hideous.jpgAn update on the riveting saga of my fingernail.

Last week I had my nails done, noticed the black index fingernail seemed to be holding up well, then that night, it was all over.  After washing the dishes I noticed the black part was pretty much gone. The nail had split, the dried blood washed away, leaving a big disgusting mess.  Aren’t you glad I shared this with you. I’ll have to wait for a bit more base to grow in before I can ‘invest in a falsie’. 🙂

Garfer wins a prize for being the only one to correctly predict this outcome. Your prize is a genuine Canadian artifact, handcrafted from wolverine teeth and grizzly bear nails.

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8 Responses to Hideous!

  1. * toes curl, bum clenches and vomits *

    You’re right. It is hideous!

  2. Robin says:


  3. Fred says:

    Just stopping in to say hi, Kyah. Have a great week!

  4. maidink says:

    *maidink looks at screen realizing bald picture is gone*

    I guess I’ve never shared my ultra squeamishness with the blog world.

    *maidink tries to erase picture of nail from memory*

    I can’t even look at people pulling off plasters from cuts. It makes me woosey.


    … thanks for sharing!

  5. maidink says:

    It was supposed to say “Bad” picture not “bald”.

    See! I’m so distraught, I can’t type!

  6. What Canadian artifact? is it a ‘calming circle’?

  7. kyahgirl says:

    IdV and Maidink – you must hang around so I can de-sensitize you!

    Fred-hi! Nice to see you.

    Robin-exactly-at least you don’t have to live with it buddy

    Steel worker – there’s an idea. I was thinking of some kind of totem but the calming circle is a better idea 🙂

  8. mig bardsley says:

    Actually, as soon as I saw the picture I remembered, my thumbnail did come off! Ooh, it’s such a pain! (as in nuisance).
    Hope yours grows back quickly.

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