Tagged again, 5 weird things!!

My perfumista pal Ruth tagged me days ago to write about 5 weird things about myself. I’ve been kind of stumped on this.  I solicited input from two people who have known me for quite a long time, my husband and my girlfriend Nancy.

 1)  Well, this input from my husband, will not surprise you. Apparently, he has been trying for over 10 years to model the correct dishwasher loading behaviour and I am so weird in this area that I just don’t get it.  In fact, when the dishwasher loading lectures begin, I, in my typical childish fashion, begin rolling my eyes and sticking my tongue out behind his back. I have no idea how he puts up with me.   For my part, I think its totally weird to care so much about how the dishwasher is loaded!

 2) Another bit of input from DH is aimed at women in general. I’m sure he came up with this one while sitting around at work, shooting the shit with his crew and complaining about women.  This weird thing is that I don’t wash all the soap suds out of the sink after doing the dishes. 

Hello!! After doing the dishes, I’ve moved on.

I don’t stand around.

I am the whirling dervish of household chores.  (More eye rolling here).  

 I’m gone!

 3)  Looking for more material, I asked a trusty friend.  Nancy snickered a bit and fondly remembered a discussion we had  years ago about how I was never going to have good self esteem because my toes were just too hairy.  Funny thing is, since I’ve been waxing my legs and my toes, they aren’t so hairy anymore.  So, I had to come up with another one.   She thought most people might find the perfume thing a bit weird.  I have about 40-50 full bottles, a couple of hundred samples and probably 50 decants.  To me, this is perfectly normal.

4)  Nancy recalls years ago when we first became friends how it was unnerving to talk to me on the phone. She claims that I am a slow and thoughtful speaker (she stopped just short of calling me a retard). At first the silences while I turned over her questions in my mind and carefully considered my reponses just about drove her to the brink of sanity.  This is not weird. You will get used to it.

 5)  The last one is a weirdness I share with my DH.  We both get great pleasure from analyzing things.  Years ago when we were shopping for a vehicle to replace my van we did a Kepner Tregoe analysis.  You make a list of desirable attributes down one side of a page then weight each one from 1-10, depending on how important it is to you. Along the top of the page you list the candidates. You rate them on each category and mulitply the rating by the weighting.  So, for all your candidates you get a numerical score that reflects its value you to.  We tried about 20 different vehicles and took about a year.  It was fun.  Nancy said she would have shot her partner if she was married to someone who would do a thing like that.   I think its weird to shoot people for making charts.  *rolls eyes*

So there you have it. There isn’t really anything weird about me but I sure do have a couple of weirdos in my life.


heh heh

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25 Responses to Tagged again, 5 weird things!!

  1. mig bardsley says:

    5) sounds incredibly difficult !

  2. tickersoid says:

    I can definately believe fact #4.

    You always come across as utterly charming, because you’ve thought things through.

    Occasionally you let slip and reveal diverse raw thoughts, some of which are very funny.

    It’s for both of these reasons we like you so much.

  3. tickersoid says:

    Oh, btw, I must appologise for a comment I made on your previous post. I forgot your mother reads this.

  4. kyahgirl says:

    Hi Mig- naw, #5 is easy and fun – oh, do you see a big dork sign flashing over my head? hahaha.

    tickersoid-thank you for the sweet compliments. that was very nice ! 🙂
    And don’t worry about my mom, there isn’t much that shocks her and she’s told me multiple times how much she enjoys reading the comments on my blog. Don’t worry about censoring yourself!

  5. shift.click says:

    You wax your toes? Jaysus H. Christ. :: shaking head ::

    I’m around the kind of people who think I’m totally weird for getting excited about things that computers can do. How the hardware works. Discovering a new tip to make Word jump through hoops. It THRILLS me. I know pretty quick when to shut my yap, though, when those eyes start rollin’ … And I know that I was like this at a very early age… I remember all the times my dad would yell at me for messing with stuff – one time we were driving somewhere and I kept messing the the window crank – trying to figure out how it worked. I thought my dad was gonna have a stroke. I was, like, 7. Heh heh.

  6. surly girl says:

    congratulations. you just made me look normal.

  7. kyahgirl says:

    SC- you would get along great with my DH, he loves to figure out how things work!

    Surly-of course you’re normal! ♥

  8. cjblue says:

    Wow, it’s tag-o-rama time chez Mother Hen!

    What perfume thing? Heh heh. I never noticed slow response time, but we’ve only spoken in person a few times and never on the phone. At least you’re not one of those people who finishes my sentences with me – THAT drives me nuts. I had a teacher once who had completely eliminated “um, ah, er…” from his vocabulary. So where most people would say “uh…” he’d just pause until he was ready to continue. The result was that we’d hang in suspense, waiting on his next word. Brilliance! Not retardedness. Nothing wrong with formulating your response.

    Dishwasher and soap suds sound like those little pet peeves that either kill us or we have to learn to live with. The chart thing though…THAT’s weird. 😉

    Thanks for playing!

  9. I can’t believe I forgot to read this post when I came here yesterday. D’Oh!

    I’m with cjblue’s old teacher: I’m trying not to “ummm…” so much. Probably because someone I work with does it ALL THE BLOODY TIME and it makes me want to shake him! I don’t want to be as annoying as him.

    I love the fact you act like a child while receiving lectures from DH. I still do this too.

  10. Caroline says:

    Yes, the perfume thing always srikes me as somewhat, um, unconventional.
    But what would I know?

  11. garfer says:

    You should work for the Canadian Immigration Service.
    Once the undesirable aliens get a whiff of you they’ll be begging not to be let in.

  12. SID says:

    Are you not lonely only having a “couple” of weirdos in your life?

    *feeling sad for kyahgirl*

  13. kyahgirl says:

    hi Ruth-it was fun to play. thanks for tagging me 🙂

    IdV-I think you might have missed it yesterday because I posted right after you were here.
    As for childish-yeah-I can do childish!!

    Caroline-you will never know how perfume grows on you unless you try it 🙂

    garfer-you’re not saying I stink are you? tsk.

    SID-don’t cry for me-I have you lot!

  14. Caroline says:

    I can’t wear perfume…have to make my own from oils…

    I have just seen that not only do you have lovely finger nails but you also have perfect teeth and are beautiful.

    I sort of hate you now.

  15. Doug says:

    Hi, Kyahgirl!

    It’s your old ex-cyberpoler buddy Dug…hope you see this comment!

    I just finished my hell-work-time…literally right now, so now I can blog out.

    OK, your 5 weird things:

    1. There’s a proper way to load the dishwasher?? Who knew?

    2. Funny! My wife NEVER — and I mean never — cleans out the draintrap…whatever that thing is. It’s 316AM over here, and I’m tie-yid (as they say in Noo Yawk). She could scrub the entire house clean but won’t empty that out. Ah well.

    3. Being a perfumista, I don’t think the many bottles are weird. Shaving toes, however, is weird city! 🙂

    4. Oh, boy — I’m a fast talker! When I go down South (hardly ever) I’m fixin’ to go insane! 😉 Lovely accent, nice people (no different a distribution of niceness than anywhere else, I mean), but sometimes I want to grab them by the lapels and say, “For the love of God, can’t you just spit it out????”

    5. Again, I see similiarties with my wife. She is now addicted to Soduku (or whatever that Japanese number puzzle game is). She hasn’t yet worked on a puzzle actually *during* sex, but I thought I saw her gazing at the well-worn book longlingly mouthing silently, “soduku…my sweet, solvable soduku…”

    Cool blog!


  16. kyahgirl says:

    aw, Caroline-a compliment and death threat all in one LOL. How sweet! Thanks for the kind words.

    Dug-great to see you. Sounds like I have lots in common with your wife.
    See, now I like the way the people in the south talk, slow and easy. And everybody uses endearments. Its very…endearing!
    My friend Ilysa is from NYC-man oh man can she talk!?! Whew, you guys are all on speed!

  17. Marina says:

    Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this. Do all husbands have a thing about dishwashers. Mine is like that too. He has a system of loading and he thinks it is the only right way to do it. Why would one even stop to think about how to load the darn thing is beyond my understanding 🙂

  18. Doug says:

    None of that sounds wierd to me. Except doing dishes. What’s that about?

  19. Kyahgirl says:

    thank you Doug-I rest my case. 🙂

  20. Kyahgirl says:

    Marina-I missed you! Who knew there was a complete class of OCD related to loading the dishwasher!! 🙂

  21. Ms.L says:

    Hehehehe,that’s how I do housework too!

  22. Sharon J says:

    I’d have trouble with nr. 4. I’m a fast conversationalist – I throw the ball and expect it to be picked up and thrown back at lightening speed so I become quite agitated by those who insist on turning it in their hand, weighing it up and analysing it before they finally throw it back. How I put up with my other half, who’s a slow conversationalist, I’ll never understand. ~Sharon

  23. Casper says:

    Ms. L 🙂 glad to know I’m not alone.

    Hi Sharon-You’ll just have to slow down when you talk to me!

  24. zydeco fish says:

    Sadly, I’ve given the dishwasher loading lecture 😦 I suggest that it is a male thing.

  25. kyahgirl says:

    zydeco fish- sadly, I think you’re right. heh.

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