It’s Mothers Day-time to party!!


Benevolent blogging.jpg

Ok, I’m posting this a little bit early for Mother’s Day but I see my benevolent readers are eager to get started!! Bring it on you little chatterboxes.  

The more you chat on my blog and others participating in the Mother’s Day Charity event, the more money we participating bloggers will donate!  Katie, from Seldom Nice Nowadays, has posted more detail here.

I posted about this the other day so here is the summary. Myself and the bloggers listed below, will pledge money to charity based on how many comments we get on our blogs on Mother’s day (or longer, see notes below).

 After you comment on my blog, Please visit the other wonderful participants in this effort.  They would love to hear from you and be wangled into giving more to charity.

You can read more about the participants at Katie’s Benevolent Blogging site.

Once we’re done, we’ll let you know how much money we raised.


So, all you blog buddies, old and new, lurkers and just plain shy types, come out of the wordwork and make your comments!

If you’re having a hard time thinking of something to comment on,  please share with me a memory you have of  your own mom or another important female figure in your life.  You could also tell us if there is a fragrance you associate with memories of your Mom.


 Thank you so much for helping with this. I will be off line for most of Sunday but please, talk amongst yourselves!! Have a wonderful day.




♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥




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61 Responses to It’s Mothers Day-time to party!!

  1. logoâ„¢ says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!
    yay for fund raisers!

  2. logoâ„¢ says:

    Oh, and by the way…
    Yes, I do so love to be first.
    OK Doug, where is the Burma shave slogan?

  3. Jen says:

    Hi Laura!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you!
    I hope we all generate tons of comments for our charities!


  4. Katie says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, lovely Ms. L! You are such a neat, cool lady, and I am so glad to have the privlege of being acquainted with you.

    And I know this is late, but the picture of your Grandmother is so sweet. The one with both she and Casper cracks me up so much. He looks like he’s being her watchdog, lest some passerby try to stop her mid toy repair. Heh!

  5. kyahgirl says:

    Logo-thanks! Happy Mother’s Day to you! The Things are blessed to have you.

    Jen-thanks! I’ll be right over.

    Katie-thanks. Casper is watching carefully isn’t he.
    (that’s my Mom by the way) 🙂

  6. Katie says:

    Eeep. Well that would explain why I thought she looked so good for her age – she was not the age I thought at all! Idiot me. *feeling sheepish now*

  7. kyahgirl says:

    Don’t feel sheepish. I shouldn’t have called her ‘Grandma’. Lots of people made the same mistake. I call her grandma all the time when the kids are around.

  8. Doug says:

    A Mother’s Love will last a lifetime forever

  9. Doug says:

    **That should be**
    A Mother’s Love will last forever

    All the people say

  10. Tania says:

    Have a great Mother Hen’s Day!

  11. Doug says:

    Her grudge can last just as long

  12. Doug says:

    If you err on Mother’s Day

  13. Barbara says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Laura!

    You’re a good woman for doing this. All the best to you!

  14. Hi Laura! What a cute blog you have! I love that clock in your sidebar. 🙂

    Three cheers to raising $ today!

  15. MJ says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Mum=scent of lilacs

  16. Barb says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there, old, new and soon to be.

    What a great idea for raising money, good luck with it.

  17. greeneyes says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  18. FirstNations says:

    happy mothers day, kyahgirl! and all the rest of you.
    fragrance memory of my grandmother….a deeply religious woman in the best and most honest sense of the word, my grandmother, who lived in beautiful simplicity, treated herself with the sexy, sophisticated, expensive and ultra-modern (for the times anyway) SHALIMAR. a classic fragrance for a classy woman.
    thanks, now im misting up!

  19. Andy says:

    Hi… I am the first time here, but I see… I have to come again. I couldn’t resist reading in your about section (curious me) and your about me, me, me post.
    I will do something like that, too. That’s fun for the outside world to read.
    Well, I send you fragrant wishes, happy Mother’s day

  20. M says:

    Hope your weekend away is wonderful and that you are having the same beautiful weather we have here for Mother’s Day.

    My mum used White Linen so that scent always brings me happy/sad memories of her.

    I love your blog; see you next week.

    Happy Mother’s Day.


  21. Marina says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, dear L!!

  22. annieytown says:

    Happy Mothers Day L!

  23. actonbell says:

    Happy Mothers Day!!!
    My mom’s in Boston, where I hope they’ve found something else that’s fun to do, now that the game has been rained out. The sun always shines in our hearts for Mothers Day, though.

  24. Wonderful cause — Happy Mother’s Day!


  25. StickyKeys says:

    I’m a friend of Katie’s. Happy Mother’s Day! Good luck, and thanks for doing this, it’s really great!

  26. ariel says:

    nice picture above the post, Khyagirl!

  27. Chris says:

    Good luck with Benevolent Blogging.

  28. frangelita says:

    happy mother’s day, now cough up for the good causes!

  29. Sar says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Khyagirl!

  30. Sar says:

    …and nice to meet offically meet you Laura. You’re one of the funniest blogger buddies I’m lucky enough to know.

    Enjoy the day, and I’ll try to be back to comment again later. 🙂

  31. neva says:

    one of my strongest/favorite childhood memories is of playing in my grandmother’s fabulous garden, where my sister and i would have charming tea parties… my grandmother had so many wonderful plants and flowers (and the most amazing weeping willow tree) in that magical garden, but my all time favorite was the “wall” of fragrant sweet peas she’d plant along the back fence every spring/summer (that overlooked a lazy river). i’m still a sucker for that scent!

    hope you’re enjoying a lovely mother’s day… and kudos to you for your “benevolent blogging” efforts! : D

  32. brandon says:

    thanks for playing, and happy mama’s day!

    sadly, i think the fragrance i associate most with mom is brandy 😉

  33. Monika says:

    I knew it would be special. No question! And what a greta idea, whoever started it deserves praise.
    On behalf of my many nationalities I would like to wish everybody a Happy Mother´s day, skemmtilegan maedradag und einen wundervollen Muttertag!
    To everybody who is a mother and to everybody that made a woman a mother.
    Enjoy this day and I hope many “I love you!”´s have passed many lips!

  34. Miz BoheMia says:


    Hope you have a very special day with your sweet family and kudos to you for doing such a noble thing!

    Much love to you!

    Miz B…

  35. Monika says:

    Ok I have four blogs left and on one of them I couldn´t comment;)
    Will continue the rest afte rmy shift, ´cause people are starting to look at me blogging at work:)

  36. tom909 says:

    Hi Kyah – that’s another dollar! But you do know I will visit you for free don’t you!

  37. mig bardsley says:

    Oops, just in time! Looks like you’ve done really well 🙂

  38. benvenuta says:

    Happy Mother`s Day!

  39. Ayala says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Laura!
    More than any other fragrance, I associate aniseed with my mom. She loved drinking aniseed tea quite often, and also used to drink cinnamon bark tea, but only after giving birth to my brothers. She was not wearing any perfumes when I was a child (but now she wears the perfume I made for her – Indigo). I also associate with her certain vegetables that are her favourites – eggplants, lady-fingers, swisschard, spinach and other green leaves…

  40. Arabella says:

    I burst out laughing when I read your invitation to contribute a scent most accociated with our mothers, because for me it has to be Players cigarettes. Oh dear, she loved her ciggies.
    The scent I like best though is the memory of her meat and potato pie.
    Good luck with this and Happy Day to all the Moms.

  41. Inspired by Monika’s post above, I’ll say it in French:

    Bonne fête des mères!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  42. FirstNations says:

    another post to up the ante:
    not about smelly moms, but love…
    my husband and I share a fragrance thats been ‘our thing’ for years…its our signature, and it announces to the world ‘we are big, big dorks’

  43. Sar says:

    I had such a fun Mother’s Day, as I hope everyone else did. My 7 yo wrote a poem and wrote in a sheet all about my mom. The best was she wrote that my special talent was shoe shopping. I just had to laugh at that.

  44. Meow says:

    I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day.
    Take care, my friend … Meow

  45. Cowgirl says:

    Ya know, it’s hard to be a comment dynamo when your internet is down… 😦

    Happy belate Mother’s Day! 🙂

  46. Kyahgirl says:

    Thank you my dear friends!
    I was away for the day and feel a bit guilty. I’ll leave this open this tonight then make a tally and let you all know how we did.

    Cowgirl-I’m sorry your internet was down. I was a bit worried about you and the party, and the fire and the cowboys and everything! Glad you’re ok 🙂

  47. cube says:

    Sorry I had very little time to blog over Mom’s Day weekend. Life always gets in the way 😉 Hope yours was good.

  48. Cowgirl says:

    Yeppers, I survived. I stayed the night at Bree’s sister’s house…along with a few other people attending…

    Fun times were had. And I am in love with this stuff Bree’s momma makes called Apple Pie…so good…

  49. Cowgirl says:

    I’m attempting to be a comment dynamo…

    So hello. 😉

  50. kyahgirl says:

    hello my dear dynamo! keep up the good work 🙂

  51. Cowgirl says:

    It is the risk one takes in attempting greatness.

  52. Cowgirl says:

    Not saying that I am great, but I am attempting to be so.

  53. Cowgirl says:

    Being a commenting dynamo is a tough job.

  54. Cowgirl says:

    I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a b*tch, okay. 😉

  55. Cowgirl says:

    I’m still commenting away.

  56. Brian says:

    I added you to my sidebar finally, no more linking through cowgirl, the great cowgirl. Talking gators over at Barngoddess.
    Liked your comment about your husband over at cowgirl.

  57. Cowgirl says:

    OH, so I’m the great cowgirl? *GASP*
    Those are some big boots to fill.

  58. IDV says:

    My mother begged me not to become a witch but she was too late. She doesn’t mind now. Possibly because of the housework that does itself!

    May you get inundated with comments 🙂

  59. Sar says:

    Wow! Lots of comments, Kyhagirl, good for you! 🙂

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