Friday Ragoût

Today is just a mixture of things, some meaty bits, some veggies, a nice gravy: Friday Ragout!


I’m a country bumpkin. Do you know how I measure my bumpkin-ness? By how I feel when I drive in Edmonton. I hate driving in the city. Edmonton is fairly easy to get around in, at least its laid out on a logical numerical grid so you can always tell where you are by the address. But its busy and there are a lot of big trucks and every one drives fast, never uses their signal lights and tailgates. Plus, it stinks in the city. Kind of offends my perfumista nose. 🙂

I live outside of town. I like it that way. I get to drive on big, wide paved roads with only a modest amount of traffic. I have enough harrassment in my life without adding all the other drivers of the world.

I had to go into Edmonton today because the anesthestist who will drug me on Monday was a bit concerned with the pre-op form that my doctor faxed in. I have asthma and I take thyroid medication. So, he wanted to poke me a stick a few times, listen to my lungs, and assure himself I wasn’t likely to die on Monday. Thoughtful of him. So, I got to drive to town in the middle of the day and cuss out the other drivers. Hey, I don’t mind if you want to drive like a maniac, just use your signals and stay off my ass. That’s not too much to ask is it?


The vehicle I drive ( a Ford Explorer if you want to know) is having a bizarre issue with the heating and cooling system. It will only blow hot air, unless its set to max a/c. Even on regular a/c it blows hot air.

I don’t want to have it on max a/c until next winter so I guess I’ll have to find someone to look at it. Maybe I’ll try my friend Google first. Maybe one of my friends in blogland knows of this problem?


I’m cautiously allowing myself to anticipate the delirious joy of broadband. I may, possibly, if I have enough good karma, be able to get a wireless signal at my house. I have an appointment next Thursday for someone to come and see if the signal from the pole on top of the grain elevator three miles away is going to reach us. Please pray for me. This is big, exciting stuff.

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21 Responses to Friday Ragoût

  1. Jamie Dawn says:

    I hope the doctor’s stick poking wasn’t too painful. Where exactly did he poke his stick? 😛

    Bad drivers make me grouchy too!!

  2. grannyp says:

    Broadband? Good. We should be so lucky. Anaethetists? Less good. Hope it goes well.

  3. Miz BoheMia says:

    Jamie Dawn is naughty! Me like!

    The only place where I cannot control my truckdriver swearing is in the car… when I am driving… kids included…

    Poor things know too many “potty words” by now but know not to say them!

    What are you being operated for, if I may ask? If not, don’t tell! Hope it all goes well my friend!

  4. shiftclick says:

    It’s amazing to me that bad drivers exist all over the world. Which is also very very scary. What, put humans behind the wheel of something motorized and we just forget everything about operating said motorized vehicle? Baahhh.

    Three miles is too long for a wireless signal to reach, unless there’s a repeater/amplifier (at least two, maybe three) between the start of the signal and the ‘end’. But still, good luck! Broadband is way cool and lovely fast!

  5. Barb says:

    I can relate to the Edmonton driving, we only go to the City when absolutely necessary and then hubby does the driving (using the best truck driving language I have ever heard). I have only been in once by myself during a week day and was terrified by the speed and craziness. Give me our little old farm town with two traffic lights any day!

    It would be awesome to have Broadband good luck with that. Maybe one day it will come to this area, we are working at trying to get it here. Dial up is so painful.

  6. MJ says:

    May the Patron Saint of the Internet be with you.

  7. Kyahgirl says:

    JD- you really are a naughty girl 🙂

    grannyp-I take it you don’t get broadband on your little Island?

    Miz B-I try so hard to keep it clean when I’m driving with the kids but let stuff slip. Yeah, they know all the words but know not to say ’em 🙂
    My operation is on my nose/sinuses. I talked a bit about it in this post and gave more details in the comments.

    shifty-I hope we can get the signal. they must have repeaters because my neighbor got it. the only concern is the big line of spruce trees at the end of our property. fingers crossed!

    Barb-I know, its great to live in the country eh? except the dial-up. god, its so frustrating!!

  8. Kyahgirl says:

    MJ-thanks buddy 🙂

  9. Cowgirl says:

    Look it’s JAMIE DAWN! And…drum roll please…I find her comment funny, and naughty like Mizzy Bohem. (I’ve had my coffee this morning!)

    Anyways, I live in the country, but have to drive on a busy interstate if I want to go anywhere. Even to my hometown.

    I drive a big truck not only for hauling my horse trailer and other farm crap, but so that I am bigger than most of the crazy drivers!

  10. Kyahgirl says:

    Look! It really is JD 🙂

    Everyone here has the same attitude, lots of big vehicles. We have a big truck for pulling our trailer but I hate driving it in town because all the parking lots are designed for small vehicles.

  11. Cowgirl says:

    That’s when I take two spaces. 😉

  12. S.I.D says:

    Sounds like your cars heating system is akin to P&T.

    *waits in anticipation for signal from Mr Grain Elevator*

  13. kyahgirl says:

    hi again Cowgirl-you’ll fit right in here

    SID-you are right about the hot air 🙂 and thanks for praying for my signal. I’m sure it will help!

  14. Doug says:

    Jamie Dawn!

    Good luck with the signal. I’ve been a city dweller for 6 years and I still drive like a farmer. As opposed to a farmer’s child. Right, cowgirl?

  15. Mo'a says:

    I will be thinking about you on Monday…..I have had a problem with sinuses since….I don’t know when…it seems like for ever…..never had the courage to have it taken care off.
    As for drivers and language, it must be universal….where ever I go in this world I have come to know drivers who yell in numerous languages.
    I have broadband love it….wire less is the way to go….if I want to take Mr. Laptop to bed I can….he lives in my kitchen at times…..there is no room in the house where he and I do not interact and know the joy of the World Wide Web…*sigh*

  16. risa says:

    sending lots of good vibes for Monday, and here’s keeping everything crossed for broadband joy!

  17. karma says:

    oh, everything will turn out just fine, honey. good karma is here ;))

  18. A Ford Explorer that’s only blowing hot air – now there’s an admission!

    Blowing it all around the planet, you know. Big debates about them doing that too. Dirty polluting fucking things.

    Anyway (fave word) we hope you DO survive on Monday (it’s already Monday here) and that lungs ‘n’ stuff are all okay.

    Oh did we say ‘Happy Birthday’ yet? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    See! How much nicer is it to still be getting Birthday wishes so long after the actual event!

  19. IDV says:

    Already Monday? What in Hell are P&T talking about? It’s Sunday! I hope. Or I’m VERY late for work…

    I hope your op goes well tomorrow 🙂

  20. kyahgirl says:

    Doug- thanks, if you were here and driving on the shoulder of the road at half the speed limit we’d laugh and say ‘there’s a farmer from Saskatachewan’. That’s how they drive. 🙂

    Mo’a-I’ll let you know how the sinus things goes. maybe someday you’ll get yours fixed. And yes, if this broadband miracle happens, I’m buying myself that notebook I’ve wanted!

    Risa-thanks, that helps 🙂

    karma-I’m glad you’re here, I need you!!

    P&T – thanks for the good wishes. I’m sure I’ll survive quite handily-someone needs to help keep you two in line.

    IdV-it really is Sunday still. I think they went around Alton Towers one too many times and now their grey matter is scrambled. They think they live in Australia!! 🙂

  21. justine says:

    broadband – there is no going back. one taste and you’ll want more and more!

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