…Mother Nature has a hissy fit

You know, Ma nature has issues.  She just can’t stand the fact that the birds have been singing, the plants are beginning to stir, we’ve been playing out in the yard. 

This morning, looking out my window, this is the evidence of her displeasure.  Miserable old bag:





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22 Responses to …Mother Nature has a hissy fit

  1. Fuckkit says:

    Gutted! And I had a bitch when it drizzled this morning.

    On a serious note though, what the fuck is up with the weather??

  2. shiftclick says:

    Oh, my. We are fairly warm today, clouded, with a mild rain in the forecast.

    Fuckkit, what’s up with the weather? GLOBAL WARMING. We’re killing Mother Earth. Dear GoDdess, we’ve got to get ourselves together and get a GRIP before it’s too late. :: sigh ::

  3. S.I.D says:

    A beautiful sunny day here,birds singing,buds a blooming.

    Yay for Spring.

    What’s keeping you?

  4. Fred says:

    Sunny and 80 today. Life is rough.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. frangelita says:

    I think your snowy vista looks lovely. We almost never get enough snow to make balls, let alone men.

  6. Lucyshnoosy says:

    Happy Easter, Mama Hen and family! 🙂

  7. Logo says:

    That mother nature, she sure can be a pistol, eh?
    (that is the polite term I was taught to substitute for other less flattering names)

  8. Meow says:

    Oh my … that looks kinda cold !!
    Hope the weather improved.
    Take care, Meow

  9. Stacy says:

    Oooo…that’s a bit too cold for me!

    Here, it’ll be almost 90 degrees with a slight breeze. Perfect weather for me…I’m a sun lover!

  10. Rude1 says:

    HAhahahaha! Sorry to laugh, but I woke to the same thing! Yesterday was so nice; flowers in bloom, sunny and warm. Today, I just want to go back to bed.

  11. Cowgirl says:

    I agree; Mother Nature is a pistol.

  12. IDV says:

    She has been a bit crotchetty lately, I’ll agree. Only this morning, I got the broom out for a quick circuit of the city when it suddenly clouded over. Put the broom back and the sun came out!


  13. mom says:

    Another reason for living at the coast Happy Easter to all Love mom

  14. Arabella says:

    There’s your Christmas cards sorted. Great picture.
    So, everyone over to Stacy’s and don’t forget the sun block.

  15. Tabby Rabbit says:

    Aww, that’s lovely. Isn’t it?

    At least it’s not raining.

  16. tickersoid says:

    It’s been a bit up and down here in Pantymonywm. Beautiful spring weather, then hailstones. That’s April for you.

  17. Kyahgirl says:

    thank you all for visiting and sharing my winter wonderland.

    The old bag has relented and allowed the snow to melt. The sun is shining today but its still pretty cool. You can see your breath. Oh, well, we’re making progress!!

  18. Whinger says:

    Ah yes. I recall this weather from my days of living in Colorado. Currently she’s a saint to me…sun at last!

  19. Ah, the snow. It was 82-ish degrees here yesterday. I know, you can feel sorry for me later, when the low is 95*.

  20. kyahgirl says:

    whinger-I am tempted to move to California sometimes!

    MhN-Yeah, I feel REALLY sorry for you 🙂

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