A quick taste of spring…and other things.

I took advantage of a seat sale and my husband’s days off this week so I could hop on a plane and go visit my family in B.C. (blissfully alone).  Of my 7 siblings, 3 live in Victoria as well as my Mom.  Mom is a spritely 88 but the various afflictions of an aging body are making it harder for her to get around. 

So, the best thing about my visit was seeing some loved ones. The second best thing was seeing green grass, flowers, and the ocean.

Sister Mary sent home a bunch of Daffodils, Heather, Forsythia, and Jasmine from her garden.  These poor flowers got the shock of their lives when I got back to Edmonton late last night and the temperature was -20C. I wasn’t happy to have to scrape a foot of snow and half an inch of ice off my car but that’s the way it goes here.

 Victoria is implementing a new driver torture device which I’ve never heard of; the ‘calming circle’.  Ever seen this? Its a concrete circle in the middle of an intersection in a residential area intended to get drivers to slow down.  Here’s a picture of one (from Google)trafficcircle.jpg  I asked what this was and my brother-in-law just about had a fit of apoplexy right then and there.  Both he and the sis started on a heated rant about these useless inventions. It looked to me like that Victoria street designers overlooked the fact that you have to downsize the circle for a skinny street. The one we went around left barely enough room for Frank’s small sedan to get around. I suspect we’ll see a whole new category of road rage attributed to the ‘calming circle’.

 In other news, I’m trying to move all my old posts over from the other  blog so things may look a bit screwy here for awhile. So far the posts I’ve brought over have come without the comments so I may have to give those up. We’ll see.

Have  a great weekend. 🙂

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13 Responses to A quick taste of spring…and other things.

  1. Whinger says:

    Stupid rotaries. Hate them. Americans (and apparently Canadians) were not raised with them, and we can’t just start now.

  2. kyahgirl says:

    Hi W! Yeah, traffic circles are bad enough but these things look deadly!

  3. Meow says:

    We have heaps, and heaps, of roundabouts in our streets. They often try to prettify them with flowers and stuff, but it doesn’t hide the fact that they are a darn nuisance. Hope this is not one you have to drive through too often. Have a great weekend, take care, Meow

  4. We have loads of those in Britain. But we call them roundabouts. They’re ok, I s’pose.

    “Calming circle” sounds like it came out of some early 90’s group therapy session.

  5. garfer says:

    I think we invented the roundabout (traffic circle).

    They will take a bit of getting used to, but they do speed up traffic movement at junctions.

    The mini roundabouts are a pain the arse. I suggest that you bomb it.

  6. Tina says:

    It’s just a mini roundabout, nothing to be afraid of. They’re really useful for evening out the priorities at junctions where it’s sometimes difficult to get out of. They help keep the traffic flowing.

    Our mini roundabouts tend not to be tarted up with flowers and they’re generally just slightly raised off the ground and you can drive right over them.

  7. Katie says:

    There’s loads of them in the neighborhoods around Portland and its suburbs. We were kind of weirded out by them when we first moved here, but have learned to live with them. They are rather preferable to stupid speed bumps, I must admit. However, there are a few that some enterprising idiots think they need to spruce up, so they add a tree or two to them… not thinking about the size the tree will grow to eventually. And so some of them are downright scary because you cannot quite see what is coming around them. I truly dislike enterprising idiots.

    I do, however, love some of those areas around B.C., especially when all is coming into bloom. Between the fresh wind coming off the sea and all the flora, the air smells delectible there in spring.

  8. mireille says:

    Beautiful Victoria! and calming circles, LOL. nothing like crop circles … or other urban legends. Seattle has them but, true to form, they’re not as pretty as Victoria’s. xoxo

  9. kyahgirl says:

    by your comments I’m gathering this isn’t a new form of torture. it seems that Edmonton has gone to great lengths to get rid of all the traffic circles so you never see them anymore. At least there was a enough room with them for traffic to actually flow. These mini-ones seem pretty lame.

  10. Caroline says:

    You have 7 siblings??? Your mother must be exhausted!

    Where are you moving to? I need to update my links and wanted to include you.

  11. kyahgirl says:

    Hi Caroline-I’m never moving my blog again.

    And yes, my mother was a busy lady. She had 16 pregnancies and 8 live births. See, that makes me hostile towards the stupid pope but she just goes with the flow.

  12. mig bardsley says:

    You get used to roundabouts eventually. Like the loathsome speed bumps they do the job even if they’re annoying.
    I’m so impressed by your Mom. A sprightly 88 after all those pregnancies. wow!

  13. kyahgirl says:

    Interesting comment on those pesky circles who has the right of way when the carcoming in on the right meets you going straigh ahead at the crash point I’m happy to be in action again Mom

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