Happy Birthday to me!!

Yes, today I turn 46. No, I don’t care if you know how old I am so you don’t have to whisper about it. 🙂

I had a cute post prepared with pictures of me through out my life and all that stuff but I didn’t have the time or energy to finish it. You’ll just have to stay tuned and learn about me in dribs and drabs. I know, its torture,eh?

okay, just ONE cute picture, I was SUCH a snappy dresser:


Instead, I’ll just say a few things about getting older. People always want to know how it feels. Well, I’m not too worked up about it. Sure, the random chin hairs are getting on my nerves and there are ample signs that gravity continues its inexorable pull on all my tissues, but I’m doing ok. I think a person has to ‘own’ their life. Its a total waste of time to wish you were younger, thinner, prettier, smarter, richer, etc. You have to make it happen. I feel ok about aging because I’m always working towards my goals and making improvements in my life.
I didn’t have my kids until I was 38 and 40 respectively. That wears you out but it also helps you stay young. I’m always hanging out with other parents who are 10-15 years younger than me. Nobody really notices. My husband is quite a few years younger than me too. It just doesn’t matter. When you connect with people, age is not an issue.

A lot of people my age talk like their life is half over (or more) and that they’ve got nothing else to work toward. That is really faulty logic. I seriously think the next 30-40 years are going to be incredibly productive, interesting and fun. I’m finally feeling like I’m coming together as a human! I mean, the thought of being younger is kind of appealing, but I’d never want to do it if I had to give up all the things I’ve learned and all the growth I’ve done.

So, there you have it. May all my blogging friends and others who know me in person, lift a glass and have one on me! April 18th is a very good day.40th.jpg
(picture on my 40th b’day. 5 months pregnant with DS)
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71 Responses to Happy Birthday to me!!

  1. beep says:

    Happy Birthday.
    I like your attitude!

    have a really great day.

  2. S.I.D says:

    Have a very, very, Happy Birthday indeed!

    Cutie you!

    *Wine Bottle raised in honour*

  3. Rude1 says:

    You look great! Happy Birthday; I think life really got good after 40 myself 🙂

  4. MJ says:

    Happy Birthday!

    *raises glass eastward”

  5. Stacy says:


    You are SO right! When you connect with people, age is not an issue! My husband is 14 years older than me…we met when I was 20, he was 34….and we were married three years later.

    I like myself better at 37 than I did at 27. Sure, gravity is working on certain body parts on me too but I’m a HELL of a lot more comfortable in that skin now than I was back then.

    *shot glass of rum raised in one hand* (just don’t tell my boss, okay???;)

  6. Barbara says:

    Today we celebrate all the beauty that is you — Happy Birthday dear Laura!

  7. Lucyshnoosy says:

    Happy, happy birthday to you!!!! Have a wonderful day, and a year of health and happiness.

    And on your birthday, I’d like to say “thanks!” to your Mom, who may have had a little something to do with it…


  8. shiftclick says:

    Oh goody, we’re the same age now! But I beat you by a little over two months. ::smug grin::

    Would you send me an e-mail with your address, please, as I’d like to send you a little something. NO, don’t argue with me, I want to do this.

    OH! Happy birthday!!!

  9. Urban Chick says:

    HaPpY bIrThDaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hope you have a wonderful day


  10. buleria says:

    Wishing you the Most Joyful of Birthdays, L.


  11. kyahgirl says:

    beep, SID, rude1, mj-Thanks so much. *raises glass*

    Stacy- I totally agree with you about being more comfortable in your own skin, as saggy as it may be! 🙂

    Barbara-thank you sweetheart.

    Lucyshnoosy-thanks, my Mom will see your thanks when she drops in here later 🙂

    shifty-smug or not, I’m glad to see you here today.

    UC and buleria-thanks ladies!!! glad you stopped by.

  12. Marina says:

    Dear, L., wishing you the happiest of birthdays!!

  13. CONGRATS! Yay birthday!

  14. Mrs Aginoth says:

    Happy birthday.

    I totally agree it’s pointless wishing you were younger/thinner/richer etc. take what you’ve got & be happy with it! Also that you’ve got loads and loads of living to look forward to yet. Whereas there are bits of my youth I’d like to still have (the energy, the figure….), I would not swap the now me for the then me for anytthing!

  15. Glen & Linda says:

    Happy Birthday from both of us. Just look at it as a teenage anniversary of your 29th birthday – gravity be damned!!
    Enjoy your day.

  16. Miz BoheMia says:


    Hope you have a great one!

    Loved your words… very wise and so true…

    As for the pic… ooooweeee! What a hottie!!

  17. Arabella says:

    Many happy returns of the day!

  18. Robin says:

    L, hope it is the best birthday ever. I try to have your attitude towards aging — but do wish the skin sagging stuff would hold off a few more years! Oh well…

  19. funny thing says:

    Have a good ‘un, kg 🙂
    Stay off the sauce.
    (a bit)

  20. kyahgirl says:

    Marina, Star, Mrs. A! thanks so much. :-}

    Glen and Linda – good idea and yes, to hell with gravity!

    MizB, Arabella, Robin, funny thing – thanks 🙂
    funny thing-I’ll try to be circumspect with the sauce. One unfortunate side effect to aging is you get a hangover with way less effort!

  21. Doris Night says:

    kyahgirl! we have the same bday!

    happy birthday to you and me!

    adorable pic by the way.

  22. Sue says:

    Happy birthday Laura! I love (and plan to emulate) your attitude about aging. I have friends of all ages as well — it’s all about whether you connect with a person, not how old you are. I’m 38, and am starting to realize turning 40 is not going to be a big deal after all.

    Do you consider yourself a typical Aries?

    (SuburbanSue from MUA)

  23. kyahgirl says:

    Doris! really? how cool is that?
    Happy birthday to you. That is great!

    Sue, I’m so glad you found your way here. I’ve missed you, as I haven’t been around MUA too much. About your Aries question. I’m not really sure what a typical Aries is. I remember as a younger person being told by someone I was a mixture of Aries and Taurus since my birthday is close to Taurus. I better go look up the typical Aries and get back to you on this. Maybe someone else can answer this one for me (some of you know me pretty well!)

  24. Ms.L says:

    Happy Birthday Love!!

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. When I turned 30,it was the best birthday I’d had and now 2 years later life just keeps getting better and better!

  25. Kellycat says:

    Have a very Happy Birthday. I will, of course, be having in drink in celebration, although am quite hormonal at the moment so it will all end in floods of tears.

    The things I do for my blogfriends….

  26. Cowgirl says:

    Happy Birthday! April must have been a good month to be born in. 😉

  27. Whinger says:

    Glass raised! Have a fabulous and wonderful birthday!

  28. Fuckkit says:

    Woo hoo, happy birthday to you 😀

    Bollocks to age!

  29. Barngoddess says:

    woohoo Happy Birthday!! You are only as old as you feel….and you look darn good for 46, an even better reason to celebrate : )


    adorable baby pic!

  30. Karen says:

    Cheers on your Birthday!! 🙂


  31. Karen says:

    Jeez, I broke the wine glass… lets try a balloon for you Birthday! 🙂

    —————♥—- ♥
    —————–♥- ♥

  32. Karen says:

    OOPS! The balloon deflated a little… ‘k, this is my last try… hopefully the cake doesn’t fall! 🙂

    ♥ *~ ♥ ~* ♥ *~~* ♥ *~ ♥ ~* ♥ *~~* ♥ *~ ♥ ~* ♥ *~


    ~* ♥ *~ ♥ ~* ♥ *~~* ♥ *~ ♥ ~* ♥ *~~* ♥ *~ ♥ ~* ♥ *~

  33. Karen says:

    YEA! BY GEORGE, I THINK I DID IT!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  34. Marsha says:

    Very, very happy birthday to you! Darling….You look Maaaarvelous!!!!

  35. kyahgirl says:

    Ms. L-thanks buddy!! 🙂

    kellycat-don’t worry about the hormone overload, I can handle tears as well as laughter.

    whinger-thanks-it has been lovely!

    fuckkit-I agree! bollocks!!

    barngoddess-thanks 🙂

    Karen, karen, karen-how can I thank you for your creative efforts on my behalf? The glass, the balloon, and the cake were all perfect! ♥

    Marsha-thank you Daaaarling! 🙂

  36. crazy_dan says:

    I will do better then drink one for you I will try 46 shots or until I pass out just cause I like you.

  37. kyahgirl says:

    Wow, crazy_dan-that’s really going above and beyond the call of blog buddy duty. Thanks! Have fun 🙂

  38. Doug says:

    Well, happy birthday, young lady! Glad to know you and you don’t look a day over 35.

  39. Kyahgirl says:

    Thank you Doug! Its all that perfume…kind of ‘preserves’ a person 🙂 In actual fact, I don’t feel a day over 35 either!

  40. Mom says:

    Happy Birthday Always think younger than you are and you will be I see I didn’t spend muchtime on your wardrobe probably because you were the youngest and nothing but leftovers Nice picture of Nicole with the colorfull Easter eggsGreat snow pics.of the play area Over the years we had lots of snow in April and May Hopeyou had a great day love Mom

  41. surly girl says:

    late again!

    happy, happy birthday, laura. i hope you had a fabulous day – i will have a drink for you on friday when i go out.


  42. Meow says:

    Ooooh, I am sorry I am so late in wishing you happy birthday, but …..


    And maaaaany mooooooorrrre !!!

    Hope you had an absolutely, fantabulously, wonderful day.

    Take care, Meow

  43. grannyp says:

    Belated birthday greetings…

    Am in agreement with your comments about ageing… on the other hand try turning 65 –

  44. tickersoid says:

    Happy birthday.

    I’m with you, I’m over 50 and sill having a ball. Can’t understand you I shouldn’t be.

  45. justine says:

    Happy birthday to you –
    Mine too!

  46. Barb says:

    Happy (one day late) Birthday! Cheers

    Agree with you 100 % on the age thing, this comes from one turning 48 in June and most of the time I still feel 28 but then other times I feel 88. I think attitude is the most important thing and you have a great one.

  47. Mo'a says:

    Happy Birthday. I love you attitude and when you say;
    >Its a total waste of time to wish you were younger, >thinner, prettier, smarter, richer, etc. You have to >make it happen. I feel ok about aging because I’m >always working towards my goals and making >improvements in my life.

    I am 64 and still have the same feeling as you, after all age is only a number…..and until the day I die I will be working on my goals and making improvements in my life…….it is so good to hear others say the same thing, and when it comes from a youngster like you even better 🙂

  48. Kyahgirl says:

    Mom-yay, you got it figured out. Thanks ♥

    surly girl and Meow-thanks gals 🙂

    grannyp and tickeroid-see what great role models you guys are? thanks 🙂

    justine-Happy Birthday to you? what date?

    Barb and Mo’a thanks to you both. Attitude really is EVERYTHING! One of those important lessons us older people seem to finally ‘get’ 🙂

  49. IDV says:

    Oops. Late. Sorry.

    Happy birthday!

  50. A very merry unbirthday to you!

    I agree, that my best years are in front of me, 41 now, and as long as I dont get hit by a bus on my bike I probablly have 40 more.

    Again, congratulations on b-day number 46

  51. zydeco fish says:

    happy birthday (one day late).

  52. Jamie Dawn says:

    I hope your special day was a great one!!
    Since I’m 42, 46 doesn’t seem very old at all. Of course, when I was 20, it seemed ancient. Funny, isn’t it?
    Here’s wishing you a wonderful year!!

    –From one young chick to another young chick.

  53. FirstNations says:

    wonderful post. have a happy!

  54. kyahgirl says:

    idV- thanks. late is still good 🙂

    Village idiot-I agree, you have at least 40, but just stay out of the way of buses. I like you and would hate to hear of your squishing.

    zydeco fish- thanks! late is ok.

    JD-when I was in my 20s I thought 40 was one foot in the grave!! 🙂

    First Nations-thanks, it was great!

  55. frobisher1 says:

    Happy Birthday Chick, you’re never too old to have a happy childhood!

  56. Joan says:

    Happy Birthday LJ, my first memory of you is hanging over the front seat(before seatbelts and carseats) looking at you in Mom’s arms on the way home from the hospital. You were beautiful then and you are growing more so every year I have the privledge to call you sister.Hope your day was a good one Love you

  57. Kyahgirl says:

    Hi frobisher1-welcome 🙂 thanks!

    Hi Joan-I’m so glad to be your sister too. Thanks for sharing that memory. ♥ ♥

  58. Nancy says:

    Happy Birthday yesterday to my bestest buddy!!!!. Laura I have to apologize for now wishing you yesterday……….but considering my tract record of remembering your birthday I was hoping you will forgive me. It was really great seeing you last weekend and spending some down time just chatting. So looking forward to our weekend together.

    For those people that have become fond of Laura ’cause of her blog etc. have no idea what a special lady she is. We first met doing dog classes and have remained close friends since. She has been there for me thru all the good and bad times. We have walked thousands of miles, side by side, supporting each other. She is the best friend a person could ever have and I am soooooooooooooo priviledge to have her in my life!!!
    Love you Laura!!!

  59. Kyahgirl says:

    Nancy ♥ that is just the sweetest thing ever. You really made my day! ♥

  60. pia savage says:

    Happy birthday a day late–didn’t feel qualified to answer your questions today

    But love being over 40, most of the time

  61. sara says:

    Happy Birthday Laura–I just now found your blog. Turning 46 last week didn’t really phase me–I just hope it keeps getting better and better for us all!

    cheers, sara

  62. mig bardsley says:

    Aaaw, I missed your birthday. Hope it was great and you continue to enjoy life as much as you obviously do now.
    Lovely post. It’s so nice to hear someone enjoyiing their age instead of whinging about it 🙂

  63. Happy Belated birthday!!! Love and Hugs!!

  64. kyahgirl says:

    pia- thanks

    sara – I love having a perfumista pal who is my same age- I think of you every April.

    Mig-no worries. It was great. Thanks for coming by.

    MHN-thanks buddy! ♥

  65. Maidink says:

    Oh crap, screwed up again.

    Happy (Belated) Birthday to you! Me bro was born today. not that that means anything. I just thought I’d share.

    And a (belated)Happy Birthday to your Mum.

    Just call me the Scarecrow.

  66. betty says:

    … ah. Well. I appear to have missed your birthday, due to “one thing or another”.

    I suppose there are only a few stale vol-au-vents left now.

    Never mind, I’m not a very good mixer at parties and I would’ve probably brought the atmosphere right down, so it’s probably for the best really.

  67. Claire says:

    yay! Happy Birthday!!1

  68. phlegmfatale says:

    well aren’t you a darling thing – then AND now! 🙂
    Happy belated birthday hon. There’s something to be said for the fearlessness we only acquire with age. We can wickedly cackle now that we won’t die young virgins who haven’t seen any of the world!

  69. Kyahgirl says:

    maidink-no worries and thanks 🙂

    betty-you’re great company. thank you.

    claire-hi and thank you 🙂

    phlegmfatale-you are absolutely correct of course!

  70. Katie says:

    Aw drat! I am so late to the party, but Happy Birthday!

    “Sure, the random chin hairs are getting on my nerves” Oh I think we’re all allowed to bitch and moan about that one. It’s possibly some kind of absurd curse, like karmic revenge for making fun of men when they were younger for their decidely unhairy chins in the teen years. No matter, I still think we’re allowed our gripes on that count – no one ever wants to mention it aloud, which is weird because it happens to so many of us gals.

    Love that you were dressed in overalls by your parents in that pic – too cute!

  71. kyahgirl says:

    Hi katie! You’re welcome at my party at any time at all ♥

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