Girl’s Weekend Away!

So, theoretically, I go for a girl’s weekend away once a year, in order to get in touch with my non-mommy self. I did one in September 2004 and this was my second one, last weekend. I must count my weekend in NYC in 2005 where I went perfume shopping too. Several people asked me (in horror I might add) ‘how could you go away on Mother’s Day weekend?’. Simple. That’s when it worked between my schedule, the kids’ schedule, Nancy’s schedule, DH’s schedule. Besides, my life isn’t governed by the Hallmark people. if you’re not celebrating the important events and people in your life all the time, you’re going to be miserable.

So, I can’t give you a detailed play by play because it is so easy to sum up without a lot of detail:

  • Drive to Airdrie after work Friday. Drink whiskey and talk with Nancy, cuddle her dogs (2 Papillons and a Sheltie).
  • Get up, go shopping, go for lunch, drink Margueritas, get waxed, go to a little party at her nephew’s house, go home, drink Margueritas, talk.
  • Get up, drive to the mountains, talk, walk, eat, shop, drive back to Airdrie, do spastic car dancing, drive home.

You are all thinking, how can anything so mundane be a much anticipated ‘weekend away’. Probably most of the parents will get it. Especially if your children are really small and you have very little support network where you live. I just rarely get a break so it is extremely joyous to just go somewhere and not hear ‘Mommy!!’ 4 billion times a day, to be able to have an uninterupted conversation/meal, to spend time with a very dear friend. (Nancy and  I met in 1990 at the dog club and will be friends for life! One day I’ll blog about her.)

Artsy Fartsy Photo montage:

Mountains are far but viewable from Airdrie:


We are there:


Mocha, the lovely dog we befriended at the river (retrieved rocks for Nancy for ages) can be seen in this photo while you see me dipping my feet. (one must stop to smell the roses and dip the toeses at every opportunity)


Home at last.


Spring has sprung-the boys are mowing

When I got home, I gladly hugged and kissed my sweet DH and babies and gave them their gifts. They had given me gift before I left on Friday, a dolphin key chain DS made in Kindergarten, a pine seedling and a little ring from DD. She also made me a fridge magnet picture frame.

♣ ♣ ♣

Oddly enough, on the list of 50 things I posted about ‘me, me, me’ the other day, practically everyone noticed something about the Brazilian. Now this struck me as very interesting and somewhat amusing. Most people (except maybe my beloved Bohemian) are incredibly shy.They are curious but won’t ask. I just know it. While being waxed I did find out a few things I thought I’d share. You know how I like to contribute to your continued education!

The young woman who was waxing was very professional and friendly. As you know, I like to interrogate show an interest in people about their work and lives. I asked her quite a few questions.

First, Brian, you are absolutely right, there are a lot of men going for Brazilian wax jobs these days. She said she didn’t do them but there was another lady in the spa who was a nurse and ‘unflappable’ so she did them. Boggles the mind eh? 😉

I don’t know if I could have such a procedure done by a member of the opposite sex. I don’t think so. But then, maybe a gay guy? What do you think?
She also said that a lot of men come in to get their backs and chests waxed. Ouch. That’s a lot of Real Estate!

She’s never had a client ‘not’ like it. Most people keep it up. After getting it done a few times its not as painful as the first time and the hair doesn’t grow back as coarse.

A lot of Asian ladies have very little body hair (I didn’t know this and can’t remember how it came up in our conversation!)

The actual Brazilian wasn’t much more painful than waxing the bikini area but I certainly wouldn’t recommend trying it yourself.

Several ladies I know are curious so here are couple of tips:

Take some Ibuprofen before you go

If possible drink a couple of gigantic Margueritas! 🙂

Don’t go at the end of your cycle, your pain tolerance is much less then.

The lady that did me said that she’s actually had people come in there that aren’t clean. Gross. I can’t believe I’d have to say this but have a shower before you go. For goodness sakes, I can’t believe some people. No Hygiene!

That’s about all I’m willing to share so if you want to know more you’ll have to mail me.

yeah, I need to make a category for ‘Too Much Information’ don’t I? 🙂
Have a great week!

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40 Responses to Girl’s Weekend Away!

  1. Sar says:

    Woohoo first to say glad you had a wonderful weekend away – great pictures!

    And….congratulations on your fine finish in the caption contest and welcome to the winner’s circle! 😀

    Btw, I learned the hard way that you’re right about the lower pain tollerance at your cycle end. And I’m quite comfortable (or as comfortable as one can be) with the gal I regularly go to. But a guy? I’m thinking no.

  2. The Phoenix says:

    TMI for sure! yuck.

    I’m going to go hold back the need to throw up now.

  3. MJ says:

    What the hell kind of behemoth lawn mower is that?! I’ve seen smaller Monster Trucks! There must be a Boeing engine in there!

    Coincidentally, I just posted a little item on shaving too.

  4. GND says:

    Sounds like you had fun on your weekend away! Thanks for the tips on getting a brazillian wax. I’ve been working up the courage to get one. I’ve only gotten a regular bikini wax so far. The process is uncomfortable, but I like the results.

  5. Brian says:

    Thanks for the link and mention in the post. I hope you are not offended by my link, I just have a wicked sense of humor. Speaking of which, a wax tech is definitely a job I could Although more info is not needed, I have always found that mothers tend to have less reticence in talking about bodily functions and issues. BTW you didn’t tell me if the story was about a boy or girl.

  6. Stacy says:

    Well, I already got the Brazilian scoop from you! 🙂

    And I suppose it would be kinda weird to have a guy perform the waxing…but really, now that I think about it, my gynecologist is a man…and nothing is quite as intimate as a man that’s NOT your husband with his head between your knees while your feet are in the stirrups! 😉

    Sorry…my bad….too much info., I know. 😉

    Anyway, it sounds like you had a great time on your weekend getaway! And I do that spastic car dancing too! 🙂

  7. Monika says:

    That was alot of information and not at all inappropriate:)
    I never had a wax, but have been thinking about it for a while now.
    When it comes to body hair, i ahve been very lucky. There are no hairs on my arms or legs. But I would like to try a bikini wax. OK, June 14th + ibuprofen 400mg. It´s a date!
    Gla dyou had a lovely time away…

  8. frankengirl says:

    “Besides, my life isn’t governed by the Hallmark people.”

    Yes! Good for you – 😉

    And I love your Artsy Fartsy Photo montage.

  9. Mo'a says:

    I have come to the conclusion that one cannot take time off from blogs…..checking them I mean:)
    Loved your meme. Since I am not a 30 something I cannot understand the facination with hair removal and BW’s…..then again I do not have much unwanted hair on my body 🙂 I have said all this at MizB’s so I shall stop ranting here.
    I love licorice…..Scandinavian you know….I have never heard of this Ice Cream…..I wonder if we get it here in the states….No!!! there is not much of a market for licorice here…..they love some twisted red stuff….ugh!
    Repeat after me folks “cilantro belongs, only in Mexican and Indian food”… do not need to put it into every other dish called fusion….another ugh!
    I don’t have small children but I do love my “Girls Weekend Away” especially when they include Margueritas. 😉

  10. Cowgirl says:

    Margaritas…yum. Glad you found out so much info while you enjoyed you trip.

    I whole heartedly agree, “if you’re not celebrating the important events and people in your life all the time, you’re going to be miserable.” Exactly.

  11. cube says:

    Margaritas… good!

    Brazillian waxes or waxes of any kind… bad!

    Sounds like you had a great time… OK, except for the wax. Cheers!

  12. Whinger says:

    SO happy for your girls’ weekend. We all deserve vacation time from our careers, and you have two of them. 🙂

    Sounds like it was good fun.

  13. FirstNations says:

    oh lordy, brazillian wax, owowowowowowowowow….
    (…sez the tattooed lady.)
    glad you had a nice itme and didn’t let hallmark dictate your agenda. yay for car dancing! my husband and i are accomplished car dancers. a good skill to have for embarrassing noisy children into cringing silence, too!

  14. garfer says:

    That mower is bigger than my house!

    Have you been to Airdrie Scotland?

    Don’t, it’s a dump.

  15. Ms.L says:

    I’m dying to try it…may be one day I’ll be brave enough!

  16. Romerican says:

    The premise of others disurbed me. Allow me to join the vocal minority you engender here: I say that is on Mother’s Day, moreso than any other Hallmark day, that you should trust the family to govern itself while you enjoy a little Me Time.

  17. AP3 says:

    Glad you had a great weekend away! That’s what it’s all about. I’m sure you deserved it!

  18. actonbell says:

    It’s great that you had a wonderful time away:) and I thought the info on the Brazilian was interesting. I’m still not doing it, though. I’d have to be really drunk.

  19. Kyahgirl says:

    Sar-hi and thanks!! 🙂

    Phoenix-somehow I thought you’d be tougher than that. I took you for a family man who might have witnessed the miracle of birth-no one can be shocked after that!

    MJ-Its a Kubota-best tractor you could ever want!

    GND-I’d say go for it 🙂

    Brian-I’m glad I could get your answer for you.

    Stacy-yeah, the stirrup/gyn thing is a bit wierd when you think about it.

    Monika-let me know how you like it!

    Frankengirl-thanks-i’m not much of a photographer but I like to share the images anyway.

    MO’a-I’m glad you take the time to visit me. You’re always welcome. Yeah, Girl’s Weekends away are good anytime.

    Cowgirl-thanks, it was great.

    Cube-have you tried it? waxing I mean?

    Whinger-thanks! it was fun.

    First Nations-if you can stand a tatoo you can stand the wax I think.

    Garfer-its great when you lawn is over 2 acres. No, I’ve never been to Scotland but hope to remedy that someday!

    Ms. L – go for it. I double dog dare ya!

    romerican-thanks for taking my side 🙂

    AP3- thanks, we all deserve a break from our angels periodically.

    actonbell-all info is good right? continuing education. 🙂

  20. frangelita says:

    Sounds like a lovely weekend! Sometimes it’s nice just to do not very much.

  21. justine says:

    Brazilians: Oh, the pain. I’m never doing a full one again without a pethidine drip. Speaking of men waxing, have you seen “40 Year Old Virgin”??? (Its funny and it has a hilarious waxing scene…)

    Glad to hear you had a weekend away. It sounded really fun and girly!

  22. justine says:

    And by the way, I LOVE Papillons and Shelties! Shouldn’t she have a Scotty dog as well, to complete the cuteness?

    🙂 cuddle-o-rama

  23. cube says:

    Nope. Not gonna try it either. I have this thing against pain & humiliation 😉

  24. Wise words about the celebrating people. So true. I intend to do alot of that this summer. I also intend to go get a decent wax. Being a student has meant that I could either shave or wax myself. so I have a choice of itchy or patchy. Ick. I went for itchy the other day am now regreting it.

  25. IDV says:

    Yikes! Brazilians weren’t around in my day, thank goodness! The Host says he couldn’t possibly perform the act on a girl. Not after seeing those truly horrific pics at Tazzy & Piggy’s the other day…

  26. karma says:

    hey k-girl, so happy you had a great time! i keep telling myself to take a break, even if its just for a couple of days. love your house (and family) :))

  27. ginah says:

    Kyah: Hi came for a visit – we met at Doug’s. Totally agree on standing on ceremony and am overdue for both – girls weekend/waxing. Of course, living in NYC (Queens) am familiar with the whole metrosexual thing. Although when I have jokingly suggested to my husband a back wax – he has requested that I get a life. Love your pics – amazing scenery. Now what number were we up to? Good night.

  28. Bronwen says:

    Well, I’ve considered the bikini and/or Brazilian wax, but have always chickened out at the 11th hour. Although the Margaritas would be good…

    David Beckham, metrosexual soccer genius, gets what he calls the “back, crack, and sack” wax. Yeeeouch!

  29. Fuckkit says:

    *crosses legs and winces*

    Its something Ive been wanting to do for ages but havent got the bottle. I even pierced my own clit hood coz I didnt want to spread my legs for the local piercers.

  30. Tickersoid says:

    I’m going to wax the Skoda exhaust. I’ll give it a back crack and sack job

  31. Kyahgirl says:

    frangelita-hi 🙂 and thanks, it was great

    Justine-I have to rent that movie, heard it was funny. now I have another reason. And yeah, Paps and Shelties are adorable. Same with Scotties. I’ve never lived with a small dog so love to cudddle them, like cats!

    cube-somehow I knew you’d say that

    Lady Muck-no more shaving! get thee to the waxer.

    IdV- those pictures were somewhat abnormal, I can understand your perpective if you base it on that 🙂

    Karma-yes, take a break. And thanks 🙂

    Gina-Welcome to my place. It was nice meeting you at Doug’s. I checked the numbers. last time I looked you won 🙂

    Bronwen-go for it! And I just heard that saying for the first time this week and here you are using it, serendipity.

    Fuckkit-you are insane, certifiably! you crazy woman.

    Tickers-I think the Skoda might appreciate it if you cleaned the hair out of its tailpipe, its what every thoughtful car owner should be doing 🙂

  32. Brian says:

    Shayna’s back

  33. Barngoddess says:

    good personal hygiene is a must!!! being Native American (well atleast half, the other half is swedish) I am a fairly hairless chic : ) I am one of the lucky few, but shaving and waxing is just a fact of life, its gotta BE DONE, I do regularly. Ive been thinking about electrolysis on my eyebrows, its pretty affordable these days. And for getting away even if its Mothers Day-More power to ya kyahgirl, all moms/wives/women need a break AWAY from it all. Great Mt. pics, I am envious of the view.

  34. SID says:

    Are those mountians far away or just really small?

  35. shayna says:

    Every woman deserves a day away… and what better day than Mother’s Day! 🙂

    I’ve never had a brazillian but I have had a bikini wax… hurts like hell… so I am unsure i would ever have a brazillian… I CAN’T believe some people would come un-clean… ICK!!!

  36. Kyahgirl says:


    Barngoddess-you’re lucky (about the hairlessness) You have an interesting lineage!

    SID-they are on the eastern edge of the Rockies so not that big yet. The second picture was pretty close. I’ll send you a mapquest so you know where it is.

    Shayna-I’m glad you’re ok. The bikini wax gets way less painful as you do it more. Much better than shaving which always seem to give rise to rashes and stubble!

  37. neva says:

    well, girly-girl… i’m happy to note you were fully occupied and/or entertained during your non-mommy weekend! (a concept i not only endorse, but have participated in since i had my first child over 25 years ago! in fact, my sis & i try to to a sister’s get-away once or twice a year… last year we went to hawaii a couple of times, which totally rocked. don’t worry, once your kiddies get older, you’ll feel better about leaving ’em for longer periods of time!)

    with regards to that brazilian wax job? whoa. lots of good/useful (i’m sure) information, there. still… aieeee! (mind ya, i have 2 tattoos… but i don’t think i could deal with “the wax”, if ya catch my drift).

    also, thankyouthankyou sooooo very much for your kind words with regards to that freaking flu i’ve been battling all week! i’m always so happy to see you’ve stopped by… and i was especially touched by your comments! (for the “mommy’s sick” post and for the “dalai bobo” post!) it’s been lovely getting to know you over the past few weeks–and i appreciated your gesture more than i can adequately articulate! especially now that i know you were “away” for a couple of days! bottom line here? you’re a doll! (now i’ll go away before i expose everyone else to this god-awful flu… altho’ i did wash my hands before coming by!) hope you’re having a fabu week! : D

  38. Terry says:

    I did enjoy your blog – and have come back for another look. I didn’t know about the pain threshhold at the end of the cycle… although it makes perfect sense looking back. Sounds like a perfectly awesome outting with the girls – lots of fun. I don’t plan on the waxing thing anymore, too much trouble. Did the mustasche once or twice, and have decided I’d rather pull the offending ones out myself. It hurts! If one choses to do so, the margaritas should be LARGE and MANY. 😀

  39. weirsdo says:

    I agree with Romerican and Shayna. Mother’s day is the one day one should feel completely justified in getting away. But I prefer my kidless weekends with Dr. Weirsdo at the Ritz, no wax, thank you.

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