Go Look it up!

When I was a  kid, I was pretty much just another busy, noisy body, milling around in a house swarming with busy noisy bodies.

 Now kids have questions, they always do, and I’m sure my parents had lots of answers, but no time to give them. What they did do was provide a house full of books. Usually, my questions, from how to spell something to what something meant, was met by the emphatic statement “go look it up”.  (Either that, or go pester one of your siblings!- which I’m sure I did)

This was one of the best things that could have happened to me. I became adept at looking things up, and devoted to books as a source of all things interesting. My parents always encouraged reading. My Dad would read anything and I used to have to hide my books from him because if I happened to put one down and he came along and found it he’d pick it up to read and not give it back!

I grew up with a love of learning and a strong aversion to any kind of censorship.  One of my fundamental beliefs is that a person should read widely, ask lots of questions, keep an open mind, and make decisions and judgements based on an open and accepting attitude.  The only danger is in lack of knowledge and a closed mind.

 So, where am I going with this?  My approach to learning means I’m always stumbling across new and interesting things.  Today for example, I learned something about physiology, that I didn’t know, and I thought I’d share, as kind of a ‘public service’.

I was ‘googling’ on whiskey. Why? I couldn’t think of the exact difference between Scotch, Rye, and Bourbon.  I found out some pretty interesting things, such as, in the States, there is a law that if a whiskey is to be called ‘rye’ it has to have over 51% Rye mash. In Canada, that’s not the case so our rye isn’t as much rye as I thought. Bourbon is made with corn mash and Scotch with barley. Also learned that its very annoying to the Scots if you spell whisky with a ‘e’. Don’t do it!

One of the interesting links was on a rather prentious site ‘for men’. (It is a tough site if you’re on dial-up, lots of pictures and adverts).  However, I  read the article on Scotch then I thought, cool, I can look around here and see what men talk about. My observations so far at work have been that men talk about computers, cars, drinking, and, when they think there are no women around, they talk about getting laid.  (Ok, maybe they talk about sports too).

So, this site is designed for men to hang out, talk about cars, gadgets, babes, and, sexuality. Not a bad idea since I know women like talking about these things too (well maybe not so much about cars and gadgets). I clicked on that link and there are all kinds of ‘coaching’ lessons for guys. You know, dating, handling rejection, keeping her interested, and sex.  I clicked on the sex link because well, I’m interested in everything right?  I was actually curious about what kind of advice guys give other guys.

 Well yahoo, I learned something that I never even thought of. Men can do Kegel exercises too!  Now for years, ladies have been discussing exercising their pelvic floor muscles for greater sexual pleasure and also to recover from having babies. Here, in this article, they suggest the same thing for men. This is to enhance stamina and have even greater orgasms.  Now, did everyone already know this and the only one behind the times? Girls? Opinions?  Anyway, I saw some crap on that site (like the top 99 women of 2006!) But, I’ll forgive them. I learned something useful today!!

 Away you go then.

You’re Welcome 🙂


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30 Responses to Go Look it up!

  1. blog testing monster says:

    just testing comments! Caroline said she couldn’t so I thought I’d try.

  2. Duh-mension says:

    That’s why I love the internet. You learn things you always never wanted to know and then some….
    Great site!

  3. I’m doing my exercises as I type!

  4. The sitting down ones.

    Not the “towel” ones.

    Just thought I’d better make myself clear!

  5. kyahgirl says:

    That’s good to know IdV. I’ve gone to all this trouble to bring education to the masses…glad to hear its being taken seriously 🙂

  6. Caroline says:

    Oh look! I’m here! I got in! HURRAH! Not sure what happened before.
    Thank-you for telling me that men do pelvic excercises too. I shall be onto The Old Man forthwith!

    Beautiful site.

  7. That site is a labrynth of man. I got lost in there for nearly an hour…

  8. Mom says:

    Interesting Blog Nice to know some the thing we said were heard .mom

  9. DavetheF says:

    Hi, like the look of your place. Is it beige or taupe? I’m bad with colours

    I do Pilates, which is likewise not just for ladies. As a result, I have great abs for an older guy, and plenty of core strength.

    As to whisky: Scotch is always whisky, Irish is whiskey.

  10. maidink says:

    Why your just a regular Jeopardy contestant, now aren’tcha?

  11. Stacy says:

    Wow…I had no idea guys could do that too! Excuse me…I’ve got notes to go take for The Peanut King. He’s got some exercising to do…;)

  12. Like most excercises, I do them when I remember. I read recently, some research shows it improves potencey.
    This is not true of whisky.

  13. Karen says:

    Wow! “Knowledge is Power”! I’ll return!!

  14. kyahgirl says:

    Caroline-I’m glad you made it. (I’m sure ‘the old man’ will be too 🙂 )

    Lady muck-I know what you mean. If my connection at home wasn’t so slow I would hav probaby read the whole site!

    Hi Dave, welcome 😉 I’ve heard pilates is good but never tried it. As for the colour, it maybe more like taupish rose 🙂
    Maidink-you can come and play jeapardy with me any time. I’ll try to keep the categories interesting!

    Stacy- all hail the Peanut Queen!!!

    Steelworker-sounds like you’re already well versed in this little factoid 🙂

    Karen-Hi-welcome 🙂 Please do come back.

  15. cjblue says:

    Wow, much to respond to here! Thanks for the info on the whiskey – I have actually wondered about that, since DH drinks “bourbon” which is technically in the whiskey family it seems and yet Southern Comfort is also technically whiskey, although it’s not like any whiskey I’ve ever tasted. Groovy.

    I grew up in the same kind of reading/look it up environment, and am always grateful for it. I now have a 7-year old who has her nose constantly in a book and the other day referenced “Beowulf” in a conversation. WTH? Beowulf? I think I was supposed to read that in high school and bagged it because it was too boring. But she knows the story. I was always pulling books of the bookshelves in my parents’ house, which is how I managed to read stuff like Lady Chatterly’s Lover at about the age of 9. (Yet beowulf was too boring?)

    And the man site. I’m afraid to go there, but I’ll take your word for it. I did happen to know that about man kegels, but when I talk about it (at those parties I do) people are always surprised, so I don’t think it’s common knowledge. I also don’t think too many men actually do their kegels, unlike women.

    Love the new site, thanks for letting me know you’ve moved!

  16. kyahgirl says:

    Thanks for coming by R! I figured you’d be in the know about the ‘man kegels’ 🙂

  17. surly girl says:

    ah, the man-kegels. am sure every man has done the towel thing at some point. the other half is in peak physical condition when it comes to downstairs (rigorous training on my behalf!!) and i am certainly not complaining. i might moan a bit….

  18. surly girl says:

    apologies for above smug comment..


  19. kyahgirl says:

    surly girl – 🙂 there are so many things I could say here but I’ll bit my tongue. Congratulations to you and the other half on scoring a perfect 10/10 on the kegel competition! hard work does pay off.

  20. Fuckkit says:

    Ah, but is women do indeed discuss gadgets, me and my missus discuss gadgets all the time, and sports.

    Ok, so she discusses sports and I tune in and out and nod in the right places but I’m right up there with the gadgets 🙂

  21. frangelita says:

    See, I love learning new stuff. When I got a dictionary for Christmas my dad asked me to look up the word ‘macrocephalic’. Apparently, it means having an exceptionally large head.

  22. funny thing says:

    What kind of head?


  23. pawlr says:

    Its really important to raise children to respect sources of knowledge. A friend of mine once told me she was taught by her father also to respect the physical nature of books and never, ever throw out or destroy a book. She was encouraged by him to always keep them orderly on the shelves as well so that they wouldn’t suffer wear and tear.

    I think these more physical sensual quality of books is missing from the internet experience. As separate tactile objects in space books have more unique authority than if they all appear on the same screen like the internet. I think we’ve lost that appreciation somewhat by enfolding the content within technology, even though its made accessing information much easier.

  24. Meow says:

    I have always been a book-worm, constantly reading, about anything and everything. My hubby is not a reader … occasionally a 4WD or car magazine, or something like that. Now, Chicky (almost 12yo daughter)seems to like to read, but not like me. Probably a cross between the 2 of us. I can’t understand someone not enjoying the simplicity of sitting, totally engrossed, in whatever book you are reading, seemingly lost in another world. Love it.
    Regarding you man excercises … O K !!! Never thought about it … will mention it to hubby !!!
    Take care, Meow

  25. Kyahgirl says:

    hey Fuckkit-good to hear the gadget angle and nice strategy on the sports 🙂

    fran-keep reading that book and you’ll become macrocephalic!

    funny thing-naughty as always I see.

    pawlr-welcome 🙂 I love to touch books too and smell them. I don’t think they’ll ever go away completely, humans are still tactile!

    Meow-I’m a bookworm too 🙂 good luck with hubby.

  26. Margaret says:

    Love Books ,am just starting to “google” things on the internet. It’s still kind of werid to imagine this huge airy thing called “the Net”out there all Knowing everything.

  27. Margaret says:

    I just spent my housework time running around the “men” site and whiskey sites great fun !reading your blog makes me brave.

  28. Sharon J says:

    Kegel, eh? You sure do live and learn. Thanks muchly for that particular piece of enlightenment 🙂

    ~Sharon J

  29. How can I get an RSS feed on this blog? I am new to this and really like the content being discussed here

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