Equestrienne? Not Hardly

One of the great fringe benefits to having kids is you get to re-live a bit of your childhood and fill in a few gaps if you want. I’ve always been crazy about horses, ever since I was little. However, it just wasn’t in the cards for me to have a horse of my own. That being said, I loved every minute I got to spend with Rusty.


(see the little blonde kid in front? yup-me)
My Dad’s hunting partner Bert had an old pack horse. That was Rusty. They only took him on their hunting trips for a few weeks of the year, so he spent the spring and summer and most of the autumn, in the fields near our house.

When I was old enough I got to feed him, tether him (which I did poorly-just ask the neighbours who got their gardens eaten), make sure he had fresh water and all that good stuff. I love the smell of oats, straw, and the sweet spot of warm neck, right under the mane. I wouldn’t say I really know much about horses, except what I read in the 4 thousand books I took out of the library and what my Dad taught me (real old school cowboy stuff-not good). I read The Man Who Listens to Horses a few years ago and thought ‘its about time’.
DS and DD have a goal to learn to ride horses. Yipee. There is a teaching ranch pretty close to here so I will sign them up and try to get myself in too. Nothing like learning
things properly 40 years later eh?

I’ve met a lovely blogger who is quite the horsewoman and a lot of fun. Check out Patriotic Cowgirl when you get a chance. 🙂

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17 Responses to Equestrienne? Not Hardly

  1. Cowgirl says:

    *Gasp* That’s me!

    Love the pictures!

    I would so take you out riding if you were closer!!

  2. S.I.D says:

    Yay, love the pictures and quite a posse you rustled up there!

    What age in photo? Cute!

  3. tom909 says:

    Go Kyah, Get back in that saddle.

  4. Tickersoid says:

    Go for It.

    Personally, if I never see a horse again, it’ll be too soon. I can ride one though. Well, sort of. If it doesn’t try jumping anything.

  5. Barngoddess says:

    wow -cool pics! love ’em

  6. logoâ„¢ says:

    I had a friend with a horse as a kid.
    I had the best of both worlds though,
    I got to ride quite often and didn’t have to deal with alot of the endless responsibility.
    I still like horses but haven’t ridden in ages.
    Congrats on deciding to get back in the saddle, should be fun!

  7. Meow says:

    I’m a bit frightened of riding horses … they don’t have an “off” switch, and don’t have a set of brakes !!!
    Take care, Meow

  8. shayna says:

    Stupid me has been traveling to your blogger ID… didn’t know you had this here blog… sorry I haven’t come by sooner… I guess I’m not that bright… 🙂

  9. karma says:

    giddyap, k-girl!

  10. Monika says:

    I love horses and I still ride them. The little Icelandic ones with the five movements. Every free weekend I am out in the country side. It´s the best, the unspoken communictaion between a rider and his horse. The movement of both bodies in unision…just beautiful!

  11. My kids have a pony. Damn thing might as well just eat ten pound notes out of my wallet it costs so much to keep.

    I suppose it teaches them about caring and nurturing and gets them out in the fresh air. And riding is a useful social skill (round here anyway). And I suppose he is quite cute. Maybe I should take it up again (not on him. I’m far too heavy. We have another horse too). Haven’t really ridden for 20 years but you may be, maybe, inspiring me to start again too.

    So be positive in your posts about it, otherwise you’ll put me off too.

  12. kyahgirl says:

    cowgirl-I bet-I’d love to see more of your pics too 🙂

    SID-I think I was in the 2-3 range. That posse is my brother David and my cousin Karen 🙂

    Tom-thanks, I will!

    Tickers-the trick is to go around things- not over.

    barngoddess-thanks 🙂

    Shayna-yay! you found me. I’m glad.

    logo-yeah, they are a lot of work but such lovely companions.

    MEOW-my DH has the same concern.

    karma- I’m going! Yee haw.

    monika-you described it beautifully.

    CWC-your kids are lucky. I hope you enjoy getting back in the saddle too 🙂

  13. mig bardsley says:

    Fantastic..go for it. Learning things is always fun and riding is great…but you know that.

  14. Miz BoheMia says:

    Lovely pics! I don’t have the best experiences riding horses but it was due to an awful instructor… However, I have befriended 3 different horses throughout my life and they are amazing and very spiritual beings…

  15. Joan says:

    Yahoo !!good for you. What a great thing to share with your kids. Thanks for all the nice stuff you said about me in your post yesterday..well on my birhday. I feel a bit fried as it is late still have to pack need to write a paper on a article I haven’t found yet and everything I heard about my next course is horrible *deep breath* but I am so looking forward to seeing you all

  16. Kyahgirl says:

    Hi Mig-I’ll keep you posted 🙂

    Miz B-you got that right. I too feel a real spiritual connection to horses (and dogs!)

    Joan-just remember to breathe. You’ll do fine because of that big brain! 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing you next week. ♥

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