Meet Casper

I had put a picture of Casper on my previous blog, which was shortlived, so forgot that he hasn’t met many of you. There seem to be a few, soft hearted ladies out there who fear that I shaved to poor dear boy down into a shivering, quivering mass of pathetic poodle. Not so. He still has plenty of hair. And, you may not know this but he’s not allowed on the couch. He’s giving me that dignified yet affronted look of a Poodle caught in the act!

Update: For P&T, a bit of poofiness,

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One Response to Meet Casper

  1. Kyahgirl says:

    Rachel said,
    January 18, 2006 @ 9:12 pm · Edit

    Ah, such a cute doggie!!

    Tabby Rabbit said,
    January 19, 2006 @ 1:24 am · Edit

    He looks like something that would have a large price tag attached to it and sit in an FAO Schwarz window!

    mig bardsley said,
    January 19, 2006 @ 3:02 am · Edit

    Is he a standard?
    We had two standard poodles (many years ago…by we, I mean my Mum and Stepfather) and they were the most adorable pair of idiots imaginable. Completely neurotic and charming. Alas I have no pics!

    frangelita said,
    January 19, 2006 @ 3:09 am · Edit

    He looks like those really, really soft toys that I kind of sneakily touch when I’m supposed to be buying gifts for my niece.
    Mmm, makes me want to give him a stroke and a cuddle!

    Wyndham the Triffid said,
    January 19, 2006 @ 4:34 am · Edit

    He’s a handsome chap!

    Meow said,
    January 19, 2006 @ 5:26 am · Edit

    What a beautiful poodle. They have the most amazing feeling fur. I just love it.
    Take care,

    Ariella said,
    January 19, 2006 @ 8:20 am · Edit

    Dignified and affronted, well I should hope so, imagine not allowing the poodle on the furniture!
    That is a really good pic of a really wonderful looking dog
    *eyelash bat, eyelash bat*

    Piggy and Tazzy said,
    January 19, 2006 @ 8:50 am · Edit

    Oh go on – shave his fur off and leave him with one of those little balls of fluff on the end of his tail!

    And why does he look so miserable?

    Kyahgirl said,
    January 19, 2006 @ 9:23 am · Edit

    oh, so happy to see that people like the picture. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t blog about your pets but really, what kind of retard would say that? I have loved and respectedthe dogs in my life more than some of the people I’ve met so why not blog about them.

    Casper is soft, and a great cuddler.

    P&T, I don’t leave the puff on the tail because I take the puff off his ears, its so he looks balanced! I take the hair off his ears so they will get more air in side and he’s less likely to have ear troubles. Plus, seriously, its way easier to just shave it all off!!
    And why does he look so miserable?
    He’s got a very serious face but a lovely, happy personality. You can’t go by the face, you have to go by the tail-its wags and wobbles with glee all time!

    Whinger said,
    January 19, 2006 @ 10:12 am · Edit

    I love him.

    Casper said,
    January 19, 2006 @ 1:42 pm · Edit

    I love you too whinger! *wag*

    Ms.L said,
    January 19, 2006 @ 1:46 pm · Edit

    Ohhh I love him!

    Jenn said,
    January 19, 2006 @ 7:11 pm · Edit

    If I had a poodle I’d cut his hair the same way. He looks very nice.

    mireille said,
    January 21, 2006 @ 6:36 pm · Edit

    he looks like a centerfold! An affronted centerfold! xoxo

    buleria said,
    January 22, 2006 @ 3:36 pm · Edit

    Hi, L! Stumbled across the new blog site. Caspar is one heck of a handsome poodle!


    Fred said,
    January 22, 2006 @ 3:58 pm · Edit

    Wow, that is one big dog. My cocker could easily fit between those long legs.

    Kyahgirl said,
    January 22, 2006 @ 5:59 pm · Edit

    ms. l – I’ve passed along your love to Casper-he says thanks!


    Mireille – you got it right! ♥

    buleria- what a nice suprise! I’m so glad you stumbled in.

    fred – yeah, he’s about 26 inches at the shoulder (Hope you’re feeling better!)

    Lucy Stern said,
    January 22, 2006 @ 10:32 pm · Edit

    Now that’s a poodle if I ever saw one. Beautiful dog.

    surly girl said,
    January 23, 2006 @ 4:08 am · Edit

    i am slightly unnerved by fred’s comment.

    Anonymous said,
    January 23, 2006 @ 8:01 am · Edit

    I think I prefer him poofier.

    I’m dying at Fred’s comment, here. Fred! I wanna party wid you!


    Kyahgirl said,
    January 23, 2006 @ 10:07 am · Edit

    lucy- thanks!

    sg- giggling here-I had a similar thought but know that Fred is such a sweet, upstanding guy he’d never purposefully make a naughty comment, would you Fred?

    mahgwet-sorry, the poofy hippy days are gone!

    L-girl said,
    January 23, 2006 @ 11:00 pm · Edit

    I love Casper! And I never thought I’d say that about a poodle. He’s so handsome and dignified.

    Kyahgirl said,
    January 24, 2006 @ 3:44 pm · Edit

    l-girl- guess what? I used to be just the same-I dissed poodles on a regular basis. Now look at me, a devotee!!

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