miz B-thanks for the Boho kisses and all the rest!

    Brian- and you, thanks for the belly rub-Kyah likes that!

    Manchego-I loved your list of H’s

    Mo’a-can’t wait to see your ‘A’s’ I looked earlier but they weren’t ready yet.

    First Nations-Bodacious is another great B word. I tag you with ‘Y’. Go for it!

    Village Idiot-if you like dark, then try the Belgian beer if you can find it-yum!

    Arabella-what is your favorite ‘B swear’? 🙂

    Barngoddess-drill sargents don’t belong at home! Chinese beer-never tried, not yet anyway!

    SID-well, I’m not the dog, and I’m not the bush, I’m the woman on the right in the ‘people’ pic 🙂

    neva-speaking of creative-so are you. And I think ‘Brazilian’ got enough air time 🙂

    Whinger-you got that right, I have multiple friends starting wtih B! 🙂

    Cowgirl-thanks, sure, I’ll buy, what would you like? After your hard day I’ll give you a big hug first ((((M)))))

    Claire-thanks, yeah, it was bad form but I think it was an isolated incident. Anaheim was sure a lot more respectful tonight. Yeah, lets all get along like big kids ok? Torin thanks you for the compliment and so does Blossom 🙂

  17. Kyahgirl says:

    Hi Karma-you must have been posting your comment just as I was. Yes, it was the bomb! 🙂

  18. Sar says:

    I loved this, Laura! And thanks for the picture, it’s nice to see who this gal is that’s been cracking me up!

    And for the record, the booing Americans? Shameful just shameful.

  19. justine says:

    i LOVE your dog photos, Kyah. They are so purty!

    The Canadian anthem is a great song! I heard a rock version, which was almost as good as Hendrix’s SS Banner. Just remember: there is enough fighting in the world without American and Canadians fighting as well 🙂

  20. IDV says:


    Look out below, KG!



    Whoops! Hope I haven’t ruined your Broadband connection? Sorry…

    Can I have a letter, please?

  21. Cowgirl says:

    Thanks for the hug chica. I needed it.

    I’m better today. However I am on the second pot of coffee…

  22. Kyahgirl says:

    Sar-thanks for the kind words. Are there any pics of you on your blog? I’d love to see who I’m talking to also.

    Justine-methinks you are a fan of dogs 🙂

    IDV-watch where you’re flying that thing buddy. I think the letter W is very fitting for you.

    Cowgirl-Anytime, anywhere, I like to hug my friends!

  23. frangelita says:

    Arabella – I prefer a double B and B – Bollocks and Buggery.

    Kyah, lovely as usual, I love your doggy pix.

  24. Barbara says:

    I made your bold bountiful bee list!
    (Your visit to Kootenay country was the highlight of my summer last year)

  25. Kyahgirl says:

    Arabella-bollocks is a great word, not used here much.

    Frangelita- B&B 🙂 Nice new definition!

    Barbara- Big Hugs sweet thing. ♥ ♥ ♥

  26. logoâ„¢ says:

    Beaitiful job, babe!
    I am shocked you would be so lazy!
    (I didn’t get up till 8:30 this Saturday, but that is BESIDE the point)

  27. IDV says:

    W it is then. I shall be pondering my 10 W’s forthwith…

    Toodle pip!

  28. Meow says:

    Hi There,
    Just wanted to let you know I got your mail today. Thanks for the great map … it is really interesting. It looks like a great place to live.
    Thanks again.
    Take care, meow xx

  29. Doug says:

    The Oilers played the Sharks last night? To warm up for the Ducks game? 😛

    Hurray for broadband!

    You really are a connoisseur of smells.

  30. The Phoenix says:

    The only Belgian I know are the waffles variety. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

  31. shiftclick says:

    Beautiful boundless blocks of bountiful… bountiful …

    I like it.

  32. Kyahgirl says:

    Logo-you lazy bumbalaygo!!!

    IDV-can’t wait to see what you come up with

    Meow-I’m glad it finally arrived!

    Doug-The word on the street is that Ducks can swim in Oil! oh-oh.

    Phoenix-those are good too -yum. and much less hair!

    Shiftclick-nice to see you around buddy-hope you’re doing ok. ♥

  33. Jamie Dawn says:

    You are talented with the “B” words.
    Bumbalaygo is a cool word! Me likes it!!
    Kyah and Torin were such gorgeous dogs. Beautiful barking doggies.
    B is for blogging. Yippee!

  34. markgamon says:

    I volunteer for Z, X, or Q. Just don’t expect a reply this side of Christmas…

  35. kyahgirl says:

    JD-Thanks 🙂

    Mark-Ok, I will give you Q and put a note in my calendar to harrass you if it hasn’t appeared by Christmas 🙂

  36. Fred says:

    Well done! Is that the first time we’ve seen your picture? Looks great.

    Torin was a beautiful dog. He puts my cocker spaniel to shame.

  37. Barb says:

    Wow Broadband, how lucky you are. Loved your meme, you are a talented girl.

  38. maidink says:

    Of course I’m reading your blog four days late. Yes, I’m a loser.

    We are a beer loving family here. No American crap. Unless you are just drinking to wash down, say, freash steamed crabs, then long neck Buds are okay. But we like GOOD beer.

    Trappist beer?? OMG! Another person in this world that appreciates the taste of trappist beer! Geo hates it, but I love it. It’s very difficult to find here in Philly, so we get it whenever we are in Baltimore.

  39. actonbell says:

    Oh, B’s the best letter! BEER. Say no more.
    Just kidding. I like all your B words. Great job!

  40. Kyahgirl says:

    Fred-thanks, on behalf of me and the hound. There are a few pics of me sprinkled around 🙂

    Barb-nice to see you again.

    Maidink-wow-I don’t know anyone else who knows/likes Trappist beer. We’ll have to go for one sometime in this lifetime!

    Actonbell-thanks 🙂

  41. Sharon J says:

    I have too many blogs to keep up with so am finding blogging a bit of a chore at the moment. I think I’ll delete one as I rarely post there anymore and just stick with the other three.

    Broadband should be every person’s birthright!

    ~Sharon xx

  42. Stacy says:

    Great “B” words!

    I love visiting the hospitality houses at Busch Gardens and Sea World and getting to try different beers for free!


  43. mig bardsley says:

    I love bumbalaygo. I think I’m going to be it for a while 🙂

  44. Kyahgirl says:

    Sharon- I have no idea how you manage more than one blog!

    Stacy-another beer lover-yay!

    Cube-a great ‘B’ word

    Mig-go right ahead, you have my permission 🙂

  45. Dinah says:

    Such a great list. I was tagged in turn by Inexplicable DeVice, and I had a great time reading your two lists as well as making my own.

  46. kyahgirl says:

    Hi Dinah! Welcome. I’ll have to go read yours and IDV’s lists now 🙂

  47. phlegmfatale says:

    beautiful dogs!

    I’m sorry to read that American fans were so tacky to boo during another nation’s anthem. That reeks of cheapness and is in no way representative of the attitude of most of us. We lurve you- really!

  48. weirsdo says:

    But you are certainly not a bumbalaygo when it comes to blogging.
    Enjoyed your list, though Pansi did not enjoy doing her “G” one much.

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