What am I doing?

1) No posts: I’m not posting right now because I don’t have time. By the time the kids are in bed and the house is in order, all I can think about is my bottle of Ibuprofen and getting horizontal. Which brings me to my nose;

2) The nose: I’m healing up and definitely better than last week. However, I have a constant headache and the inside of my skull is still dealing with all that blood that flew around in there and now has to find an exit. Gross and annoying. By nighttime my face really hurts.

3) Broadband: I really appreciate all the praying and positive vibes that have happened on behalf of my nose and sinuses. Thank you blog buddies. Now, if you don’t mind, could you please pray a bit harder for my broadband? I know, I’m awfully demanding. The guy came out last week, climbed up on the roof, and waved his big tool around (get your mind out of the gutter). He said there was no way to get a signal from their tower unless we had another 20 feet on top of the roof. So, that would mean a 40 foot pole beside the house. Not going to happen.

Then, DH said another guy at work heard there was another provider with a transmitter way higher on the same tower plus they have a tower closer to Ardrossan that might be suitable for our area. So, fingers crossed again please. These new providers are going to come and try for a signal on Monday.

4) More Broadband for those who might be interested: All these wireless towers are part of the Alberta Supernet project which we taxpayers dished out for. Its supposed to allow all the rural people (um, most of Alberta is rural) to get broadband. Kind of cool. The downside is that its fairly new, there is a lot of competition between small companies that don’t have big advertising budgets so its hard to find out who’s who except by word of mouth. But, those of you who know me, know I’m persistent and determined so will not give up easily.

5) Visitors, Yay! : My sister Joan is an Orthopaedic nurse. Their Canadian organization has a big conference every year in a different city in Canada. This year its in Edmonton. She is driving up for it and Mom is coming along ‘for the drive’. (Crazy Mom, its a 2 day drive).

They arrive tonight.

And yes, I’m shameless. I plan to bribe them with riches beyond imagining if they’ll only do my laundry while I’m at work tomorrow and they are at our house… doing nothing…. sighing and yawning with boredom. It will be like doing them a favour. Honestly.

6) Shutdown: DH is still working tiresome hours; up at 5, gone then back around 7 p.m. He’s had two days off since April 7 and is now officially a zombie. I am tired of it too. We all miss him, its like living with a wraith. A really tired, somewhat testy wraith.

So, there you go. That’s it. Talk to you soon.

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48 Responses to What am I doing?

  1. Cowgirl says:

    Ok, now that’s outta my system. Hooray if you get your mum and sis to do your laundry.

    Ibuprofen is my favorite candy.

    I’ll send some good vibes your way in regards to your broadband…and even more in hopes you don’t feel like being horizontal all of the time.

    Which I took as sleeping. πŸ˜‰

  2. shiftclick says:

    I’m glad you didn’t post, because I couldn’t have read it. I’m the Other Wraith – tell your husband I said hello. We pass in the night occasionally.

  3. Monika says:

    Well that was quite an invisible post you didn´t write there;)
    And I hear you about teh Ibuprofen. My period just started and sometimes I think Mother Nature deserve a slap in the face!

  4. Stacy says:

    Sure hope you get to feeling better soon!

    I can’t get any type of high speed internet where I live unless I dish out $600.00 for Directv internet connection. It sucks.

  5. The Phoenix says:

    Looks like you had time enough to give us some updates…so you should be proud of yourself. I hope your sinuses fully recover soon. Here in the States, bronchitis seems to be making the rounds.

    Also, here in the States, going up on the roof and waving your big tool can land you in jail.

  6. I’m sorry, my mind is stuck down there in the gutter. Who is this intriguing man with a big tool? And, more to the point, why isn’t he on my roof? Oh, that’s right, the gargoyle’d probably eat him.

    Anyway, if his tool is magic (most are, btw!), I’m sure he’ll give it an extra special wave and broadband will soon be yours. I’d do it myself but my magic’s a bit unpredictable over long distances – you could end up with your house wrapped tightly in a giant rubber band!

  7. cube says:

    Our broadband comes through the phone line. We take it for granted. I guess you must live out in the boonies. I’ll add my little vibes to the technology powers that be in your area.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  8. marina says:

    Dear L,
    Wishing you fast, fast, fast recovery.
    And sending you my strongest broadband vibes. We are waiting for ours to be installed too next week. Arrgh.

  9. Awww – hang in there, girl. πŸ™‚

  10. Doug says:

    Ce n’est pas un post?

    I’ll look for some broadband rosaries.

  11. Tickersoid says:

    *sending positive vibes for broadband*

    Washing. That reminds me, I have to see if my washing machine has dried out enough to use, or if it’s going to blow all the lights again.

  12. Jodes says:

    this is sorta resembling a post??? LOL Thanks for coming over!!!

  13. FirstNations says:

    poor nose! continue your irrigations, gently. they help speed the healing.
    *in a tree, eminating powerful broadband good fortunalizations*

  14. kyahgirl says:

    Cowgirl- naughty girl. πŸ™‚ The laundry fairies are at work, as we speak!

    shiftclick-hang in there, its a big adjustment..hugs.

    Monika-I’ll join you in harrassing Ma Nature-she can be pretty wicked!

    Stacy-I sympathize. If this next one doesn’t work out we’re doomed until someone puts cable out our way(maybe about 10 years!)

    Phoenix- thanks πŸ™‚ and yeah, I can see the tool waving thing might be frowned upon.

    IDV-if I run across a suitable tool waver who doesn’t mind gargoyles, I’ll send him your way. It’s what friends are for πŸ™‚

    Cube-thanks for the good wishes. Yes, its easy to take it for granted when you live in a populated area!

    Marina-good luck to you πŸ™‚

    Star-thanks πŸ™‚

    Doug- Oui, peut-ΓƒΒͺtre πŸ™‚

    Tickers-thanks and good luck with your washing. You’ve had enough trouble!

    jodes-yes, you’ve all caught me. what was I thinking? I’m a goof.

    FN-thanks πŸ˜‰ Please, don’t fall out of the tree!

  15. Margaret says:

    lucky girl you have Mom and Joan .
    take care of the nose .
    love to you all
    VA7MGT I got my basic Ham lience,now I need a radio

  16. Kellycat says:

    I love your blatant exploitation of family members.

    If you’re going to have to feed the while they visit, then they should bloody well earn their keep.

  17. buleria says:

    Wishing you the speediest of recoveries and oodles of broadband.

  18. frangelita says:

    Sorry about the nose, hope it continues to feel better. Sending broadband prayers in your general direction.

  19. Brian says:

    Finally had a chance to visit and thank you for the nice comments and what do I find? No posts. Hope you feel better soon.
    Thanks Brian aka hummingbunny

  20. Miz BoheMia says:

    May your nose heed speedily and may your broadband work readily and my message is rhyming quite eerily and so its best I leave quite merrily…

  21. mig bardsley says:

    Oh Kyah, the poor head. But the broadband will surely come soon. all things come to those who wait. (This is actually quite a worrying thought).

  22. Barngoddess says:

    heal quickly! I live in the middle of nowhere, literally and still have dial-up, pathetic, I know..good thing my puter is speedy.

  23. Kyahgirl says:

    Margaret-I didn’t know you were going for your radio license! cool, thanks for the handle.

    kelly-I totally agree. πŸ™‚

    buleria and frangelita-thanks for the healing vibes and broadband wishes (I sound like that guy off of ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’!)

    Brian-welcome. please come again.

    miz B- your poetry is getting to me, I’m filled with glee, can’t you see? πŸ™‚

    mig-thanks. πŸ™‚

    barngoddess-dial up sucks eh? thanks for dropping by.

  24. Whinger says:

    Hang in there – sounds like you have a full plate!

  25. funny thing says:

    Life isn’t worth living without broadband.

    Move house, it’s easier.

    Alternatively you could pay about 4 million squillion pounds (or whatever it is you have there) and do it over a phone line. What you do is ring someone up and dictate… they type, and viola!

    I’ll do it for 3 1/2 million squillion pounds.

  26. Mo'a says:

    Good to hear that you are healing, but sorry to hear about those headaches. Speaking of headaches and men waiving their big tools around…..our broadband comes through a new telephone cable…..and a large box that is fixed to our house……they were digging holes in our neighborhood for months…I did not see any big tools beaing waived around πŸ˜‰
    Have a lovely time with your Mother and Sister.

  27. kyahgirl says:

    Whinger-thanks, you’ve summed it up perfectly.

    funny thing-3 million squillion and not a squillion more. you drive a hard bargain.

    Mo-a LOL-they probably recognized what a lady you are so kept their tools out of sight!! Oh my, aren’t we getting mileage out of this one πŸ™‚ thank you, we’re having a good visit.

  28. tom909 says:

    Kyah, I might of guessed that your favourite position would be horizontal – you are Canadian, right!

  29. Meow says:

    Hope the nose is improving, and you can get off the ibuprufen soon
    Sending broadband speed up prayers your way !!
    Enjoy your visit, have lots of fun.
    Have a great weekend, friend.
    Take care, Meow

  30. Claire says:

    Oh, poor husband. Working non stop for what feels like forever is not fun for anyone involved.
    That happens at my plant, too, during the summer shutdown. Ours is only 2 weeks long though; a month must be torture.

  31. Sarah says:

    Saw your comment on Zydeoc Fish “does a person become more self absorbed once they start blogging?” and thought it was a really good question. What do you think about that by the way?

  32. Sherbert says:

    Poor you, poor DH, hope it all improves soon and that the laundry has been done.

  33. Joan says:

    Hi everyone this kyahgirl’s sister Joan I am begging you on her behalf please pray really,really hard for her broadband . I have just spent an hour using her computer and I will tell you that dail up sucks! the big one!! Ps. the Laundry Fairy aka Mom has the laundry that ate the basement under control.

  34. Sar says:

    Sending get vibes of accomplishment for your nose, broadband, and laundry! πŸ™‚ Seriously, hope you’re feeling better soon my friend.

  35. funny thing says:

    3-and-a-bit million squillion and I’m yours…

  36. Margaret says:

    HI Joan I’ll pray for broadband .I remember dailup, yuch.
    The first chunk of the old kitchen is going out today making way for the new Yeah!
    Enjoy your time with L and family

  37. garfer says:

    Solicitations to your hooter.

    I thought Ardrossan was a town on the Isle of Arran, Scotland. It has a few high peaks, but I doubt that any of broadband transmitters could reach you.

  38. karma says:

    this non-post is doing well. please send the tool-waver to me ;))

  39. actonbell says:

    I’ll send vibes for your broadband service

  40. Romerican says:

    Thank you, Kyah. I have to admit that while I empathize with your frustration at troubles in receiving broadband signals, it also deep down warmed my cold little heart to know I’m not the only one dealing with boobs and their lame intarweb services. Ha!

    (Seriously, are we making bets as to who finds a solution faster? I’ll ante in at $1 and put my money on you. Call, raise, or fold!)

  41. neva says:

    i’m the biggest nerd. or, at least, the lamest! i don’t know why i haven’t been by sooner… especially after i had the pleasure of “describing” you on Sar’s blog on friday! of course, your “link” took me to your old “about” page (with no accompanying blog), so maybe that’s why? hmmmm….let’s just say it is, and leave it at that!

    your Belgium Tervurean was an absolutely gorgeous girl. no wonder yo miss her so much (i always wondered about the picture, glad i finally know!) my oldest son has always been partial to that breed, in fact, the folks who live on the street right behind ours have one (or at least they did, i haven’t seen him for awhile). they are magnificent animals, and it’s obvious Kyah was no exception! that said, i have a feeling your poodle is fabulous, too!

    thank you so much for visiting… and i hope you’ll be back–i certainly will (now that i’ve “found” you, just try to get rid of me!) hope you feel better, laura, and that you have a terrific week! oh, and would your mom & sister be interested in coming down to connecticut for a few days after they visit you? i’ve got a ton of laundry i’d gladly let them do in exchange for a little comfy R & R! : D

    p.s. your “new” blog is really very lovely…just like you!

  42. kyahgirl says:

    tom! shocked! I have no idea what you’re banging on about, tsk tsk. πŸ™‚

    Meow-thank you my friend.

    claire- welcome! finally, someone who knows the shutdown blues. dh is finally done.

    sarah-welcome πŸ™‚ I answered your question on your blog ok?


    Joan-you’re a good sis.

    Sar-thanks for the good wishes

    funny thing- sold!!! your cheque is in the mail.

    Margaret-yay for the new kitchen.

    garfer-it seems that a lot of you Scots must have settled here because we have an amazing number of towns that are named for places in Scotland.

    Karma-ok, as long as he’s not gay, in which case he goes to Inexplicable Device, he has first dibs.

    actonbell-thanks πŸ™‚

    Romerican-I feel sorry for you, not only with the dialup but the whole somewhat twisted econonmy/culture there. Your story about your apartment really opened my eyes! I’ll raise you a dollar.

    neva- Welcome ! thanks for the sweet description over at Sars and I’m glad I found your blog too. I can see a beautiful relationship coming πŸ™‚

  43. Brian says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ll check back regularly

  44. SID says:

    Miss you.

  45. Romerican says:

    I may owe you $2 depending on how strict we’re being. I found an ace up my sleeve while staring at the paint on the walls.

    Maybe we can keep the bet running based on when I “legitimately” get service and when you get a signal? Of course, you can always call in the chips now that you’ve technically won…

  46. weirsdo says:

    Glad you finally got broadband.
    It must be disconcerting for someone in your line of work to have a frequently stuffed nose. I know I’m late, but your description of the blood conveyed a vivid impression. BLECH.

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