I’m bored. Wanna play?




Kyahgirl is kinda sidetracked right now. She sent me to entertain you. I told her, people have slightly higher expectations than this but she told me to get my furry white arse out there on the blog so I did it. There is no reasoning with her sometimes.  She’s a bit tense and somewhat wound up right now. It’s best to just submit peacefully. 

So, here I am. I’m Casper by the way.  I figure most people have met me but maybe not.   Would you like to come down in the basement and throw the ball for me? I’d invite you outside but there are two feet of snow on the ground and its -20.   Brrr.

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25 Responses to I’m bored. Wanna play?

  1. Jamie Dawn says:

    Casper is a great name! Cute doggie!
    If I was there, I’d throw you a ball, Casper. But, I’d be freezing to death!!

  2. mig bardsley says:

    You’re a beauty.
    Look after Kyah hey?

  3. tickersoid says:

    The poodles Want to know the name of your salon. You look so well groomed.

  4. Sharon J says:

    Hi Casper! What a beauty you are! I’d love to throw a ball with you but I’m too far away I’m afraid. ~Sharon

  5. Hello Casper.

    Here… Catch!

    * throws ball in completely gay, underarm style *

    * SMASH!

    Oops… I’m outa here.

  6. You are SO going to enjoy our tepid weather!! Can’t wait to meetcha!

  7. Whinger says:

    Now is Casper the type that, once you’ve thrown the ball, you find you’ll be throwing the ball until the end of time?

  8. Ms.L says:

    oooh Casper you are gorgeous!
    You could always come to the ‘Boo where it’s +1 today and play with Beans??? She likes to wrestle and the kids are reeeeeeally good at throwing balls:)

  9. Karen says:

    {woof, woof, slobber, slobber}

    thanks for visting my site! :o)

  10. Karen says:

    btw, i’ve added ya to my blogroll, i love my canadian neighbors!

  11. Bess Dog. says:

    My mum was telling me about you the other day. She said you were pretty fabulous. We could play ball togther! I have a Naughty Ball that I am obsessed with. Sometimes my parents take it away and try and wean me off it but then one of the smaller parents always gives it back.
    I am a very good fielder at cricket too.
    You can see me on the Old Girl’s 100 things.
    Woof! Wag! Wag!

  12. Casper says:

    Oh Wow, thanks everyone for your comments.
    Jamie Dawn, Mig, Sharon, and tickersoid-I’m blushing with joy at your compliments.

    IdV, thanks for throwing the ball for me. Underhand is ok, that’s how kyahgirl does it too.

    MHN-I bet it lovely and warm there!

    Whinger, Ms. L, Bess dog-I love to play ball and I’ll play for hours. I like Frisbee too but I’m not that good at catching it yet.

    Karen-Hi! Thanks for adding kyahgirl to your blogroll. She loves your blog! In fact, I think she’s linking to you too.

  13. shift.click says:

    You are a beautiful canine specimen, absolutely top-notch. Your missus should allow you to post more often, but I do understand that would take you away from your ball responsibilities.

  14. Ariella says:

    Casper, you rock my world.
    I would play with you any day!!

  15. Casper says:

    Oh yeah girls!! stay tuned. I’m going to post again 🙂

  16. tickersoid says:

    Go Casper!

    I’ve come here for a little light relief after visiting Shifty’s blog.

  17. Atreau says:

    I love Casper!

  18. Casper says:

    Thank you ticker and atreau 🙂
    I’m really getting into this blogging thing.

  19. cube says:

    You’re a pretty boy, Casper. And so smart. My dog refuses to blog, but she does poop a lot 😉

  20. Marina says:

    Such a handsome, handsome young man. I want to kiss that sad nose. 🙂

  21. Meegan says:

    Awww, sweet photo! I guess all the grooming torture is worth it. : )

  22. Casper says:

    Cube, Marina, Meegan – thanks 🙂

  23. Sarah says:

    I want a dog!!!!

  24. grannyp says:

    Have nothing against Caspar. But think I’ll stick to cats.

  25. jacky says:

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