If this is Monday it must be Houston.

Well, the fun, purely social part of my trip down South was the day I spent in Houston.  My friend Marsha picked me up, we went to the Museum, went to get my car, then met Michelle at the restaurant for lunch.  Marsha used to have a blog called ‘Godless Mom in the Bible Belt’.  Luckily, I knew I was going to be down south a few months ago so contacted her before she got rid of the blog.  She’s a hoot! We had an instant connection when we talked on the phone and our day to together just enhanced it.  

Michelle has a blog called Dreamer’s Reality.  She’s a lady I originally met in the cyber space in the UK, because we both tended to read the blogs of the same group of wingnuts from that area of the world.  Michelle is sweet and funny and a total good ol’ Texas gal!  She met us at the restaurant with the baby she was taking care of. He was a perfect angel and slept while we ate and jabbered on for ages.  The picture that our waitress took of the three of us came out blurry but I have one of the two M’s together by the flowered fence and one of me.







The day started out with lightning, thunder and copious amounts of rain. By lunchtime it was humid and warm. Every time I got out of the car or came out of a building I was exclaiming over the amazing humidity, the smells of green things and dirt, and the warmth. It was a real treat.

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7 Responses to If this is Monday it must be Houston.

  1. Urban Chick says:

    i am sooo envious that you met marsha! it sounds like you had a lovely time together

    come and see me next! it’s not THAT much further than texas..????????

    UC x

  2. kyahgirl says:

    all things are possible UC. Where there is a will there’s a way!! ♥

  3. shiftclick says:

    I am resigned to being cremated; perhaps I can find a nice container for myself to hold my ashes. No box-in-the-ground for this lady.

    Your description of Houston is right on. I do miss Oklahoma and Texas, and the humidity. This time of year the gardens are in and one is running around barefoot. It took me eight years of living here before my brain finally understood that planting time was not in March, but maybe April … or May. I can, though, predict when spring is truly here. I usually win the yearly bet.

    The pictures are beautiful.

  4. kyahgirl says:

    SC- you know, I actually don’t want to be buried either. Cremation is the way to go I think.

    And planting, yeah, we don’t do that ’til the end of May either. 🙂

  5. Just think, we only had like 50-60% humidity that day. It’s ever so much more humid during the summer 98-99% and it STILL won’t rain. Hot & sticky! Yuck!

    It really was a great afternoon and I’m so glad that we all met!

  6. Marsha says:

    I had a wonderful time meeting both of you. Thanks for including me! And if you go meet Urban Chick I want to come along!!

  7. Dug says:

    Finally, I know what you look like! Too bad I got here too late…I think I’ve blogged with Godless Mom…tell her I say hello if you speak to her again.


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