Quest for Broadband, Part II

Late Breaking News!!!

The nice fellas returned while we were at work today. Luckily Grandma was on the job. There was no wind so they checked it out all and confirmed that we do indeed have a good signal.  Can’t get an installation date for 2 weeks but hey, we’re on the list. Yipee!!!


Thanks a million squillion for helping me from around the world with broadband vibes. I just know that you tipped the scales in my favour!


I know my blog buddies have been on pins and needles about my quest for broadband. Now, there is even money resting on it. The tension is unbearable. Who will find a signal first? Kyahgirl or Romerican? One, in the middle of a canola field in Alberta, one in the bureaucratic hinterlands of Romania. Its a nail biter folks.

The new company I’m trying, Alberta Communications, sent their two technicians out today. I ended up being at home because I got some kind of flu and was sick as a dog for most of Sunday and part of today.

Now Karma and Inexplicable Device, I don’t want you to get your hopes up. There will be no tool wavers coming your way. One fellow, very circumspectly climbed up on the roof with a big receiver and the other fellow hollered numbers to him from the van. This went on for quite some time. Unfortunately, we had gale force winds this afternoon so to the one from the roof came down and said ‘I’m quite sure i can get you a signal with a 3 foot tripod but we’ll have to come back on a calm day, I just about got blown off.’ As I don’t want the life of the nice technician on my hands, I agreed. We had a bit of a discussion about the tower at Hunter’s Hill. If you look at the picture below, you see the view to the southeast from the front corner of my house.


Behind that screen of trees there is a hill of gravel. There was an active gravel pit in their years ago but the company owning the land is supposed to come and take the rest of the gravel then remediate the land. They can get a signal on our roof, just past the left side of that hill. Yay. Now, I tend to think that if something can go wrong, it will, so I’m not calling it done until the system is installed. I hope to God a quiet and windless* day arrives before I pull all my hair out.

* when my brother David first came to visit me in Alberta about 15 years ago he was here for a couple of days then exclaimed ‘jeepers** Laura, how do you stand living here? the wind never stops blowing!’

** wondering if David will come forward and tell you all he’s never used the word ‘jeepers’ in his life

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21 Responses to Quest for Broadband, Part II

  1. shayna says:

    I hope you get to feeling better! 🙂

    and dear girl… I hope your quest will end soon… so you get to keep all of your hair! 🙂

  2. Vicus Scurra says:

    You’ll get lots more technicians out there to do tests if that one reports that he ‘nearly got blown off’.

  3. Glen & Linda says:

    Hope your feeling better.
    How long are Mom and Sis staying or have they already left?
    You just may have to break down and have DH install a tall power pole or tower close to the house to mount the antenna on. The pole could be painted in a manner that would be interesting not an eyesore. We’re sure that DS would be more than willing to try and climb the pole just to paint it. Just a thought.

  4. FirstNations says:

    ‘I’m quite sure i can get you a signal with a 3 foot tripod but we’ll have to come back on a calm day, I just about got blown off.’

    Now come on; what is this, Piggy and Tazzys place????

  5. Cowgirl says:

    I’ll just keep sending some good vibes…

    I agree Vicus Scurra about a “blown off” report…that would get some attention around here in the Corn Desert!;)

  6. Brian says:

    Ain’t technology great. Maybe if you used smoke signals or flags, the posts would go faster. Just how hard do the winds blow? I remember a family vacation to Banff and up to Edmonton a long time ago.
    Thanks for visiting, you are welcome anytime, well on Wed and Fri at least

  7. logoâ„¢ says:

    Oh man, the suspense continues…
    pin and needles!
    I have to tell you I see your brother as Shaggy from Scooby Doo now, I hope he thanks you for that.

  8. tom909 says:

    Kyah, I am appalled and dissappointed that a small section of our blogging community do no more than strive to turn every post into a play on words with sexual connotations. A mere mention of the word ‘blow’ and off they go. The ‘3 foot tripod’, well, that sends them into orbit.
    Good job it wasn’t a female technician with the big receiver, we would never get to the end of it.

  9. kyahgirl says:

    Honestly, its a bunch of randy perverts coming around here!!

    Shayna-thanks so much. I am feeling better but its taking a lot longer than I thought. And yes, I do want to keep my hair 🙂

    Vicus-in my part of the world, the naughty act you’re referring to is known as ‘getting blown’. To get ‘blown off’ is to be ignored. Happy to contribute to the globalization of your vocabulary 🙂

    Glen and Linda-thank you. I’m sure you’re right about DS but we’d really like to avoid a gigantic tower!

    First Nations-another one with her mind in the gutter. Tsk, Tsk!

    Cowgirl-thanks for the good vibes 🙂 see my comment to Vicus Scurra

    Brian-so you know what wind I’m talking about-it never ends. I’ll come back to visit your blog, never fear, I like it.

    Logo-I think of Shaggy when I hear ‘jeepers’ too. The kids were just watching Scooby Do on the weekend and it infiltrated my brain!

    Tom-no need to be pretend to be appalled, I’ve got your number buster!

  10. Barngoddess says:

    glad your back ’round! Ive searched all over and have yet to find a place on Earth with no wind…..

    cant ya hear it howling out here on the plains?

  11. funny thing says:

    The wind is blowing due to the earth turning around and all that crap. Tides and the like.
    Tell them to come back on a non-rotation day. Easy-peasy.

  12. Monika says:

    Hey…good vibes from me too. You got the wind, I the snow. Together we can make a snowman with a flying scarf. How pretty would that be? Hope that cheered you up a bit!

  13. Kyahgirl says:

    barngoddes- yeah, I hear it !! 🙂

    funny thing-they did come back. Yay!

    Monika-love the visual. Yes, lets make a snowman! You always cheer me up.

  14. Meow says:

    Sounds like the broadband’s gonna happen !! You’ve waited this long, what’s a couple more weeks !!!
    Take care, Meow

  15. Robin says:

    Hey, great news L! Congrats.

  16. cube says:

    Good. You will love it!

  17. So, how do you stand the wind. I refuse to use that J word!

  18. kyahgirl says:

    Meow, Robin, cube-thanks. I’m looking forward to it.

    Village Idiot-How do I stand it? I cuss a lot and bundle up, and never expect to have fancy hair dos 🙂

  19. Miz BoheMia says:

    YAY! You are BACK! Bohemians everywhere are rejoicing! Man… a girl is gone for the night and comes back to find a lean, mean bloggin’ machine! You go girl!

  20. Romerican says:

    Congratulations! With your signal reception now confirmed, you are now entering the dark tunnel from which I was just expunged… bring your night light.

    Say, with all that wind blowing people around like ragdolls, just what kind of antenna are they going to put up there anyway? Some kind of 4 legged pyramid bolted to the beams of your roof? If you had a choice, I’d opt for on those flexible (plastic, rubber, whatever they are) poles you sometimes see on satellite phones and lately (for CA, not RO) on car digital receivers. God forbid they hack together some kind of TV-like tree antenna because that sucker will spin like weather vane right before it flies off your roof!

  21. weirsdo says:

    I assume you are now integrated into the 21st century. Congratulations, I guess.

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