Looking for Computer advice

laptop.jpgI am having serious thoughts about buying a laptop computer. 

I have only ever worked in the Microsoft world, flawed though it may be so probably won’t go to a Mac. Other than that I’m pretty open. Oh, and I know I want a tablet style.

 Please share with me your knowledge, experience, recommendations for Laptops.  Thanks!

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28 Responses to Looking for Computer advice

  1. beep says:


    If you have the software for a PC, stick with PC. I run both and frankly there is more b*&^%*s talked about the advantages of one over the other than just about anything.

    Anyway, the software is the key: be driven by that. What you use now and have, what you can, ahem, borrow, and what you need to get and then do a quick scout round on say Amazon to see what it will all add up to if you have to buy new stuff. It’s easy to forget that Word for Mac and say Adobe or one other thing can add up to more than the cost of the hardware.

  2. Kyahgirl says:

    Hi Beep, now that is interesting. I never looked at it from that angle. thanks!

  3. cjblue says:

    Hi! I have no knowledge, recommendations or advice, but you’re tagged. 😀 Check my blog.

  4. garfer says:

    Only total nerds call a notebook a laptop these days.

    I’d give you some advice, but unless you get your terminology right I am afraid that I cannot be of assistance.

  5. mahgwet says:

    I thought you already had a laptop.

    Seriously, whose laptop did you have when we were at the Sniffa last spring?

    (Don’t worry; I won’t say which site we went to)

  6. kyahgirl says:

    cj-hi, thanks, I’ll get right on it.

    garfer-you’re a cheeky bugger aren’t you?

    mahgwet- I borrowed that one.

  7. Fuckkit says:

    Get something with decent storage and memory right off the bat or you’ll only end up upgrading.
    I started with 40GB storage and 256MB memory. Turns out that wasn’t good enough so I had an 80GB hard drive installed and also now have a total of 768MB of RAM.
    Splash out, get something shiny nice 🙂

  8. mig bardsley says:

    I’ve been dithering about getting a laptop for ages. Never came to any conclusions and have no experience…Quite useless me!
    Dying to know what you end up with though 🙂

  9. risa says:

    do not – i repeat, do NOT – get a gateway. EVER. do not get an alienware laptop; regular towers are fine but they’ve not conquered the heat shorting problem in laptop format. you can get a dell but don’t get the newest processor as they have issues. i recommend a vaio or, even better, a thinkpad if you can afford one. toshibas are all right but they’re usually heavy.

    i can get into more detail about actual hardware names and the reasons why a celeron is better than a pentium, but i’ll save that for if you truly need it 😉

    ~risa, all too much a hardware geek

  10. Ms.L says:

    Ohh it’s pretty here:)
    I have no input for you,except to say I’d LURVE to have a laptop,that would sure make road trips fun,hee

  11. kyahgirl says:

    Hi Fuckkit and Mig-I’ll be sure to get something withlots of horsepower if I get one at all, and I’ll tell you all about it. Or, maybe I’ll just upgrade this one. Not sure yet.

    risa- I LOVE you!! I will be sure to pick your brain for all the hardware info you can give me.

    Ms. L – Welcome back 🙂 Sorry I lost you in all the shuffles.

  12. Meow says:

    I agree with beep … if you have, and are used to PC software, then stick with a Windows machine. I use a NEC Versa Laptop (Notebook), with 256MB memory, 40Gig Hard Drive … do go for bigger with each of those. Whilst mine can be slow on occasion (usually when I am trying to do too many things at once), I don’t have a problem with it. It does what I need it to do … I have heaps of photos, music, software on board, and am constantly burning DVDs and CDs. It doesn’t miss a beat (I’ve probably jinxed myself, now). Have fun looking. Take care, Meow

  13. Dunno. My ‘puter runs on steam. If you want advice on that, I recoment stoking it with Welsh Anthrasite, other fuels cause a drop in processor speed.

  14. beep says:

    Ho Ho. See Johnny B’s post here:

  15. beep says:

    I ‘spose the other thing to say is either buy the biggest and fastest you can afford with more memory, disc space and processing power than you ever think you will need (and it might last a few years), or go really cheap and buy the cheapest knock-down Dell with a view to replacing it every year or so when it runs out of space and power and you lokk at it and lose the will to live.

  16. Jamie Dawn says:

    Great template!
    I use a MAC, so I’m not of much help to you.
    I love my MAC laptop though, and very, very rarely have any problems with it.

  17. Kyahgirl says:

    Meow-thanks. those are good tips.

    Steel worker- oh you poor thing…we have to get you out of the dark ages.

    Beep-THANKS! You are great. Just went to visit jonnyb’s and copied all his comments 🙂

    JD- thanks. I’m hearing a lot of good things about Macs. Now I’m opening my mind a bit!

  18. JonnyB says:

    blimey this is spooky…

  19. Urban Chick says:

    i have a dell but don’t ask me about gigamegarambyte thingies

    all i know is it has a nice big screen 🙂

    helpful, eh?!

  20. frangelita says:

    Well, I have an Acer Travel mate which I’m reliably informed is seriously rubbish. However, apart from being agonisingly slow when uploading pictures (dial-up internet connection might have something to do with this) it’s done me okay since my grandfather bought me it four or five years ago.

  21. kyahgirl says:

    Jonnyb-blimey, you’re right.

    UC- ♥ I was hoping you would come and impart your knowledge. Er, thanks 🙂

    Fran-wow-4 to 5 years is a long time for a computer!

  22. zydecofish says:

    I just bought a laptop. I stuck with a PC because I didn’t want to have to buy all new software. I realized after that lots of open source music software is only available for Macs. The same is probably true for graphics programs. So, if you are mostly writing and using the web, it makes very little difference.

  23. kyahgirl says:

    zydecofish – hi 🙂 welcome. Thanks for the advice.

  24. Katie says:

    My husband is rather happy with his Toshiba. It was a great deal online, though he did buy the 2 year extended warranty, which came in very handy because almost to the year anniversary he bought it, it needed compter techie love. But it was pretty hassle free, and the local official repair shop they listed had it up and running again within the week. No problems since (I forget what the issue was, but it was a hardware item.)

    On the other hand, my brother-in-law decided to go with a Dell, and it’s been nothing but a headache. The repairs it needed were tremendous, and gettting the repairs it needed was like pulling teeth. He felt the customer service was horrendous. Needless to say, when he gets around to replacing it he’s looking elsewhere to purchase it.

    I think looking at ones that feel comfortable to type on is more important than things like screensize. It’s just that as it turns out, a bigger screen usually means a less compact keyboard, which is nice. And do NOT go cheap in getting as much memory installed as possible, and as big a hard drive as you can afford. Skimp on details for things you don’t care so much about, for example if you have no need for a DVD recorder or player, just get one with a writable CD drive, etc.

    Oh, and make sure to leave yourself enough dough to get a VERY good carrying case that will be comfortable for you to use.

  25. kyahgirl says:

    thanks Katie-words of wisdom!

  26. shift.click says:

    A tad bit late to the party, but, since you’re asking … go with as much RAM (memory) as you can afford, with a minimum of 512. That’s a MINIMUM. Go for more if you can get it or afford it. 80 GB hard drive, minimum. You could do less, but … photos and music will eat it up, unless you offload to CDs on a regular basis. Go with an integrated optical drive (that’s the CD/DVD part – get a CD-RW for making CDs). Try to get as many USB ports as possible; this makes it easy to hook up additional bits for future use, like a camera, or external mouse or keyboard, or a printer, stuff like that.) If weight is a factor, that’s something to look out for – you might have to forgo the integrated optical drive and just make sure there’s an external drive available for it. Although it’s pretty standard now, make sure you’ve got built-in wireless. Bluetooth is nice, but not really a big thing right now and I doubt if you’d use it. If you want complete portability, make sure the battery lasts a good long time (at the least, 3 hours; might have to consider getting two batteries.) If you ever want to use it as a desktop replacement, make sure there’s a docking station (aka port replicator) available for it; that makes your computing life a heck of a lot easier; all your external things hook up to the docking station and you can just slip the notebook in or out as you go. I’m normally a Dell person (yes, they are reliable, and yes, I agree that if you ever have to talk to their tech support it’s impossible) but for a notebook I would seriously consider a Lenovo Thinkpad (formerly IBM Thinkpad), a Fujitsu, or Toshiba (any model on these two brands.) Also consider what kind of mouse you prefer – the “stick” of the Thinkpad or Fujitsu or the glidepad (touchpad?) of everybody else… Celeron M is fine if you’re not a gamer or “high end” computer person; if you are, then go with Pentium M – there’s really not much difference in speed for a normal user. You’ll pay less for the Celeron M. There’s really not a brand you can’t trust; of the top makers, that is. Do your research to find out who is in the top five, and go from there. The ones I’ve listed certainly are (except for Lenovo – but the Thinkpad part is still highly rated; Lenovo just got the IBM branch fairly recently and are building up their rep). Half a dozen of one, six of the other. It ultimately comes down to personal preference. Owning my own computer business, I have worked with and on all of these brands. I currently have a Toshiba Satellite tablet PC, a Sony Vaio (very old) notebook in my work room, and an HP Pavilion (very old) notebook in the kitchen. Sorry for the book – but I like talking about this stuff, which might be why I’m in the business I am, ya think? THANKS for stopping by my blog! 🙂

  27. Kyahgirl says:

    Hi shift.click 🙂 Welcome. And wow! thanks for the book. I appreciate the advice seeing as how you’re in the biz and all.

  28. Joan says:

    I know nothing about this as you know but Conan just got one a couple of months age I asked him to talk to you. Had a lovely visit except for the mom being unwell see you soon love.

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