Hi, Here we go again!!!

Just settling in here. Nothing to see yet:-)

I’m never moving the Hen House again.

I promise! 


all my posts are at the other hen house ::




I’ll move them as soon as I’m able 🙂

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15 Responses to Hi, Here we go again!!!

  1. Hi P&T and UC- somehow I managed to delete your comments!

    Thanks for coming. 😉

    UC-I see the weird time issue-will have to check it out. I don’t want to see you posting before your were born-that’s hard on a person 🙂

  2. How weird being able to read a post from 1969, which is unfortunately not before I was born.

    I was a 1962 kid. Best there was. A fine year.

  3. kyahgirl says:

    got ya beat by 2 years buddy! ’60 was an excellent year – for hens LOL.

  4. Mrs Aginoth says:

    Hope the new home lives up to expectations & you unpack & have it all decorated in no time at all:-)

    Give us a heads up when you’re done & I’ll change my blogroll link

  5. kyahgirl says:

    thanks Mrs. A! I’ll do some more unpacking when I get home from work! 🙂

  6. Katie says:

    Congrats on the successful installation and set-up! How fun!

  7. trina says:

    You’re testing our love and devotion, aren’t you? No matter – whither thou goest blah blah blah… ♥

  8. Maidink says:

    Okay, so you subscribed to a server and used the downloadable version of WordPress (which I hear is infinitely better than the on-line version)? Let me know how this all works out. I considered doing this last year; alas, I am a wuss.

    If I DO do it, I’ll get you and Piggy and Tazzy to help me out. 🙂

  9. kyahgirl says:

    Thanks Katie and Trina.

    Maidink-yes, I went to Bluehost. They are easy peasy and I figured I’d try it for a year. If you Do decide to do it, I’ll help in anyway I can. Piggy is the real expert 🙂

  10. SID says:

    Yes nice look

    Buy us one?

  11. Robin says:


    Looks great, but I am going to wait a week to see if you move again. j/k, and congrats on your new home 🙂

  12. kyahgirl says:

    thanks SID!

    Robin-I promise, I’m roosting here now for good. *cluck cluck* 🙂

  13. Mom says:

    dear one joan found your new site for me ,we realy enjoyed the curling the sixth end when Canada won the gold I realy enjo reading your blog and its comments

  14. kyahgirl says:

    Hi Mom!! So glad you made it ♥ ♥

  15. anadrol 1 says:

    Nice post. 1

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