All Hail Google-Godess of Knowledge!

Look what I found! An exact description of my Ford problem and links to directions how to fix with pictures and everything!

 I just love the Internet. 🙂



My Air conditioner works great when it is on A/C Max
when it is on any other setting it blows very hot air.
Has anyone else experienced this?
I don’t understand it… I would think that if A/C Max works then all
other modes whould blow cool air as long as my dial is pointing to the
cold side right?
Any help would be appreciated.
What you have is a classic case of “blend door” failure.  Basically the
blend door which controls airflow is broken and needs to be replaced.  The problem is that to get access to the blend door, the entire dash must be removed which is EXTREMELY expensive especially at a ford dealer.  Your best option and the first thing you should try is the common blend door fix which can be found on the web if u search for it.  It’s very effective and restores normal operation to your air conditioning system.  
 By the way the blend door problem is very common in explorers and u will find a wealth of information on the web pertaining to the blend door issue.  Hope this helps.


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27 Responses to All Hail Google-Godess of Knowledge!

  1. Miz BoheMia says:

    YAY!!! I cannot wait to see if that solved it for you! Thank goodness for the internet… without it I, for one, would be lost!

  2. Urban Chick says:

    the internet rocks, ’tis true!

    else i never woulda ‘met’ you!

    jeez, i never intended that to rhyme


  3. Arabella says:

    Just like the information you would get on Car Talk, NPR, but without the Bhaastan accent:-)

  4. shiftclick says:

    YAY! Google has made me seem SO intelligent; it’s very surprising that more don’t use this apparently not-used-much resource!

  5. Mom says:

    I hope you have fixed the problem you are so talented best wishes tomorrow Pryers that all goes well love Mom

  6. pia savage says:

    Just don’t want to live my life on the Internet

  7. Joan says:

    glad to hear you have an answer .Do you like your explorer?I need a new vehicle to pull my as yet unowned trailer. Got ignored at the Honda dealer so am willing to entertain different brands.ponder it while you are been straightened out. thinking of you today love to you all.

  8. Kyahgirl says:

    Miz B- I hear you! (all the way from Spain-now that is the miracle of the Internet!)

    UC-you are very poetic and I am very glad we found each other too.

    arabella-you do a Bhaaaaston accent quite well 🙂

    shiftclick-more and more are using it it seems, just a matter of time.

    Mom-thanks for the prayers, they are always welcome. Almost got it fixed but one part keeps bending. I have to google some more.

    pia-reading your blog-I think you have no fear of that! you still do lots of living in the real world 🙂

    Joan-thanks sis. No, I wouldn’t buy another Explorer. For my next vehicle I’m going to go back to a European or Japanese vehicle.
    As for pulling a trailer, you have to know the weight (empty and loaded) of what you’re going to pull when considering a vehicle. Even with the right gear ratio for pulling and an Explorer kitted out for trailering, I wouldn’t pull anything but a utility trailer or maybe small horse trailer with an SUV. Unless you were thinking of a tent trailer? Or maybe one of those new fold up A-frame types? What do you have in mind for a trailer? Curiosity abounds 🙂

  9. Barngoddess says:

    The internet, it keeps me connected with the world, for I am fortunate enough to literally ‘live in the middle of nowhere’. I drove a Chevy Jimmy for 2 years (nicknamed the heap). My sister has an Explorer (eddie bauer edition) she bought new many years ago, she has gone thur 3 news cars since then-has kept her Explorer, but when in doubt (road conditions) she always drives her trusty Explorer- even as ancient as it is.
    Have a super week my Canadian friend!

  10. Barb says:

    I too rely on the internet. I don’t even own a recipe book, I just type in what I want and presto there it is like magic. Any word I don’t understand I type it in and it is explained in many ways. I can’t imagine what we did before internet. Even though it is only dial up!

  11. Mo'a says:

    It is Monday morning and I am thinking of you and sending good wishe your way.
    I am with Pia I don’t want to live my life on the Internet, but I am happy for it and for the friends I have made through it…..during my recovery it was nice to have good wishes from people around the globe.
    I also have a way to connect with my European family through the net….we talk with my son and his fiance and his soon to be inlaws on our Web-Cam….Love it, Love it 🙂
    Also if I did live my life on the Internet what would I have to say on my blog?
    Wow!!!! I sure have a lot to say this morning!!!
    Anyway look forward to hearing that you are well after your surgery xoxo

  12. Kyahgirl says:

    hi barngoddess-yeah, they are great for getting around in when its snowy!

    Barb-dial up is better than nothing. it would be like cutting off a limb to lose the Internet for me.

    Mo’a thanks so much for your thoughts of me. 🙂

  13. Tickersoid says:

    Yey I’m back online.

    I’m gonna have to find out if my Skoda has something wrong with it or are they all this slow. Google may have the answer.

  14. Margaret says:

    Love you and am very glad to be home where I can go visit your blog anytime.
    Doing Kai sitting was great but I think I am way too old to spend 9hrs a day taking care of him for two weeks,am really glad he has younger parents to chase him.I went to bed the same time he did just so I could keep up with him.

  15. IDV says:

    Ah. Now it’s Monday…

    Good luck with your a/c repairs!

  16. FirstNations says:

    had the exact same problem with a ford pinto.
    mice had filled the entire air system with nests.
    and poo. oh my, the poo. bargeloads of poo.
    what was blocking the door?
    not nesting.
    not poo.

    a mouse.
    a former mouse.

  17. logoâ„¢ says:

    Oh yes, I do so love the intenet!
    So glad you found it.
    I loved your bear/logo dialogue btw, made me laugh.

  18. Jamie Dawn says:

    The internet is an amazing place for information.
    Info at your fingertips. Wonderful!!!!

    Isn’t your surgery today??? (Monday?)
    I hope all goes well.

  19. cube says:

    I find the Internet a very handy resource. You have to check your information, though, because there’s a lot of junk out there as well.

  20. Fuckkit says:

    Those damn pesky blend doors!

    *wanders off hoping no one will realise she has no idea what a blend door is*

  21. Cowgirl says:

    How’d the surgery go? Been thinking ’bout you.

    Happy Birthday to me!

  22. S.I.D says:

    Yay for the Interweb!

    Its ruined my reputation and everything!

  23. Monika says:

    No, I don´t mean the car trouble. I drive a Honda Civic! 🙂

    No, I was looking to access your page and couldn´t find it. I have been here before so I knew you had one, but there is no link on your blogger profile.
    It was a long search…but then I visited logo and went through her posts I missed when I was in Germany and wouldn´t you know it? There was a perfectly fine link to your page in one of these old posts.
    And here I am, traraaa!

  24. Romerican says:

    An exact description of my Ford problem and links to directions how to fix with pictures and everything!

    Wow! Finally, step by step instructions on how to get rid of your American car and buy a quality made foreign automobile.


  25. justine says:

    Yup, an absolutely classic case of blend door thingie.

  26. Ford says:

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