Now, this is really good news!!

On the way home from work today I heard some good news from the University of Alberta. They have a really active Diabetes research program here and have recently announced a major breakthrough. They successfully cured diabetes in monkeys by transplanting Islet cells from neo-natal pigs.   This is huge! Diabetes is such a common disease and makes life miserable for so many people.

You can read more about it here.

 p.s. I’m going on a little trip to the coast to visit the real mother hen.  Back in a few days 🙂

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13 Responses to Now, this is really good news!!

  1. Meow says:

    Have a safe trip.
    Will have a look at the diabetes info … what a great breakthrough … hope it works on people !!!

  2. What’s an ‘Islet’ cell? Will the explanation make me regret I asked.
    Not only good news for diabetics but it also takes away from the ‘fascist neo-nazi-pigs’.

  3. Mrs Aginoth says:

    It is fantastic news, although not a sudden breakthrough – they’ve been looking at this for some years now.

    Of course, even if it works perfectly it will only cure the type1 or gentic diabetes. The one that is on the rise is type2 which is all about “environmental and lifestyle” factors, and they will still be stuck with the current cures/management of exercise, diet & healthy living!

    Still, it would be 4 less injections for Aggie each day, which would be nice.

  4. Is your trip down south still on?

  5. logo says:

    This is very good news and please have a safe trip!

  6. Barbara says:

    Please give your sweet mother a kiss from me when you see her. I hope that she is well and that you have a good visit.

  7. mom says:

    Hi-good news honey 🙂

  8. frangelita says:

    Always good news to hear that they’re doing something useful for monkeys.

  9. Caroline says:

    Yes, that’s very good news. Hope your Mummy is well.

  10. SID says:

    Yup Mrs SID informs me that they are even getting close to creating an insulin inhaler to save on injections!

    Yay for the Langerhans!

  11. kyahgirl says:

    Meow – thanks 🙂 my trip is going well.

    Steel worker – Islets of Langerhans are the structures in the pancreas that produce insulin

    Mrs A. – I didn’t realize Aggie was a diabetic. Hopefully in his lifetime there will be some relief!

    MHN- yes 🙂

    Logo- thanks!

    Barbara – kiss has been delivered. love and hugs back to you ♥

    Fran-so glad you care about the monkeys dear girl!

    Caroline – thanks 🙂 ‘mummy’ is ill but always a trooper.

    SID – yay for advancements in technology. Imagine an inhaler. never thought of that. what a great way to deliver meds!

  12. Mrs Aginoth says:

    The first insulin inhalers should be available on the NHS in may apparently:-)

    And they cost the same as injections, so it shouldn’t be a problem getting them:-))

    And they’ll be suitable for about 80% of all type 1 diabetics:-)))

    Aggie is a happy bunny! But a cure for Psoriasis would be better, and that’s not even remotely likely ATM:-(

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