Casper is Naughty

Just in case you think my dog is an angel I will tell you last night I was dashing across the wet lawn at 11 o’clock, in my sock feet.

Why? you might ask.

Well, Casper was just about to take a pee. That is very, very naughty. Not peeing per se, but peeing anywhere but in the designated area.
We have painstakingly trained him to go do his business in his pen. From puppyhood, we worked exhaustively to help him know that, should he feel any elimination urges, no matter where in our two acre yard he was, we expected him to lope back to the graveled pen. There were rewards. There was praise.

Now, I see he’s had a memory lapse over the winter. Time for a tune-up.
Just goes to remind this old dog trainer, you must be ever vigilant or the behaviour slips. Now I’m off to search the yard for poo bombs. I suspect he may have slippped up in that area too!

Should I file this in the ‘way too much information’ category?

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12 Responses to Casper is Naughty

  1. IDV says:

    Yay! I’m first!

    I hope you didn’t slip up in a poo-bomb?

    ‘Poo-bomb’ – fabulous term!

  2. Barb says:

    Well that was a wake up laugh this morning. You would have loved to be with me the other day when I had to cruise for an hour looking for the little bombs….. ha ha

  3. Margaret says:

    love IT next time I step on apooo-bomb on the seawall walk,I’ll have a laugh as well as curse the dog owners who don’t pick up after their pets!
    Casper just needs a little reminder now that the snow is gone heis a good doggie having been such a comfort to N after her surgery Hope all is going well in that department. Quite enjoyed the story and am so glad they have inproved the surgery I remember pain and vomiting blood, ugly stuff.

  4. Joan says:

    ah LJ he was just being one of the boys! Didn’t you ever envy them the ability to go almost any where without all the clothes adjustment and squatting:) Of course there is that stance… you can almost always recognize what they are up to even if they think they are being discreet:):)Wait till you catch the little guy going out of the designated area.

  5. shiftclick says:

    Casper is absolutely brilliant to have learned as much as he has. If I thought I could train a dog like that (which means YOU are absolutely brilliant too for having trained Casper) I might be able to have a dog, but as it stands, husband is sure the yard would be Ground Zero if we had a dog. So I don’t get one. 😦

  6. SID says:

    Has Casper been at the beer again??

  7. Meow says:

    That was way too funny … poo bombs !!!
    Hope you didn’t stand in any of those !?!?
    I’m sure Casper will revert back to his wonderfully taught ways, with a little reminder.
    What a brilliant job you have done to even have trained him to only go in one place anyway !! Didn’t know that could be done.
    Have a great weekend, watch where you stand (!!), Meow

  8. kyahgirl says:

    IdV-glad I could entertain you. more poo posts coming 🙂

    Barb? is that you Barb? Nice to see you here 🙂

    Margaret and Joan – ♥ to my sisters, thanks for visiting.

    Shiftclick-dogs are great-hopefully you can convince dh to change his mind.

    SID-haven’t tried beer with Casper yet. good idea, might calm him down 🙂

    MEOW-I’ve always trained my dogs to have a ‘bathroom’. I hate messes all over the place. Plus its hard on the grass!

  9. trina says:

    Sounds to me like Casper wanted some treats, and knows how to get them :~D

  10. Barb says:

    Yes it is me!. I have been so bad about sitting at the computer lately. Think I have spring fever or something. I do check in still but just don’t always comment.

  11. Katie says:

    Ach. Our dog is the same way… I think as well that its from getting older. Eventually they figure out that in dog years they are technically our elders, and goddammit why do they have to listen to a bunch of young folks? They’ll pee where they wanna pee, and just you be grateful about it that they didn’t pick the carpeting! Hm, at least that’s what I *think* my dog is thinking. Maybe he’s just thinking he’s tired and his bones ache, and that tree right here looks so close and so inviting…

  12. kyahgirl says:

    Trina-you are wise!

    Barb-nice to see you

    katie-you always make me laugh! Casper is not quite my elder yet in dog years but I do think he’s playing dumb. when I yelled at him he turned his head so fast is ears were flying and looked at me with such a baffled and offended look that I couldn’t help but laugh. He’s giving me the Bambi eyes and pretending there are no neuron floating around in his head so he can’t possibly understand me!

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